Lg vs Samsung – Who Is Winning The Washing Machine Battle In India

Last updated: October 25th, 2022

LG vs Samsung Washing Machine

In the case of Laundry, Indian weather imposes a unique challenge with ist hot and humid summer, long monsoon, and short winter. The Indian subcontinent also has extreme weather conditions, and each province has its unique demand for laundry. Among the international brands, South Korean giants LG and Samsung have become popular among Indians.

Both Samsung and LG have been offering new models with innovative technologies for the past decade. From semi-automatic to automatic- both brands have released some fantastic washing machines.

The close performance of these two Korean brands makes competition a lot tougher.

Here, in this article, we will try to compare the machines of these two popular brands to find out which is the winner of India’s washing machine battle-

RPM or spinning speed

The Spinning speed or RPM of a washing machine is crucial for its performance. In general, both washing machines come with an RPM of 600 to 2000.

In the case of semi-automatic washing machines, the RPM of both brands lies between 1200 TO 1500. Hence, the performance remains more or less the same. You can get a fast cleaning cycle and dry with LG and Samsung semi-auto washing machines. In this case, both are co-winners.

For the automatic washing machines(both front load and top load), the RPM ranges from 600 RPM to 1000 RPM. But, the RPM of LG washing machines is higher than Samsung washing machines. Hence, the motors of LG washing machines are more powerful than Samsung. As a result, the LG washing machines offer faster cleaning than Samsung.

Hence, for automatic machines, LG scores a little better than Samsung. Therefore, in this segment, LG is the winner.

Cleaning performance

Cleaning performance helps people to decide the ideal washing machine for their households. So, here is a detailed analysis of the cleaning performance of LG and Samsung.

LG uses a multi-channel Direct Drive Motor, which channels the water flow in different directions to remove stains and tough grimes off from the clothes. Additionally, this brand also has a TurboWash system which improves cleaning performance and cuts down the wash cycles up to half an hour.

On the other hand, Samsung uses PureFoam technology to use the water as a detergent to clean the fabrics’ stains. Samsung washing machines also come with SuperSpeed to get spray foam to clean clothes faster.

On top of that, both brands offer multiple advanced washing programs like separate cleaning modes for delicate fabrics like woolens, silk, chiffon, and special care for Indian clothes with heavy embroidery.

Automatic washers from both of these brands perform the same. Hence, in this segment, there is no winner.

In the case of semi-automatic machines, LG has a unique soaking feature and a dedicated scrub station to scrub off the stains from collars and other places of fabrics. But, Samsung does not offer any of these features, making LG the winner. Hence, if you plan to buy a semi-automatic washing machine, go for LG.

Noise and vibration level

Noise and Vibration level also impacts the performance of a washing machine. Vibration and noise during cleaning cycles can be annoying and cause some disturbance.

LG washing machines use TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System to ensure the washing machine remains stable even during heavy loads. It also keeps the vibration minimum, creating less noise.

On the other hand, Samsung washing machines come with VRT Plus Technology to prevent Vibration during cleaning. As a result, itt cuts down unnecessary noise effectively.

Hence, both brands get the first spot together in this segment also.

Waterproof and shock-proof design

Waterproof design is essential for safety and security. Both the brands use premium plastic outer covers to ensure their machines do not cause any unnecessary designs. But, LG indeed has an edge with its waterproof control panel design. All LG washing machines come with a shock-proof and waterproof design that does not cause any accidents during operating the machine. Therefore, LG is a winner in this segment.


Design and aesthetics are a crucial part of home appliances. For example, both LG and Samsung offer premium washing machine designs with aesthetic look and appeal. On top of that, buyers can also choose from different colors to suit their personal preferences. That means both brands win this battle in design and aesthetics.

Smart connectivity

Both LG and Samsung do not offer any smart connectivity in semi-automatic washing machines. So, let us consider their automatic washing machines.

LG offers a unique app SmartThinQ with features like voice command, downloading and installing new washing cycles, etc. Additionally, the machines support a special NFC Tag-On. It enables you to transfer the data from the internet to the washing machine. You can also fix minor issues with your washing machine through the app. The app is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

On the other hand, Samsung offers Smartthings App features like remote scheduling of washing cycles. It also has a unique Q-Raptor with AI to manage factors like temperature fabric-wise cleaning selection through the app.

Hence, both brands get full marks and winning positions.


In case of warranty, Samsung takes the trophy. While both brands offer ten years of motor warranty, their comprehensive warranty duration differs. Samsung offers three years of comprehensive warranty, but LG only provides a two-year warranty period.

Electric and water consumption

LG and Samsung offer 5 star rated washing machines that cut down on unnecessary electric consumption, saving your bills while you do laundry regularly. Besides that, both brands use innovative technology to save water consumption and ensure you keep the earth green while washing your clothes.


In the case of Price, Samsung again takes the cake. Despite offering similar features, often Samsung washing machines come with a lesser price tag than LG machines. Therefore, the price range may differ INR 500-2000 depending on the model and its features.


Both brands offer gentle and effective cleaning and innovative features depending on the model.

In the case of motor power and washer size, control panel design, LG scores better, but Samsung offers flexible cleaning options. Samsung also offers a slightly lower price tag with a year of extended warranty.

But, the decision ultimately lies with you. You can choose any washing machine from LG or Samsung as per your personal preference.

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