How to Print From Mobile

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

Mobile phones are affinity these days. They are something we just can’t live without why shouldn’t it be? Mobile phones have become smarter with the day progressing and are setting new benchmarks taking us ahead. Also, there is an increasing demand for a printer for home use. So it is important to find the way to quickly print on the go by mobile

We tend to do must of our stuff from mobile. In fact, the business has moved along to mobiles with apps and dedicated programs. So it’s completely a no-brainer when we think of going for the print from the mobile option. Why should it be at all? These days, it’s quite easy to send over the print command even from the mobile phones and that is what makes it so interesting. 

Mobile phones, in fact, smartphone, to be more specific come with support for printing directly from the phone. All the Android and iOS both come with support for direct print command just with a few steps. All you need is to be in the same Wi-Fi network or have wifi printer with it whilst you’ll also need to add it to your network.

But you don’t have to go over the top for it. We here will help you out with easy to follow steps. Follow them and you’d be good to go. Read along.

How to Print From Mobile

Things to get started

It isn’t that hard to print from your smartphone. In fact, if you hold an iPhone, then you can enjoy the built-in feature that is pre-installed in the iPhone. You can do so by just clicking on the share button that is there on the documents which will allow you to give the print command. 

Android phones themselves also have printing capabilities in them but if your phone doesn’t give an option for connecting to the printer then you can proceed to download the Google Cloud Print. That will help you out. We will further enlist the detailed process for these down below. 

And we’d also include the Windows smartphone too. Well there are quite a few of them out too, aren’t they? Windows phone once had the charm but now has fallen down the pecking order. Still, that doesn’t stop it from still being a kinda good option to use for. It also has easy to setup a print option that can be accessed pretty quickly and easily. We’ll elaborate more on this down below in the dedicated section. 

From Android Smartphones

Android phones have Google Cloud Print preinstalled in them. But if you don’t have it you can download them manually too via the play store. We’ll detail the steps from here down below.

  1. If you have manually downloaded the app then you will have to identify or add the printer that is compatible with the device of yours. Identify the printer that is suitable and shared on the same Wi-Fi network. Then you can open the settings side and look for the printing option to let add the printer. 
  2. After adding the printer, you can then open the app that you’re about to send the print command from and tap on the options dot (those three dots that appear). Click on it and you’ll find the print option down below. 

From iOS Smartphones

Apple has equipped its iOS models with the built-in AirPrint special feature which makes it way easier to print from any of the iOS devices be it iPhone or the iPad without the need to download any of additional drivers. Here are the steps you should follow for this one.

  1. Apple allows for the use of AirPrint feature only on printers that are capable and compatible with Apple’s core technology. 
  2. Make sure that your smartphone and your printer are both connected to the same network. 
  3. You should then further open the app that you want to print the topic you want to. Click on the app and then click on the print option which you can find under any of the share, print or other option. 
  4. Tap on the print option and select the printer that is AirPrint-Enabled Printer. 
  5. It’s pretty easy to identify and even add a new printer to the list. You can then proceed to specify what needs you’d be requiring for the print like a number of copies and more.
  6. Select all the parameters and send the job to the printer. That’ll do for you. 
  7. Remember if there are any issues in using the AirPrint, then check on the iOS version that you’re running. If you’re running an old iOS version then you can update it to the newly available update. AirPrint will work properly.

From Windows Phone

Using a Windows smartphone also has its own perks. But that’s for another day. We’re here for the printing option from Windows phone and we’ll take you there directly. Join in

  1. It’s a pretty easy setup for printing wirelessly. Open the Cortana app and type in the printer. 
  2. Then you can select on the Printers and Scanners as and when it appears.
  3. Select the option to add a printer or scanner. It is assumed that your printer is on the same network as of your Wi-Fi so that would be easy for you to locate the printer. 
  4. If any issues persist then look for the printer and then add it to the list.
  5. After that, you’re good to go and can print with relative ease. 

Final Words

Most of the smartphones these days are compatible with the direct print command. Apple has it with them while Android offers Google Cloud Print for it. There are only a few exceptions of devices where these don’t work fully otherwise its all charmingly good. 

There’s one thing though, compatibility of printers with either AirPrint or the Google Cloud Print. Your printer needs to be compatible with these to offer you a direct print option from your mobile. Google themselves have released a list depicting the printers that are compatible with the Google Cloud Print. 

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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