List of Popular Washing Machine Brands in India 2023

Last updated: October 22nd, 2022

These days, the washing machine has become an essential need for every home. Whether you talk about saving the time or efforts of washing the clothes, the washing machine has saved all such things. By just setting your clothes, your machine will start washing the clothes, and you can monitor it. In the same case, buying a new washing machine for your home can be a daunting task.

Now it can be well assumed from the whole discussion that washing machine a useful product has turned out to be an essential one in the modern world. There are ample companies that are indulged in the work of selling machines but one should go with the one that is best in all aspects. A good machine should not only have a great look but should be equally responsible for carrying out the work with great efficiency and care. This is the most important thing that must be kept in the mind of the users.

Best Washing Brands in India

Samsung has been a renowned brand in India when it comes to home appliances and entertainment. Regardless of the product, you are planning to buy for your home, you can completely rely on Samsung for adequate power, reliability, performance and value for money.  With numerous products in the home appliance category, Samsung has made a good reach to Indian consumers with the best-in-class price range and quality that you can rely on. 

#1 Samsung Washing Machine

Samsung has been a renowned brand in India when it comes to home appliances and entertainment. Regardless of the product, you are planning to buy for your home, you can completely rely on Samsung for adequate power, reliability, performance, and value for money.  With numerous products in the home appliance category, Samsung has made a good reach to Indian consumers with the best-in-class price range and quality that you can rely on.

The washing machines from Samsung are one of the most popular products for the homeowners who are looking forward to buying an excellent performer that not only has an advanced cleaning system but also has a perfect set of features.

Although there are several washing machines available from the brand, we are going to talk about the most popular and advanced Samsung machines that you can buy today. So, if you are looking to buy a new washing machine for home and have a special preference for the Samsung home appliances, go through the article to know about the most popular washing machines from the brand.

Buying Guide For Best Samsung Washing Machine

After knowing about the Samsung best washing machines available in the market, now it is time to zero on one of these washing machines that fits your needs and suits your budget. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while purchasing a perfect Samsung washing machine for your home that perfectly justifies its price and fits your budget. So, go through these points and then decide which of the above-listed product is the best washing machine for your home. 

  • Price

The first important thing that you should look for while purchasing a new washing machine from almost any brand is the price. Make sure that the washing machine you are planning to buy is in your budget and is priced correctly according to the features and usability. By doing so, you will be able to find a perfect washing machine for your home that is worthy enough to buy for your needs.

  • Features

The next big that you need to consider while purchasing a new washing machine is the list of features ad whether it is easy to master or not. By choosing the essential cleaning features and those additional ones that make it easier to maintain the quality of the cloth, you can be assured that you are getting the best value for your money and you are going to buy a reliable washing machine that will take care of your clothes and will keep them as good and comfy as new.

  • Mode of operation

Another important thing to look for while purchasing a new washing machine is the type of machine you are buying. The two major types of washing machines are semi-automatic and fully-automatic washing machines. They both have positives and negatives, and you should be choosing one according to your needs and budget.

  • Maintenance

Another important thing to look for while purchasing a new Samsung washing machine is the warranty period and maintenance that you are getting on the machine and the motor. By doing that you will be able to choose a perfect washing machine for your home that is meant to serve you for many years without much maintenance expense. 

By keeping these four simple yet important points in mind while purchasing a washing machine, you can be assured of getting the best-in-class washing machine for yourself according to your budget. Also, make sure that you keep the size of your family before buying a washing machine. 

IN all, if you were looking to buy a highly reliable washing machine with great features and efficient after-sales services, you should not look any further than the Samsung washing machines. They are great looking, amazing performers and provide you a great value for money which is the best package you can get in the Indian market in the present scenarios. 

#2 Haier Washing Machine

Haier is a relatively newer brand for Indian consumers when it comes to the comparison with the giants like Samsung, Whirlpool and others established brands in the market. However, Haier has somehow managed to get good attention from the buyers who are looking for innovative designs and good performance. The company has gained enough popularity in the last few years and is now an established brand to look for when it comes to value for money and great and unique design implementations.

