HP Deskjet 1115 Single Function Ink Advantage Printer Review

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

Printer always plays an essential role in big firms, home uses, schools, and college use. To make your project more creative, you always need to go to cyber cafes to get some colored printouts. To avoid such situations, it is always advisable to own a good printing machine that can do most of the jobs. 

You are reading this article because you always wanted to buy a brand-new printer for the first time or wanted to change the old one. So, to solve all your confusion and clear all your doubts regarding printers, we have selected the “HP DeskJet 1115 Single function ink advantage printer” with its advantages and disadvantages in detail. 

Almost every office equipment can be replaced, but nothing can replace an excellent multi-functional printer. Also, when one thinks of setting up a mini home office or a children’s study area, a printer is an inevitable device that has to be on the list. When we talk about printers, one of the few companies that pop up is HP.

Those who want to change their old ordinary printer with the all-new generation printer will get all the information. This product is for the project freak persons who always face some problems in printing quality, space management, and face hassle in operations. This new generation printer will enhance your printing and project making experience. You can fit this product in any space and enjoy your extra works.

HP Deskjet 1115 Single Function Ink Advantage Printer

HP Deskjet 1115 Single Function Ink Advantage Printer

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HP desk jet 1115 single function ink advantage printer can be used for printing color contents with the ink advantage system. HP is known for its ink advantage option to get high-quality printings. This printer is perfect for the home and small offices. Also, it can fit in any small place. Its price is affordable for anyone who wants to go for a printer. latest features. Additionally, this printer comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

HP always makes their quality product by undertaking all its customer’s requirements with reasonable rates. Their product designing is on the next level and can be fixed in any kind of home interiors. Plus, HP has a wide range of available printers, and they are very durable. All products are easy to use. With new rages of HP printers always gives hassle-free experience.

Salient Features

  • Capacity for Printing

Before you buy any printer, it is always better to get mandatory knowledge of regular printing capacity and the monthly duty cycle. This printer can print 100-300 pages per month regularly. If we talk about the Monthly duty cycle capacity, then the HP desk jet 1115 printer can print up to 1000 pages per month.

  • Size of Paper Supports

We all know that in the market, many types of printers are available for different types of printing purposes. Some of them are perfect for regular use only, which means it can only print normal daily use paper. This printer supports A4, B5, A6, DL envelope printing options and has a printing ability on Plain paper, Brochure paper, and Photo Paper types. 

  • Printing Costs

If we are going to use a printer, then it is evident that it operates with electricity. Knowing the normal electricity consumption of any regular printer makes us choose a better printer, which can run on less electricity. As per the ISO standards, it costs 1.4INR for black prints and around 4.5INR for color printings.

  • Resolutions

If we print our important documents and don’t get any clarity in pictures and any sort of punctuation, then it is useless. The resolution of any prints is more important than its cost. This printer can print documents with the resolution of 4800 * 1200 DPI (optimized one for color printing) and up to the resolution of 1200 * 1200 DPI (rendered one for black printing).

  • Cartridges Specifications

When it comes to Cartridges of colors, then HP always satisfies their customers on that quality. HP desk jet 1115 printer uses is specific HP 680 tri-color (cyan, magenta, yellow) and black color ink cartridges. Whenever we buy this printer, it comes with it in 1-1 quantities. According to ISO Standards, by using one cartridge, this printer can print up to 480 pages in Black and white and approximately can color print 150 pages.

Some Additional Specifications

  • Printing Speed

According to ISO standards of laser printing capability, it can print in Black and white up to 7.5 prints per minute (ppm) in Professional mode. Also, this device can print up to 20 prints per minute in general office mode. For color printings, it can print up to 5.5 prints per minute on professional mode and 16 prints per minute on general office mode. We can also say that on other terms that it can print any 10 x 15 size of the photo in 66 seconds. To get the first print out in Black, it only takes 15 seconds. To get this much quickness, it uses HP thermal Inkjet print technology with HP PCL 3 GUI printer drivers.

  • Compatible Operating Systems

This printer is compatible with Windows OS 7, 8, 8.1, 10; OS X version of 10.8 (Mountain lions), OS X v10.9 Mavericks and OS X v 10.10 Yosemite types of versions. In other words, when it comes to compatibility, you are going to enjoy a seamless experience.

Things to Consider While Buying

  • Decide your usage needs, whether you are going to print more often or less. For occasional printing, It is better to invest in some low budget printer. For home use, your printer may not contain the latest feature. But, for regular office work, they must be power-packed with extra features.
  • Decide about the storage and size of the product. Before buying any product, you must think about the storage space for keeping the product as printers with large dimensions will require more space and must be connected to a socket.
  • If you need added security services in your printer for performing other tasks, you must invest in other peripheral devices.
  • Decide whether the speed that you want for printing each paper is there or not. A well-suited printer must contain the ability to provide prints within a few seconds. 
  • Check the availability of service stores nearby or pick-up facilities. This is a mandatory point to consider. The service center facility must be near to your workplace for any assistance and repairing of the product.
  • Facilities you need in the control panel are adequately navigated or not.
  • Decide if the product drivers are easy to configure and use. That is by far one of the important aspects to look for, while buying a new printer.
  • Take some maintenance steps like not keeping the device near heat, cleaning it often, and keeping drivers up-to-date.

Things We Like:

  • Speed of printing
  • Quality of prints also known as resolutions
  • Size support
  • User convenience
  • Operating Systems compatibility
  • Capacity is perfect for normal uses
  • Friendly customer support system

Things We Don’t Like:

  • Printing capacity is low due to that might face problem in printing quality or heating problems
  • We need to wait for prints to come out and can’t resume our other work

Final Thoughts

This product is for the average household and small office use, where you hardly need to print more than 1000 A4 size papers. You can buy this product by comparing your requirements with this and with other products for more convenience. You can simply get your hands on this product through online purchases.

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