Kent or Eureka Forbes: Which is the Best Vacuum Cleaner?

Last updated: October 22nd, 2022

A vacuum cleaner is used in cleaning our home. They do this by the use of a simple principle of vacuum force. When we power them, the vacuum cleaner creates a vacuum space inside them; this makes the air from the outer area rush inside, taking away the dust and dirt particle along with them inside the vacuum cleaner.

Many new companies have entered the market and have given more innovation to their latest design and other unique features on their vacuum cleaner. As there are advantages and drawbacks of vacuum cleaner, you’ve known the small point of vacuum cleaner to buy a desired one from the market.


It may also save some time in scrambling various products with none idea about them. Therefore, we’ve brought you to top-rated vacuum cleaner from documented brands Kent vs Eureka Forbes.

1) Kent Force Cyclonic Vacuum cleaner

KENT Force Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner KSL 160 | 2000 W | Washable HEPA Filter | Low Noise | Rubberized wheel | Multiple Accessories for Easy Cleaning|Bagless Design|Auto Cord Retractor|White and Silver

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This exclusive product is presenting to you by one of the well-famed company Kent. They are well known for their water filters and ROs. They also develop some latest exclusive vacuum cleaners that are available in the market.

The vacuum cleaner cleans all the dirt and mud and creates a spinning vortex at high-speed, and collects all the dust in a detachable collector. The cyclonic technology and highly efficient filter design, this vacuum cleaner makes your surroundings dust-free, clean, and spotless.

Salient Features 

  • It is an efficient and energy-saving vacuum cleaner for your home. It is designed with advanced cyclonic technology that lacks the filtration bag to collect dust and to reduce the amount of air pollution, and it has a unique air filter (HEPA).
  • It includes necessary accessories and some spare parts of the vacuum cleaner that can be replaced when needed, thus providing a backup for your vacuum cleaner.
  • The vacuum cleaner body is supported by rubberized wheels that do quite cleaning and do not damage or left any scratches on the flooring of your house.
  • This Vacuum cleaner has high power 2000W motor with a strong suction force, enables this Vacuum cleaner inefficient cleaning by removing dust embedded in corners and soft carpets.
  • Wrapping those long cords waste much of our time because of its Auto Power cord retractor winding, gets the wire to wind itself, and saves time.

What We Like:

  • It has a highly efficient motor.
  • It comes with high-efficiency HEPA filters that reduce air pollution.
  • It is protected with one year of warranty.
  • It comes with various added spare parts and extra sets of brushes.
  • It has much less noise operation.

What We Dislike:

  • Some material is of little low quality and could be better.

2) Eureka Forbes Trendy DX 1150

Eureka Forbes Trendy Wet and Dry DX1150-Watt Powerful Suction and Blower Function Vacuum Cleaner (Black and Red)

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This Innovative product is brought to you from Eureka Forbes, one of the most prestigious companies. It is well known for its excellent electronics devices. They have one of the best experts and trusted employees as they have experts that have knowledge of cleanliness and hygiene of your home.

Keeping this in mind, Eureka Forbes designed this lightweight and portable vacuum cleaner. It has a high suction powered performance; this has a wet and dry surface cleaning that creates a pristine surrounding.

Salient Features 

  • It has an 800W powerful suction motor, and the blower removes dirt and dust, which are deep embedded in corners and carpets. Once you get this, it becomes easy to do the cleaning work on your home with ease.
  • This product is provided with accessories that have different purposes for cleaning. And also works as a replacement and extends the variability of the vacuum cleaner.
  • This Vacuum model comes with a duel ability for cleaning the dry and wet surface. Simply by just switching an accessory in the nozzle.
  • For extra protection, the cord is stored inside cord storage that comes in-built with the body itself. It also has a retractable coil that recoils the cable in automatically.
  • It is provided with a large storage space that can store 8 liters and dust of 10 liters. Thus saves time that could be wasted in emptying it simultaneously.

What We Like:

  • It has four wheels for 360° revolving with easy movement.
  • It has a rated input power of 800 W.
  • It is compatible with any power tool dust extraction.
  • It has a specialized design drag go rope that is easy to carry
  • It comes with remote automatic switching.

What We Dislike:

  • Power is a little lower than the competition.

Standard Buying Guide for a Vacuum Cleaner 


Features Available

In the market, there are various companies available who are aggressively endorsing their products with the latest features. They are continuously updating their items to complete their rival companies. But the quality of performance of various features of their vacuum cleaners varies from company to company.

Some have only vacuuming ability, or some are also provided with blowers that can blow the air out in the place of sucking them in. They are also equipped with a variety of filters, some have a simple one, or some are fitted with the special HEPA filter.