Here, we will be talking about the five most popular and intelligently designed washing machines from Haier that are currently trending in the market and offering the best value for money to the buyers. So, read the article till the end, and buy the most suitable Haier washing machine for your home.

As said, there are numerous models from Haier when it comes to the washing machines, this wide range of products may confuse the buyers who are planning to go with the brand for the first time, or buying the washing machine for the first time.

To help such readers, we are listing the five most reliable washing machines form the brand that you can completely rely on for quality and efficiency. Just go through the list and find the most suitable washing machine according to your needs. 

Buying Guide For Best Haier Washing Machine

Before looking at the products from the brand, it is extremely important to know about those points that can help you buy best washing machine for your home. Instead of being new to the Indian market, Haier still has a wide range of washing machines in the market that target different categories of buyers. So, it is very important to know about the points that can help you buy the most reliable washing machine for home that not only fits your budget but also fulfils your needs of buying a washing machine.

  • Load capacity
  • Type of washing machine
  • Warranty and build quality 

These three points may seem too basic to some readers, but they are extremely important to consider so that you can easily find a perfect washing machine for your home. Try finding the ideal product for yourself according to the above-listed points and you will be able to find the perfect washing machine that has unique and useful features and worth every penny. 

Although the Haier deals with lots of home appliances category, one category in which this can be treated as one of the top brands in India is the washing machines. Haier washing machines, unlike the other brands, are more dedicated to the performance instead of the price. That’s the reason why you can find some of the washing machines a bit overpriced than other brands’ models available in the market, but belief us guys, the Haier washing machines are worth every penny and you can easily rely on them for the best-in-class performance

So, in case you are planning to buy a better designed, performance-oriented washing machine for your home that has an advanced and useful set of features, you should once consider Haier washing machines for your home. Believe us, you are going to love the performance and efficiency of the brand and the cleaning ability of the washing machines.

#3 Whirlpool Washing Machine

Whirlpool is one of the best-selling home appliance’s brands that you can completely rely on for quality and performance. Along with many other products from the company, one product that has gained enormous popularity among the Indian buyers is the washing machine.

With a great list of features and brilliant durability, the whirlpool washing machines are one of the most efficient and reliable washing machines in the Indian market and almost all of them are worth purchasing for the homeowners. However, if you are looking to buy the washing for the first time and want to buy the best whirlpool product for your home, then the wide range of product may confuse you a lot when it comes to choosing the most reliable one.

 To help you a bit in choosing the best whirlpool washing machine, we are listing the five best washing machines both fully automatic and semi-automatic ones that can buy today for your home. So, if you were looking to replace your existing washing with a more reliable and efficient machine from Whirlpool, be with us until the end of the article to buy the most suitable Whirlpool washing machine that fulfils your needs and is in your budget.  

Now, once you are aware of the points that play important role in choosing the ideal washing machine from a brand, you can now move with the list of five best whirlpool washing machine that are great for the everyday home use and offers brilliant value for money. IF you were looking to buy a perfect Whirlpool washing machine for your home, but aren’t too confident for a model, these five models will be the best choice to go with. 

Buying Guide For Best Whirlpool Washing Machine

Before jumping to the list of best whirlpool washing machines available to the Indian buyers, it is also important to look for the things/points that can help you choose the best in class Whirlpool washing machines. So, instead of buying the most popular one in the list, try finding the most suitable Whirlpool washing machine for your home by keeping these points in mind. 


Usability functions

List of features

Load capacity

By keeping these four points in mind, you will be able to choose the most reliable and efficient washing machines from the whirlpool. So, make sure that you keep these points in mind and choose an ideal washing machine according to these points to get the best value for money.

So, these were the five best Whirlpool washing machines available in the market that you can purchase for your home. All the listed washing machines are great for the buyers who are looking to buy a reliable and highly durable washing machine from Whirlpool.

