Inverter vs Dual Inverter AC? Which one to choose?

Last updated: October 27th, 2022

For an Indian living in India, an Air cooler and conditioner seems like a blessing straight from God. The hot and humid, and dry weather conditions in India make air coolers more of a necessity than a luxury item.

So if you are someone who is planning to spend some of your hard-earned bucks on an AC and are confused about which one to get for yourself, then you have come to the right place.

But before we hop right into the comparisons between Inverter and Dual Inverter AC, let us understand each one of them in detail.

Inverter vs Dual Inverter AC

Inverter AC

An air conditioner which is equipped with an inverter compressor is called an inverter AC. Generally speaking, inverter ACs comes with inverter technology, which is an efficient way to lower the power consumption, which inherently means lower electricity bills.

Single inverter AC consists of a single rotor which changes its speed according to load. Since there is only a single rotor doing the job in cohesion with the fluctuation of currents, there is a more significant load on the motors of a single inverter AC, which causes vibrations.

Dual Inverter AC

A more advanced version of a single inverter AC is called a dual inverter AC. It consists of twin rotary compressors that equally distribute the power load between themselves, which reduces the load and results in the more extended longevity of the rotors. It also provides better cooling and consumes way less electricity than a single inverter AC.

Comparisons between  Inverter AC and Dual Inverter AC

Now that we are done with the definitions of an Inverter AC and a Dual Inverter AC, let us begin with the comparisons between them that will help one decide which one to choose. So without any further due, let us begin.

1. Compressors

Inverter ACs have a single compressor with a single rotor which helps them to provide efficient cooling and manage the fluctuating voltage and currents. A single-rotor offers efficient cooling and saves a lot of energy compared to non-inverter AC.

But Dual Inverter AC comes with dual compressors and rotors, which equally distributes the load between both the rotors and hence provides efficient cooling and saves a lot of energy. It provides faster cooling and saves more power than a single inverter AC.

2. Energy Consumption

Dual Inverter AC is equipped with a Dual rotor that efficiently manages the load on both the rotors. It needs half of the RPM speed to do the cooling compared to regular inverter AC. Since it requires half the RPM speed, which inherently means it consumes less power as the load on the rotors is far less to achieve the same cooling in a regular inverter AC.

3. Life Span

We discussed how the Dual inverter ACs have dual rotors, which efficiently distribute the loads between both the rotors. Hence at a lower RPM speed, it can achieve the same type of cooling as compared to a regular inverter AC. Since the load on the AC is far less, it results in a longer life span of the AC than a normal inverter AC.

4. Cooling Performance

Since people buy ACs, just to provide them respite from the hot weather conditions, it is vital to compare their cooling performance, which I think is the most crucial factor of all. Twin rotary compressors have two impellers and rotors. So it is evident that twin rotors will do better than a single rotor in an inverter AC.

A single-rotor has to bear a much bigger load in a regular inverter AC, and the load compression is also higher than in a dual inverter AC.

5. Vibration and noise level

Since a regular inverter AC comes with a single rotor, it has to rotate at a much higher RPM to compress the refrigerant than a dual inverter AC, which produces more vibration and noise than a dual inverter AC.

This is not the case with a dual inverter AC as it rotates at a much slower RPM and provides more efficient cooling. So dual inverter ACs are much more silent than a regular inverter AC.

6. Price

Although the price of such ACs depends upon the brands, we are choosing, dual inverter ACs are usually more expensive as it comes with the latest technology of twin rotors that provide optimum cooling at a much lower RPM speed.

On the other hand, a regular inverter AC is much more affordable than a dual inverter AC.


In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that if one is not bothered by the latest technologies and power consumption of the ACs, one can easily opt for a regular inverter AC as they are far cheaper than a dual inverter AC.

But if you are fascinated by the latest technologies and like to do one’s research before buying any product, you can go for a dual inverter AC as they will save a lot of power and keep your electricity bills in check.

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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