How to Service Washing Machine at Home

Last updated: October 27th, 2022

These days we need washing machines almost every day. Many people have also started using separate washers and dryers for the clothes cleaning. However, generally, we see people using those versions and models of washing machines that have the washer and dryers in their design. Such models are cheap and hence economical. This is also why many people are now able to afford advanced machines like washing machines. But did you know? Even when you have small problems with the washing machine, you will have to fix them soon. If you don’t, you will end up damaging the machine even more. Sometimes this damage is irreversible and might cost you a massive sum of money to get a fix.

To avoid these huge problems, you will only have to fix the small issues related to the washing machines’ working. Therefore, below we have discussed many tips that will help you service your washing machine right at your homes. Just make sure that before doing anything else, you have unplugged the plugs of the machine; otherwise, you might get electric shocks. Sometimes these shocks are fatal as well. Also, move to your machine’s interior electrical setup only if you are aware of the working or at least some of the electrical appliances and other machines. You will also require some tools for advanced servicing, so make sure you know about them too.

Service Washing Machine at Home

Without wasting any more time and words let us move to the six simple tricks and ways to help you make your machines work smoothly –

1. Make sure the washing machine is plugged if you are checking its working status

This is a straightforward tip, but sometimes people call their repairmen without even checking of the plugs are in place. Many times the plugs may get loose if they get accidentally hit. You might become extremely stressed about the washing machine to be not working, and in a panic, you would forget checking the plugs. Sometimes, the problem is with the switchboard and not the washing machine. In such cases, the repair is needed for the board. Therefore, before calling anyone, make sure you have checked all the sockets and plugs.

2. Clean the interior parts of the washer and dryer

If you clean your washer and dryer, you will never notice any false smell coming out of the machine. This is a tip to prevent that fishy smell in the washing machine. If you do not prevent it, it might get transferred to the clothes you are washing. Eventually, they will all smell pretty bad, and you will have to rewash them after you are done removing the false smell. Additionally, many people also dry their machines before covering them so that the water droplets inside them get dried. This is a great tip, and you can use it every day.

3. Fixing any problems with the draining process

Now be careful because you will have to remove the front panel of the washing machine for this. However, if you are aware of all the handyman tools and use them occasionally, you can continue with the process. Do not remove the panel if you are an amateur. Do it only if you know how electronics work. Once you have removed the panel, you will have to find the drain hoses. These hoses often get tiny objects like jewelry and buttons of clothes stuck in them, which in turn alter the drainage process. Once you have identified the hoses, check if anything is stuck. Remove the stuck objects carefully and place the panel back.

4. Servicing the grinding noise

Often, the machine starts developing a heavy noise as you operate it year after year. If you are thinking of servicing the machine on your own, you can quickly fix this small problem. Like the previous step, this step will also require you to remove the exterior panels. Once the removal is complete, you got to look for the pump. To remove the pump, gently snap the retainers, and you will probably see the Coupler that is either burnt off or not working. This happens when you overload your machine with clothes. Fix the Coupler as soon as possible and put everything back in place.

5. Fixing the slow water filling process

We have also witnessed many people complaining that water either does not fill or fills very slowly in their machines. To fix this, you will again have to go inside and remove some panels. Once you are done, try spotting the water valve. Generally, the valve will require replacement, so have one ready beforehand. After the replacement is done, you will have to transfer all the electrical connectors to it. You can also clean the water inlets to fix this problem because sometimes the problem lies with the inlets and not the water valves.

6. Fixing the spinning problems

To fix many of the washer and dryer spinning problems, you will have to set the lid switch. Spot the lid switch in the interior electrical arrangements and replace it as per your washing machine model’s instructions. The new switch’s installation will require you to fix the switch in the slot and gently pull it backward. A broken lid switch replacement can cost you huge money to be spent if you call a professional maintenance specialist. This replacement can be quickly done if you know some things about the working of the machine.


These were some of the methods and ways that we wanted to bring to all our readers’ attention. It is imperative to do the washing machine’s servicing away from water and take all the necessary precautions. If you don’t, you might harm the machine as well as yourself. Additionally, always know that you should stick to calling a professional in huge problems with the machine that you don’t know anything about. They will understand the particular model of your washing machines better than anyone else.

Again, we would like to remind you to only move forward with the repair process if you are aware of at least some information about the washing machine’s working. We wish that our six tips helped you solved all those tiny problems with the washing machine at your home.

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