HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer Review

Last updated: October 16th, 2022

Ideally, for many individuals, owning a printer at your home may sound luxurious, but deep down, we all admire the fact due to its necessity. While it may seem too high for a one-time investment, it can save a lot of your essential time and money. Nobody wants to stand in a long queue to get their prints done. So, if you are searching for a perfect printer and wondering what to choose from the full range of availability, then we have your back.

Now many of the modern-day printers are packed with high tech features aiming for betterment of general people. Not only do they save time, but they also help in cutting down the cost of printing. Printers with such advanced features will help manage all your office, school projects, and office related work efficiently. If you have set your eyes for a brand new ink tank printer, then HP 410 color printer can be the best option for your home and office use. We will also be providing a detailed review of this product, with its pros and cons, to decide further.

HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer

HP 410 All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer

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When it comes to computers and other peripheral devices, HP IS the first name that strikes our head. With the trustworthy tag to their name, they try to deliver high-quality, innovative products with new features. HP considers all its customers’ requirements and builds their product according to their clients’ specific needs. So, without further delay, let’s jump into the detailed specification of the product.

Salient Features of HP 410 Printer

  • Printer Type

The HP all in one color printer is one of the best products in the range of ink tank printers and can run wirelessly. With the term all in one, this device can seamlessly perform tasks like copying, printing, and scanning. It does come with a flatbed type scanner. The flatbed feature allows the owner to place their documents for further processing easily. 

  • Connectivity

While buying a printer, our main concern lies in the range of connectivity features and their problems. We should always choose the device smartly that offers several connectivity options. This machine has USB, Wi-Fi, and a smart app for connecting your printer with any of your methods. It means you can access all the functions wirelessly without much worry of loose and rust USB ports that take place over time. With the mobile app, you can notify every single activity of this machine and provide commands for printing from a considerable range.

  • Pages Per Minute

With straightforward and easy to understand procedures, HP focuses mainly on the efficiency of any device. It can print 7.5 pages per minute (black and white) and 4.5 color pages per minute. The printing speed is quite useful and widely selected in schools, offices, and homes.

  • Cost of Printing

As per the ISO standards, the approximate cost of printing a black and white page is ten paise while printing a color page would cost around 18 paise. The company recommends 300 prints per month that is enough for home uses.

  • Page Support

This mighty beast supports almost all ranges of papers like A4, A6, A5, DL, and envelope papers. Meanwhile, operations like duplex printing have to perform manually. 

  • Print Resolution and Cartridge Support

HP is known to provide outstanding quality printing with its resolution of 4800 x 1200 DPI for color prints and 1200 x 1200 DPI for black and white prints. A compatible ink cartridge is also provided with this device. HP gt51 can print upto 4000 black and white pages while the HP gt 52 can print 8000 color pages. 

  • Duty Cycle

The duty cycle is referred to as the maximum printing capacity of any printer. The monthly recommendation of this product is somewhat close to 1000 pages.

  • Light Wight

This machine has a very lightweight, which makes it very convenient to move easily from one place to another without much physical strain.

  • Print More For Less

The machine has been effectively designed to thousands of pages for high volume work with top quality ink cartridges. The cost of printing has been cut down for powerful performance. The company has provided convenient and high grip ink bottles for no further wate of ink. These mess-free ink bottles are no waste solution for saving ink. 

  • Warranty and Customer Support

They have one-year customer support from the date of purchase, and free installation comes with them. For any damage and fault, they have 24 x 7 customer support. One can easily walk up to any of their nearest HP stores and avail support. The company also bundles many other components with the device, which are ink bottles, color pages, software CD, USB cable, and page yield information. 

What we liked about this device:

  • Easy to use and convenient design
  • Available at very low cost
  • Outstanding text and image quality
  • Easy to manage ink
  • Ability to print more pages with less money
  • Amazing customer support
  • Has a one year warranty
  • Hassle-free connectivity

What we didn’t like about this product:

  • Doesn’t support duplex printing
  • Due to its lightweight, it can be moved from one place to another very easily

Factors to Consider Before Buying any Printer

  • Always go for the printer that can perform several jobs within the same machine. It would acquire more space and more money to invest in single-function machines.
  • Connectivity is the main issue while selecting any printer. Your device should be Wi-Fi enabled for seamless printing from any corner of your workplace. Nowadays, you can give printing orders easily if your devices are connected with the same connection.
  • It would be best if you also were very selective about the printing speed. For works like offices and schools, it requires excellent speed and efficiency. It depends on the owner to choose from the variety of ranges. Mainly the printing speed of color and black and white varies a lot.
  • Your printer should be able to provide prints at a very low cost. For ink tank printers, it becomes effortless with this device, as they provide leak proofs ink bottles with them.
  • Paper size also matters a lot while selecting a printer for your personal use, and your printer must support the page size of your need.
  • DPI should also be checked as DPI means the quality of the image. Higher the dots per inch, the higher will be the clarity.

Final Verdict

If you are a student or an office going guy, this printer must be top on your priority list. It comes with a bundle of features at a high price. Going with this printer would save a lot of your hard-earned money. Before buying any random printer, you should consider all these features, as mentioned above, according to your requirement.

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