How to Use a Washing Machine Properly: Dos & Don’ts

Last updated: October 17th, 2022

Finding a perfect washing machine is a great challenge. Oh, wait! The complication doesn’t end here. It is even more complicated to take care and efficiently maintain a washing machine. People always tend to buy low budget washing machines, thinking of the supreme level of maintenance that high-cost washing machines demand. So, let us make this point crystal clear; the cost of the washing machine does not fix its maintenance requirement. What determines the efficacy and durability of a laundry machine is the way you use it!

Yes, it ultimately relies on the way you handle your laundry machine. Almost all the electrical appliances have this very fundamental requirement- handling with love and care. Let us take an example of a water purifier here; we all know that it requires time to time servicing to supply us clean and hygienic water. Similarly, you should be cautious while handling the washing machine too. To be careful, you need to know the points that can accelerate and deteriorate the working power of a laundry machine. So, now you know what are we going to talk about today? We hope you guessed it right!

Here are some do and don’ts tip to use a washing machine properly. Firstly,

let us talk about the positive points

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1. Divide the laundry into two or three sections

Always make sure to divide the laundry into 2-3 sections. Include the white and light-colored items of clothing in one. Separate the non-synthetic ones from the synthetic fabric. Also, wash the items like denims, curtains, and blankets in another cycle. It helps in proper rinsing of all your cloth materials.

2. Use chemical-free detergents for undergarments

You must always use chemical-free detergents for undergarments. It is because undergarments are made from delicate items of clothing. Using an alcohol-based detergent can worsen the quality. Use a mild and non-scented detergent to wash the undergarments to preserve its quality. It also helps to avoid excessive use of detergent.

3. Put the lacy clothes in mesh laundry container

It is the best method to put the lacy cloth items like bra, socks, designer tops, and panties in the mesh laundry bag. It helps to prevent the damage of its cloth material and keeps it sane. Make sure to hook the bra to avoid it tangling with other clothes. Also, it decreases the risk of getting caught inside the washer.

4. Dark-colored clothes must be washed inside out

Most of the experts recommend washing the dark-colored clothes like jeans and denim inside out. These clothes also require cooler temperatures as compared to other fabrics. Turning the denims inside out will not fade their colors undoubtedly. Thus, this is the best way to preserve the color of your dark textured clothes. Except denim clothes, all other darkly stained clothes should be washed in cooler temperatures.

5. Always pre-treat the stains before doing laundry

It is recommended to pre-treat the tough and stubborn stains before putting the clothes into the washer. You will require a liquid detergent to apply it directly on the stain or you can also use a DIY cleanser. It helps to eliminate the tough and dark stains such as oil and grease. It also decreases the load of the washing machine. If you try doing laundry with this method, you will eventually make your clothes cleaner.

6. Put a dry towel along with damp clothes in drier

Putting a dry towel along with the wet and damp clothes in the dryer is an amazing way to save energy and utility bills of the washing machine. You can also replace the towel with some other absorbent material. All you have to do is to put the towel on the base of dry clothes and run a dryer cycle. It helps to reduce the working efficiency of the laundry machine that has a direct impact on the electricity bills.

7. Set the right temperature by checking the labels

Let us begin with the cooler temperatures; poorly stained clothes that tend to bleed or the darkly stained clothes should always be washed in a cooler setting that is 80-degree Fahrenheit. One should wash the man-made clothes such as jeans and lacy materials in a warm setting such as 90-degree Fahrenheit.

8. Clean the laundry machine regularly

A lot of slimy material begins to grow at the base of the washer and gasket rubber, if you don’t wash the washing machine regularly. It degrades the interior and exterior appearance of the laundry machine. The look is not the only thing that becomes bothersome; the bad odor that comes from these algae growth can make it unpleasant. It also declines the cleaning efficiency of the washing machine. Therefore, technicians always recommend washing these machines every once in a while. The right way to cleanse the device must be present on the user manual.

9. Leave the door/lid open after every use

There is the presence of a lot of dampness inside the washer and little parts of the washing machine after laundry. If you do not dry its interior properly, it can cause an accumulation of moldy growth. It occurs because of excessive humidity inside the washer. Therefore, the best practice is to leave the door/lid of the washing machine open for a while after doing laundry. It will help the wetness inside the washer to evaporate, making the machine healthier.

Here are a few points to avoid while doing laundry

1. Do not put the fabric softener along with detergent

We know you have a lot of other works pending; but, never-ever put the fabric softener along with the detergent. The fabric softener works like a conditioner. Just like you apply the conditioner after washing the shampoo. Similarly, the fabric softener is also designed to serve during the rinse cycle. Using it with detergent during the wash cycle is a complete waste of the softener.

2. Do not use an extra amount of detergent

There are many cons of using a detergent more than the desired amount. Firstly, it contributes to unhealthy environmental habits. Secondly, it can make your laundry clothes even dirtier than before. Thirdly, excessive detergent can deposit at the bottom of the washer and make it unfit for use. It has a direct impact on your health. It is simply a waste of money and resource. Using more detergent to clean the clothes more efficiently is just a myth.

3. Try not to leave the fabric zip open

You should always close the zippers on the cloth. Take proper care of the clothes with zippers such as jeans, jackets, and one-piece before putting it into the washer. Examine them properly if the zips are closed or not. Lack of this can make it stuck inside the washer or filter box. It can be troublesome for people who are doing laundry in an emergency.

4. Never leave the wet clothes in the washer for too long

Never leave the washed clothes in the laundry for too long. As these clothes are damp, they can help to enhance the growth of slimes and algae inside the machine. Either don’t leave the clothes inside the washer or keep the lid open for too long. Keeping the lid open for too long also posses some disadvantages. Therefore, do not leave the damp clothes on the laundry.

That’s all that comprises the essential do and don’ts while using a washing machine. Have a happy laundry time!

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