How to make paneer or cottage cheese at home

Last updated: October 27th, 2022

In my childhood, I remember ma making cottage cheese or paneers at home. We seldom used to buy them in packets from grocery stores. But later, as our lives got busier, that tradition of making cottage cheese at home, died a slow death. Lately, almost every now & then, I get bothered by news of adulteration of food obtained from the market. Cottage cheese also could not be barred from the list of such! I ranged up ma, to know How to make paneer or cottage cheese at home and here goes the method. Being a mother and a home maker, I always prefer to make my paneer or cottage cheese at home now.

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How to make paneer or cottage cheese at home

  1. Bring a litre of milk to boil in a milk boiling pot
  2. Extract lemon juice from a lemon
  3. Pour the lemon juice into the milk while its still on the flame
  4. Milk starts to curdle up on being mixed with lemon juice
  5. As the curdling process continues, just take out the curdled milk and collect them in a separate bowl
  6. Once, the process of curdling stops, switch off the flame
  7. Now take the curdled milk or cottage cheese in a muslin cloth. Squeeze properly to take out all the moisture content
  8. Put it in a bowl, cover with a lid and keep upside down in a fridge
  9. Take the bowl out from the fridge and you can get your cottage cheese or paneer ready to use

Alternately, You can take the block of cottage cheese and mash it completely. Mix 1 tbsp of cornflour into it  and add a little amount of water if needed.Make small balls out of the mixture. Stir fry the cottage cheese pieces. It gives the paneer or cottage cheese a sturdy structure and prevents them from breaking.

The water which is left out in the milk pot after the cottage cheese is taken out, can be consumed as it is. It’s nutritious for children as well

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