Whirlpool is one of the very few brands available in the Indian market that not only offers better brand reliability but also offers a great set of features for the price range. So, choose one of the above-listed products for the best value for money and better cleaning. 

Do modern people exactly know about the actual use of a washing machine? I am sure that most of the people are only used for washing clothes effectively. But they are totally aware of the fact that there are other features that make it unique to a good extent. There are some amazing machines that are actually used to remove even the dark stains from the clothes and also keeping or holding the fabric of the same. This is a great thing that is done by a superior quality machine.

#4 Panasonic Washing Machine

Panasonic Logo (PRNewsFoto/Panasonic,Aupeo)

ç To be very specific most of the advanced types of machines are capable of not only washing the clothes but also drying them to a good extent. All these unique qualities make it great for modern people. As people in the present world have less time so the machines are designed in such a way that they can reduce the load of handling the clothes after being washed. It is always better to buy best washing machine that comes with smart features. Now let us concentrate on some of the best types of Panasonic washing machines that are present in the market and various online sites.

Buying Guide For Best Panasonic Washing Machine

With the help of some buying guides, it becomes very easy for a buyer to choose the right product for their home. Let us discuss some of the basic buying guides. 


We all that a good machine will effectively remove the stains from the clothes but at the same time there are many who always look for the machine that comes with beautiful design and styles. Check the designs effectively before choosing a good machine.

Functions and systems

One should also check the functions of the washing machines. It is very important to be checked right at the time of purchasing. If it is not checked then there may be severe problems in the long run. There are ample machines that come with complicated functioning and operating systems.


When we are talking about the washing machines one should check the capacity of the same. If there are fewer requirements then the user should go with less capacity washing machines. But if the requirement is more one should go with huge capacity washing machine. 

Guarantee period

The user or the buyer should always check the guarantee period of the washing machine so that there are no problems right at the time of using it. If there is no such proper guarantee period then the product should be avoided as much as possible. Make sure to use good quality washing machine detergent to keep washing machine in good condition.


It has been seen in many cases, that a good review is very important to know more about the product. Only a good review can assist the person to buy the right product and that too within a good period. Reviews are proved to be quite helpful in knowing the exact price. If you are confused about the price it is the review that can help a person or a buyer to a good extent.

#5 Onida Washing Machine

As one of the top electronic products manufacturers of India, Onida has offered both semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines. Not just that it also allows you to select from top loading and front loading washing machines. 

Onida has always focused to offer efficient laundry systems to its consumers. Apart from different types of washing machines, you can even get the capacity of your choice. The brand serves ideal if you are looking to have a washing machine that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Buying Guide For Best Onida Washing Machine

To find the best deals, you always need to keep some important factors there in your mind. It is always difficult to determine the best washing machine based on reviews. Therefore, you can pay attention to the following points and factors that may help to buy the best washing machine:


Similar to other brands, Onida also offers fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines. You can also have the option to look for front-loading or top-loading units.


The capacity of Onida washing machines varies from 3.5 kg to 9 kg. It is completely according to the size of the family that a buyer will have to consider the capacity.

Motor Power 

The motor power can actually determine the overall performance of the washing machine. Fully automatic washing machines come with motor power of 1300 RPM.

Wash Programs 

With multiple wash programs, you can use the machine according to the type of fabric. See if the Onida washing machine comes with a minimum of seven washing programs


A Five star model can offer the best in class efficiency. Apart from low energy consumption, you will also have to see if there will be low water consumption.

Hopefully, you have become familiar with the different aspects of buying a washing machine. Additionally, you have become familiar with the top Onida washing machines available in the market. Hence, it will be easy to determine which washing machine will meet your requirements and desires in terms of washing the clothes. Now, you can easily make the final call on a washing machine with zero doubts.

#6 Bosch Washing Machine

As a multinational electronics company, Bosch has been in the market for over a century ago. The German brand has come up with many home appliances which have earned itself a repute for coming up with top washing machines. It has added features that set it apart from other brands.

