IFB Front Load Washing Machine Error Code List – Solutions

Last updated: October 15th, 2022

IFB is one of the most popular brands in the front load washing machine segment. There are different varieties of front load washing machines available that users choose from. There are times when a washing machine may malfunction but it shows what the error in the system by showing an error code.

In this article, we will list all the different error codes displayed by IFB front load washing machines and explain the cause and the solution for every error code.

1. Error Code dLAY

Cause: This code appears when you are using the washing machine in Delay Start Mode. However, this is not an error.

Solution: This is an indication for choosing the Delay Start Mode. It makes the washing machine operate according to the scheduled time. Once the scheduled time is over, the error will be resolved.

2. Error Code dLEr

Cause: The IFB washing machine will unlock automatically after the wash and spin cycles are complete. However, if the door is not unlocked automatically, it will display the error code dLEr.

Solution: To prevent the error, one must not try to force open the door. You can try the following steps.

  • Switch off the washing machine.
  • Turn it on after 2 minutes. It must open the door automatically.
  • If the error code continues to display, you will have to call the service engineer of IFB and book an appointment.
  • While you wait, you must turn off the washing machine and take away the plug from the socket.

3. Error Code door

Cause: When this error code appears, it means that the door is not locked. It can also happen when the door is not closed properly.

Solution: To fix the error, you will have to open the door and close it appropriately. When clothes are blocking the door, you need to rearrange them and make sure that the path is clear.

4. Error Code dPEr

Cause: When there is any drain, the code dPEr will be displayed. It can happen when the exhaust hose is bent or clogged or when the water is not draining. Even a blocked filter can show the error.

Solution: You can follow the following steps to prevent the drain error.

  • If the water is not draining, you will have to select the button Start/Pause which will restart the drain program.
  • When there is a blocked filter, you need to switch off the washing machine. Make sure that you clean the filter thoroughly by using a drain pump for clearing the water.
  • If there is a bent or clogged exhaust hose, you will have to get rid of the kinks. Ensure that you clean the pipe and prevent any kind of clogging.

5. Error Code h260

Cause: The possible cause of the error h260 is due to high input voltage.

Solution: As it can be a localized problem, you will have to restart the washing machine. This will normalize the issues related to voltage and ensure that it has gone to safe levels. If you happen to witness the error again, then there can be an issue with the local power transmission lines.

You will have to get the voltage in the power supply zone checked by a qualified electrician. This will make sure there will be stable voltage.

6. Error Code HEAt

Cause: You will witness the error code HEAt when during the start of the program, the water temperature goes more than 60 degrees.

Solution: Here are the steps to fix the error.

  • Begin with the New/Drain program. Make sure that you wait until the water temperature goes down to 60 degrees.
  • You will have to restart the washing machine by turning it off for a few seconds.
  • If you are unable to fix the issue, you will have to call IFB Care and seek professional help.

7. Error Code L175

Cause: The code L175 will be displayed when there is a low input voltage.

Solution: Similar to the error code HEAt, this is also a localized problem. Your washing machine will work on its own once the situation normalizes. If the error is frequent, you need to call an electrician and get it resolved by checking the power supply zone.

8. Error Code OFEr / Pr5

Cause: There is no explanation for when the error code OFEr or Pr5 appears.

Solution: Follow these steps to deal with the error.

  • You will have to turn off the washing machine.
  • Wait for a few seconds and turn on the machine.
  • Check if the error still persists.
  • If the error is still there, you will have to turn off the washing machine and get expert assistance by contacting IFB Care and booking an appointment.

9. Error Code rinS HOLd

Cause: You will witness the error code rinS HOLd during the step of Rinse and Hold.

Solution: Getting rid of the error is very simple. All you have to do is to select the drain program by pressing the button Start/Pause.

10. tACO / trC

Cause: When the error code tACO or trC flashes, it is possibly related to the door. You will get the error when the cloth is stuck between the door and the drum area.

Solution: You can try the following steps to prevent the error.

  • Turn off the machine from the main supply.
  • Wait for 2 minutes and switch it on again.
  • Select the drain program which will drain out the water.
  • In the process, the door must open automatically.
  • Arrange the clothes properly and select the program.
  • If the error code still appears, you will have to contact IFB Care and turn off the machine.

11. Error Code tAP

Cause: The error code tAP may happen due to many reasons. Some of the probable causes are

  • When there is low water pressure or no water supply available.
  • When you turn off the water tap. It can happen if the inlet filter is blocked.
  • A damaged or bent inlet hose can also lead to the error.

Solution: Here is what you can do to fix the issue.

  • Check the tap water and confirm if the water is flowing.
  • If there is no water supply or low pressure, you will have to wait for the water supply to resume or the buildup of pressure. This will make the machine begin automatically.
  • If the inlet filter is blocked, you will have to disconnect the inlet pipe. Clean the filter or sieve again and reconnect it.
  • Remove any kind of bent inlet hose which is blocking the water supply. When you happen to witness a damaged inlet hose, you need to get a replacement inlet hose.

12. Error Code UnbL

Cause: The error is caused when there is an unbalanced load.

Solution: To prevent the error, you will have to balance the load appropriately. This can also happen if the load of the laundry is small. By adding more clothes, you can easily balance the load. If the laundry contains a heavy load, you need to add lighter clothes that help to neutralize the weight. It also makes sure there will be perfect drum rotation with the right spinning.

Some other standard error codes –

1. Error Code E01

Cause: You will get this error when the door is closed inappropriately. Often an open door will display the error code E01.

Solution: Fixing the error is simple as you will only have to open the door and close it in the right manner. Following this, you can restart the machine.

2. Error Code E02

Cause: When there is a shortage in the water supply, the error code E02 flashes. It can be due to many reasons like when the water pressure is low, no water supply availability, a damaged or bent inlet hose, a blocked filter, or when the tap is turned off.

Solution: To fix the error E02, there must be an inflow of water. You must check the water supply before you open the tap. Once the water supply is resumed, the washing machine will start automatically. You can even clean the filter or remove the damaged or bent inlet hose to make sure there will be a smooth water supply. Additionally, you need to wait until the water pressure goes up.

Error Code E03

Cause: This type of error appears when there is a loose electrical fitting. Another possible reason can be when the power supply is not apt.

Solution: Always make sure that the plug is perfectly fit. You will also have to replace the socket.

4. Error Code E04

Cause: When you select delayed start, it can come up with the error E04.

Solution: In this case, the washer will restart approximately after half an hour.

Error Code E05

Cause: This error happens when there is an extended program time. One of the main reasons for this is low input voltage or low inlet water temperature.

Solution: Wait for the program to complete as it will help to fix the error.

Error Code E06

Cause: You can see the error code E06 when there is a trapped coin in the drum. Even a bent or clogged exhaust hose may lead to the error.

Solution: You will have to clean the coin trap and remove it from the drum. Also, clean the exhaust hose. If it is bent, you will have to get it removed. However, if you are unable to fix it, you need to call IFB Care and book an appointment.


These error codes are applicable for any IFB front load washing machine. Whenever you see an error code flashing on the display of your IFB washing machine, you can refer to our complete list of error codes and find the cause along with the solution to solve the error.

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