How to use Vacuum Cleaner Effectively at Home?

Last updated: October 24th, 2022

A vacuum cleaner is the best product to buy if you want to save some time doing household chores. They are incredibly effective in removing dust, hair, and other particles from your house or office by producing a powerful suctional force. Without a vacuum, cleaning a big house or office daily would become nearly an impossible task. The modern vacuums are not like the older ones which are big and bulky. With modern technology and advancement in the motors, the current vacuums are small, light-weight, and even autonomous. There are different types of vacuums available in the market with different features.

All the vacuums can be generally categorized into five types such as handheld, canister, upright, stick, and robotic vacuum. Handheld vacuums are used to clean the areas that are hard to reach such as cars, bikes, and other tight areas. They are versatile, compact, and easy-to-carry around. Canister vacuum comes with a tank to collect dust, and a long hose to suck the debris. They are best in cleaning carpets, floors, walls, and furniture.

The upright vacuum has a powerful suction power that is used for cleaning carpets and other areas with high dirt composition. The Stick vacuums are slim and lightweight models that are used for quick cleaning such as spills. Finally, the robotic vacuums are the latest type that automatically navigates and cleans your home without any input from you.

For all these vacuum types, there is a simple and standard procedure to use it effectively. Let us see it.

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Steps to follow in using a vacuum cleaner

1. Check the bag or bin present in the vacuum

Before using the vacuum, it is a must to check if the vacuum is already full of dust. Every type of vacuum, even the autonomous ones have some form of bins that collect the dust. Older vacuums have bags that collect the dust and the vacuum can be removed to check these bags. If the bag is completely or somewhat full, then the vacuum will not efficiently pick up the debris. So, you must first replace the bags or empty the dust from the bags before using the vacuum. In newer models, you will see containers that can be emptied easily. You can reuse these containers, unlike the older disposable bags. So, empty the content from the dust containers and then start to use the vacuum.

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2. Adjust the height

Not all the vacuums, but some vacuums height need to be adjusted before they are used. Canister vacuum and upright vacuum come with a height adjuster to change the height of the hose according to the carpet or the surface that you intend to clean. These vacuums have a height adjuster that can be used to adjust the height appropriate to the length of the surface. It is important that you set the height correctly because the airflow or the suction power will become affected if you set the height too low or too high. Vacuums types such as robotic, handheld, and stick doesn’t have height adjuster as they are small, and are used for cleaning specific areas.

3. Clear the items

This step is not necessary but it is recommended to remove the smaller items from the path of your vacuum’s cleaning area. If you are using a bulky vacuum such as canister or upright, then it becomes easy for you to clean the surface of your home or office if you remove the objects from the path. These objects can be coffee tables, sofas, chairs, etc. It is also true if you are cleaning carpets. Move all the objects from the carpet before you intend to clean it. It makes the job easier for you. For handheld or stick vacuums, it is not necessary as you only use it to clean tight and specific areas with it. Robotic vacuums can automatically navigate your home, avoiding collision with objects, and clean thoroughly. But if you want a complete cleaning with a robovac’s, then move all the objects to a side and use robotic vacuums. In this way, the robotic vacuums will clean all the surfaces even the place where the objects have been placed.

4. Don’t Rush

The suctioning power is not infinite so the vacuum can pick all the debris within a micro-second. You have to slowly stroke the hose of the vacuum over the surface for efficient cleaning. If you move the vacuum quickly over the surface, then it won’t pick up the debris effectively. The effective cleaning of the vacuum also depends upon the suction power and other features of it. Modern vacuums can fairly do well to clean all types of debris. But if you have an old vacuum, then you should have a little patient while cleaning. This property is true for all types of vacuum except the robotic ones. With the robotic vacuums, you don’t have to babysit it. The robotic vacuum automatically detects the dirt area and cleans it thoroughly.

5. Try different heads

Most of the vacuum comes with different heads used for different purposes such as cleaning corners, under the edges, and more. So replace the end of the hose with these heads to clean different areas. This is extra work, but nonetheless the work that gives a thorough cleaning of your home. All the vacuum types except the handheld and robotic vacuums don’t come with different heads. They don’t need different heads as they are made for different purposes.

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6. Empty the bin

Most of the modern vacuums come with big enough bins or bags that can hold more than a few days of cleaning. But it is a good practice to clean the bag or bin as soon as you finish cleaning your room. The canister and upright vacuum have a separate container that is big enough to store few month’s worth of dust. The handheld and upright vacuum must be emptied as soon as they are used. For the robotic vacuum, you should empty it if it doesn’t come with a dust bag with the cleaning base. If the cleaning base of the robotic vacuum has a dust bag, then you can use it without emptying the bag for a month or two.


Using a vacuum cleaner is not difficult. It may be intimidating if you are using it for the first time, but as you use it, you will get used to the flow within no time. Vacuums are the best device to have in your home to have a time-saving and good cleaning session every time. But if you are confused about buying a vacuum because you are new to it, then you have nothing to worry as all modern vacuums are user-friendly and simple to use. We hope that you got an understanding of how to use different vacuums from this post.

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