Bosch washing machines are great in all aspects and can run without facing any problems. It can be a perfect consideration for Indian families as it offers you many options. It will not only take care of the dirty laundry but also help to offer gentle fabric care.

Now let us have a small discussion on some of the Bosch best washing machine in India. They are just awesome in all aspects. A small discussion will actually help the user to choose the right product.

Buying Guide For Best Bosch Washing Machine

There are some basic buying guides that must be followed so that the user can get the right product. Some small tips will really help out the user in this case.

Wash Programs

Multiple wash programs allow washing different types of fabrics. It will take care of all your laundry without exposing the fabric.

Capacity and Type

The capacity is according to the size of the family. When it comes to size, you can see if it meets your laundry needs.

Safety Features

A childproof lock will be an ideal consideration before buying a Bosch washing machine. You can see if the washing machine has a soft closing lid.


A stainless steel tub helps to offer better durability. Look for the one that comes with an extended product and motor warranty.


For better flexibility, you can see if it lets you use it with ease. With OneTouch start, you don’t have to worry about any hassle.

So, a good –quality washing machine is just a good item for every house. There are various types and models of machine. One can choose it accordingly. A high-category washing machine is equally responsible for maintaining the quality and texture of clothes

#7 Godrej Washing Machine

Godrej is one of the leading Indian manufacturers of consumer products including washing machines. It has offered an array of different types of washing machines including top loading and front loading designs. With different specifications and features, you will surely find the right washing machine you are looking for.

As an Indian brand, Godrej knows the requirements for Indian conditions. Of late it has come up with some of the best features including quick wash, built-in soak technology, auto restart, memory backup, and Turbo 6 pulsator. Not just that, Godrej washing machines are also available at an affordable value and can deliver efficient performance.

Buying Guide for Godrej Washing Machine

While you are choosing a washing machine from Godrej, here are some of the features that you must not forget to consider

Buying Guide for Best Godrej Washing Machine


The size or the capacity is according to the requirement of the user. You will find Godrej washing machines having different capacities and you need to see if it meets your needs.


Another important factor will be to know the type. There are semi-automatic and automatic washing machines that can actually determine the performance and price of the unit. Always see if it fits in your budget and has all the necessary features.

Energy Rating 

Before buying a Godrej washing machine, you will have to check the energy rating. Keep in mind that a high energy rating helps to deliver efficient performance

Wash Programs 

Like all washing machines Godrej washing machines also come with multiple wash programs. The more the number of programs, the more you will have the option of customized washing.

Safety Features 

You need to invest in the one that comes with multiple safety features. A child lock feature can be an ideal consideration that helps to lock the control panel.


The warranty period can vary according to the model and you can see if it offers a high warranty. Apart from the product warranty, you will also have to look at the motor warranty.

#8 AmazonBasics Washing Machine

AmazonBasics is a brand that offers better affordability to its consumers. It has come up with many products ranging from home appliances to clothing. One of the best things about the brand is that it has also come up with a warranty on the washing machines for customer satisfaction.

The top-loading washing machines not only offer automatic functionality but it has many other features. It can perform all the tasks to take care of laundry. AmazonBasics also includes other special features on the washing machines which makes them strong and easy to use. These are the points that you will have to consider while buying AmazonBasics top-loading washing machines.

Buying Guide For Best Amazonbasics Washing Machine

Before purchasing a washing machine of any brand, you should check the following points that will help you to decide the best washing machine.


As we have stated, AmazonBasics offers a warranty for washing machines. It is important to consider if it offers a comprehensive warranty on the entire unit. Some models also come with an additional warranty on the motor.


To determine the overall quality of the unit, it must have a high-quality interior including a stainless steel drum. With a rust-free body, there will be enhanced longevity.