Dust Bag Availability 

These days almost all the vacuum cleaners are equipped with dust bags or dust containers; some of them also have separate dust chambered space instead of bags to store dirt and dust.

Usually, the handheld and the robotic vacuum cleaners do not have any dirtbag attached to them due to its small size and compact design. But also in some stick-type vacuum cleaner, the dust bag may not be present.


The budget also plays an essential role for the customers while buying any vacuum cleaners. Obviously, you can’t go and break your bank for Having just a single Vacuum cleaner. For the majority of buyers who are going to buy their first vacuum cleaner, the product that they have chosen can play the role perfectly. There are also many other vacuum cleaners in the market that are equipped with some more advanced features for which we have to pay an extra amount of money.

This amount of money that they are taking is reasonable according to this Morden generation Vacuum cleaner, but the features may be unnecessary for us. So, we should go for such an ideal product that would be enough to fulfill all our desired requirements instead of offering unnecessary functions and easily fitting into our budget.

Vacuum Cleaner Type 

In the market, there are various models of vacuum cleaner available. These are in various shapes and designs like a canister type, stick type, robotic ones, upright type, those that are specifically designed for pet’s hairs, handheld type, and many more. They are very different from each other from the side of their uses and purposes, also from their portability and mobility handy designs. Some vacuum cleaners also have the Auto Cleaning feature, whereas some are carried in hand or on wheels.

Some vacuum cleaners are also controlled with a remote or smartphone, while some are done manually by our hands. The type of vacuum cleaner which perfectly suits is you completely depend on your requirements, like whether you are going to use it on plane surfaces or corners of your house or shelves on your room’s wall.

Size and Design 

Vacuum cleaners are available in various sizes and designs in the market. They are available from significant canister types to small handheld ones—the portability or how much handy a vacuum cleaner will totally depend on its size and design.

The handheld type of vacuum cleaners are small and sleek and can be carried most easily. At the same time, the bulky canister type is very challenging to carry, moved by the help of wheels on them, and to be lifted by your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What other surfaces that we can clean with Vacuum cleaners?

A Vacuum cleaner reduces one’s work to half. Also, maximum surfaces can be cleaned with it, including furniture, curtains, moldings, some kind of sofas that you’ll need to vacuum rather than dusting them. This Vacuum cleaner is definitely for those people too, who own pets or own a house with tons of stairs.

Basically, cleaning will be more hectic for them. So, if you fall in that category, you must be wondering for straightforward cleaning, and a vacuum with a mini-motorized tool will be a good choice that will clean even small dust or animal fur properly.

2) How much Noise can we withstand from a vacuum cleaner? 

A vacuum cleaner works with the use of a motor to create a vacuum space. Thus, their working will definitely produce Noise, which may be uneasy for us to hear. A vacuum cleaner that is larger in size will naturally produce louder Noise as per their motor size.

This is a basic issue for cleaning in a quieter environment, such as an office or school. This can be solved by the use of a smaller vacuum cleaner that makes less Noise or some high-tech vacuum cleaner with noise absorbers.

3) What is the ideal Vacuum cleaner for carpet flooring 

Cleaning a home with a carpeted floor is a kind of a fight. Stick Vacuum cleaners are a perfect choice. But if you prefer canister types more, then you should check whether it has the rolling brush attached to it. There is a vacuum cleaner that has both floor and carpet cleaning modes.

Few things should be known before vacuuming on the carpets. They should have height adjustment and rolling brush that glides smoothly through the long feathers of carpets. The mechanism of the rolling brush may also affect the carpet.

4) Which is the suitable vacuum cleaner for easy carrying up and down the house?

Carrying a heavy vacuum cleaner is a tough job, but it becomes more hectic in a house having multiple floors. Thus, there are many cordless lighters and sleek in hand vacuum cleaners available in the market, which has battery backup and can run for a decent time. But the lightweight, portable vacuum cleaner struggle in cleaning multiple carpeted floors.

There is also a canister and stick vacuum cleaner that is available in lightweight and can be carried. Or you can also have various vacuum cleaners for different floors if you have a reasonable budget to buy them. A small Stick Vacuum is considered the best option because its design fits at corners, saving much space, and can be carried up and down the stairs.

Concluding Words

It is a straight comparison that clearly shows that Bosh is much costly and has excellent features; in contrast, Kent provides decent features at the same price. This article has given you all the possible details of these two products separately but straight comparison.

You can select your desire product after thoroughly going through this article. Both of the companies are well established and well-famed. We will be very glad if this article proves well informative and helpful for you. Once you are able to make the right choice, you are always good to go.


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