How To Use Automatic Washing Machine – Complete Guide

Last updated: October 22nd, 2022

If you are a first time user of automatic washing machines, you should undoubtedly first get to know about the automatic washing machines’ working process. People usually find themselves confused while using an automatic washing machine because of different options or features. And if you also want to know how to use an automatic washing machine properly to enhance the overall clothes washing experience, then this post is all about you.

Below we have provided a step by step guide that will let you know how to use an automatic washing machine properly. But before going forward to the actual steps, we want to let you know that these steps work correctly with both front load and top load automatic washing machines.

How To Use Automatic Washing Machine

Setup The Washing Machine

You can’t just wash clothes without setting up the automatic washing machine. First of all, set up the washing machine correctly; the important sections you should look at are the power plug, inlet water pipe, and outlet water pipe. Place the automatic washing machine near the power outlet, and also consider the water inlet. For better clarification, we want to tell all the readers that automatic washing machines usually require a continuous water supply.

Otherwise, the low water supply can damage your washing machine during washing cycles. However, the outlet of rinsed water is also pretty important; make sure to place the outlet pipe. When you are done setting up the washing machine properly, you can move forward to the actual cloth washing step.

Load Clothes In

After setting up the automatic washing machine, it is time to load the dirty clothes inside the machine. If you have the front load washing machine, then you’ll have to bend your back to load the clothes in. In contrast, it will be much easier for you to load clothes inside a top load washing machine because most of the top load ones come with standard height.

If you are using the top load automatic washing machine, then make sure to load the clothes from the machine’s sides. It is important because the control panel of top load washing machines comes on the top front side. And you shouldn’t make the mistake of loading clothes over the control panel because it can get wet in this case. Another thing to keep in mind is that do not overload the washing machine; always check your washing machine’s capacity before loading it full of clothes.

Add Detergent

Every automatic washing machine comes with a detergent cell, in which you can add detergent. So, the washing machine automatically dissolves the detergent in water for better cleanliness of clothes. The primary thing to remember is that the detergent cell’s position may differ model to model of washing machines. Most of the time, you’ll find the detergent cell on the top of the spinning drum and near the water inlet.

Here is a quick tip for all readers, do not use too much detergent because it is a complete myth that you can get a better washing experience by using too much detergent. Always go with the washing machine manufacturers’ suggestions, and don’t overuse the detergent. check out the best detergent for washing machine here

Different Cycles

Unlike the semi-automatic washing machines, the automatic ones come with various wash cycles and modes. While washing clothes, selecting the right wash cycle or mode can be a real headache, especially if you don’t know much about them. In starting, you should go with the normal mode or wash cycle, but we suggest that to get to know about each mode and cycle, you should play a bit with them.

To better understand each cycle and mode, you can read the user manual provided by the manufacturers. Not only this but if you want to know about a cycle in-depth, then make sure to search it on the internet.

Choose The Correct Water Level

The water level is another important factor that you shouldn’t ignore while washing clothes. But in this section, you usually have two different options; one is that you can leave it to the machine itself, and the second option is that you can choose the water level manually as per your need. We suggest that in starting, you should leave it on the machine because modern machines can handle water levels impressively.

If you prefer choosing a water level on your own, make sure to avoid washing clothes at low water levels. With low water levels, you may end up damaging your clothes as well as you’ll regularly get the residue issues too. For better clarification about the water levels, you can go with the manufacturers’ suggestions.

Choose The Wash Cycle Time

Ultimately the overall washing performance also depends upon the time of the wash cycle you choose. The average wash cycle time may vary from different variants to variants of automatic washing machines. You can either choose the wash cycle time on your own; otherwise, it is also another automatic feature. But it also depends upon the number of clothes you are washing and how dirty the clothes are.

Obviously, the stained clothes will take longer to wash as compared to regularly dirty clothes. Most of the time, we suggest that you also play with each wash cycle time to understand better. But suppose you want to know about the average time for a single wash cycle. In that case, it can be anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes depending upon your automatic washing machine’s brand and variant.

Rinse And Dry

After the wash cycle is completed, and you get satisfied with the automatic washing machine’s washing machine, you can move forward to other cycles of washing machines such as rinse and dry cycle. Unlike a semi-automatic washing machine, you don’t even need to shift the clothes from one compartment to another with automatic washing machines. A typical fully-automatic washing machine can wash, rinse, and dry the clothes in one compartment without requiring the user’s physical presence.

When the wash cycle ends, the washing machine automatically switches or changes the cycle from wash to rinse, and then dry. Again, you can manually set the time for rinse and dry cycles, but it completely depends on your preference. It would be the last step; then, you can just put the clothes out and hang them so that the extra moisture evaporates, and you can get the perfectly dry clothes.

Maintenance Tips

It is a fact that automatic washing machines don’t require too much maintenance work, but you should prefer some things regularly. Such as cleaning Matic filters timely; it is important because Matic filters of washing machines usually catch all the dirt from clothing. And if it gets blocked because of the dirt, then the dirt and filth remain in the primary washing tub, which is not good for an automatic, even any other washing machine.

One more cleaning task is required, but it comes with only some variants of the washing machine called Eco Tub Cleaning. But you can’t do it manually; the washing machine can do it automatically after a specific time.

So, these were some of the steps that you can use for the full effectiveness of an automatic washing machine. In this way, you can get fully out of your washing machine no matter which brand or variant you have.

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