How To Use The Vacuum Cleaner Properly

Last updated: October 13th, 2022

Almost every home now has a vacuum cleaner that helps the family members with daily chores and cleaning. But, do you know that this mighty cleaning assistant also needs some love?

A lot of people do not properly use vacuum cleaners. Yes, each vacuum cleaner has a certain way of using and maintaining it. Scientifically using it would help you to clean better while keeping the machine intact and in ideal condition for a longer period.

Are you correctly using your vacuum? Read on to know more about the correct ways of using your vac-

You should use the vacuum slowly for better cleaning.

One of the best ways to clean better with a vacuum cleaner without damaging it is to clean slowly. Moving fast will not help remove all the dust and dirt and will also damage the machine. First, start cleaning from the edge of your floor or carpet and then move towards the center.

Try to move the machine in a straight line slowly. Take time to clean the floor or surface. Moving the machine in a straight line helps to clean the dust and embedded dirt more effectively. After moving forward for a certain length, keep it back halfway and proceed like this. It will clean off all the dirt without leaving anything behind.

Move the machine in two ways to clean better.

You need to use the proper motion in the right direction. I ensure the machine is effectively picking up the dirt. You need to combine two different methods to move the vac in different directions.

According to experts, side-by-side movements and turning the machine in a perpendicular angle geckos a lot. It helps the machine to clean each nook and corner. As a result, you get cleaner surfaces than before.

Avoid cleaning up larger pieces or sharp shards.

Many people often use a vacuum to clean up larger objects and shrapnel shards like broken glass or tableware. But, that is extremely harmful to the machine. As per experts, cleaning larger pieces or sharp objects often harms the machine. The sharper and larger objects pass through the cleaning hose and the internal section of your vacuum.

Hence, they can end up damaging the machine, especially to your vacuum cord or the internal suction motor etc.

If there are a few larger or sharper pieces of objects on your floor, first use a broomstick to clean these. After that, you can pick up the smaller pieces with your vacuum.

You should use all the attachments for cleaning.

You have a bag full of attachments for your vacuum but only use a handful. That is one of the common mistakes many people make while vacuuming.

Each of the objects is given to you to suit the different cleaning situations and surfaces. Using only one cord or hose will not offer you satisfactory results. So, try to use the attachments for cleaner floors and upholstery.

Always empty your dustbin or dust bag or replace it on time

 If your vacuum cleaner comes with a dustbin or dust canister, it is better to clean the bin from time to time. After a cleaning cycle, it will become full, and you have to empty it to ensure you can use the vacuum again. Similarly, you also have to empty the dust bag from time to time.

A full canister or dust bag prevents the machine from cleaning in a better way. On top of that, a partial or full vacuum cleaner often blows back dust particles. As a result, you end up dirtying your home instead of cleaning it.

So, always clean the dust bag or canister after it is full. You can check the indicator of your vacuum when the bag or bin is full.

If you use a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag, make sure to replace the bag regularly to ensure you are not damaging the vacuum.

Clean The Machine Properly

One of the easiest ways to use your vacuum is correct maintenance. If you want your vacuum to stay in top condition for a longer time, you need to care for it properly. Here are some quick tops for vacuum maintenance-

After using your vacuum, plug it and store it in a cool and dry place. You should avoid storing your vacuum in cramped and closed places or wet places.

Avoid vacuuming a wet surface or outdoors. The indoor or home use vacuums are usually not clean wet surfaces. If your model supports wet cleaning, it is right. Otherwise, refrain from cleaning wet surfaces.


So, now you know the tips and tricks to become a proper vacuum owner who uses the machine properly without damaging anything. These are some of the methods for using your vacuum correctly. Safety and maintenance will also help you get a cleaner and better home with your vacuum.

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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