One of the most important factors is to look for the overall design. Washing machines can be in front loading or top loading designs. It all depends upon the user’s preference. Another factor to consider will be capacity. For a small family, a machine of 6 litres can be fine.

Energy Rating

Efficient performance helps to reduce the power bills. While buying a washing machine, you must always check if it comes with an Energy Star rating. Even the star rating can begin with 1 and go up to 5.

Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic is a technology that can automatically program the water cycle. It can deliver optimum results and offer better convenience. Fuzzy Logic can measure the wash load that enables you to add the appropriate amount of water.

Special Features

Some of the other features that you will have to see are that it features an LED display. It will make sure that you can view the wash cycle even during low light conditions. A delay start timer will be another factor to look for. Make sure that the machine can turn off automatically.

#9 LG Washing Machine

There are some stains that are quite tough to be removed from the clothes. In such a situation people must look for washing machines that are of top-quality. It should also hold the capacity to maintain the actual fabric of the attires. There are many such washing machines that claim to carry out such work but ultimately they become a failure. But this product is the best one in the market that really does well. They work in a much efficient manner. 

The whole process of operating the device is very simple and easy. It can be done or operated by anyone and that too in a very convenient manner. This product uses all types of latest technologies to carry out the washing process. Almost all the systems are quite easy and it can be operated by anyone. Apart from all this, there is various best washing machine that is available in the market.

One can choose the one that is more convenient for you. The user can also get a manual for operating the machine. If required the user can go through it for operating it in the best possible manner. So, the machine is superb in all aspects. In the next few lines, you will come across the best types and categories of LG washing machine that are available in the market. 

Buying Guide For Best LG Washing Machine

If you are planning to buy good quality and capacity washing machine then it is important to go through some of the tips and tricks.

Capacity or Quantity

It is the most important factor that must always be considered by buyers. If the number of members in a family is less then you should look for the 6-litre washing machine. But if the number of a family member is more then you should look for machines that have a larger capacity.


The features of the washing machine for hard water must be there and should be well versed with the user. It is always better to buy machines that come with easy operating features. But if it is the complicated one then one should avoid it as much as possible. On the other hand, you can also get to know about the features of the manual that is provided with the machine. It will largely help the user about the machine.


On the other side, the design of the machine matters a lot. In the present world, there are people who always opt for designer machines that can fit their room. So, most of the machines are mainly made with innovative designs that can be liked by more and more people. Almost all the machines have a smart look. Try to go for that if you want a good looking item that can enhance the look of the house. 


Reviews always play an important role in any type of purchase. On the other hand, a good review will also help the buyer to make the right decision in such a case. If you are lucky, you can also get aware of the exact price of the product through the reviews. 


The warranty period of the machine matters a lot. There are people who always look for the warranty period. A warranty period of the product will help the purchaser to use it conveniently and can report the same in case of any issues.

Bottom Line

Thus, we can easily presume from the whole discussion that a good-quality washing machine is always efficient and effective in cleaning the clothes and retaining the quality of the fabric too. 

#10 IFB Washing Machine

IFB home appliance is another Indian brand that has come up with high-end washing machines. What sets it apart from other brands is that it has always included something unique and special. This makes IFB washing machines an ideal choice for Indian homes. Not only does it offer you many options but helps to take care of the fabric.

Apart from being a quality product, IFB washing machines are also affordable. It also lets you choose from different wash programs and select the capacity of your preference. The company has dedicated itself to coming up with different washing machine models since its inception

Buying Guide for Best IFB Washing Machine


Consider the Energy Star rating before making your purchase. A Five Star rating can be perfect to lower the power bills.


When it comes to capacity, it is completely a user preference. For couples and bachelors, a perfect capacity will be 6.5 kg.

Spin Speed 

A high spin speed can be perfect for fast drying of clothes. You must always get an IFB washing machine that comes with an improved spin speed.

Easy to Use 

If it comes with an LED display, you can have a hassle-free operation. Additionally, you need to see if it allows you to choose from different wash programs.


IFB washing machines that have extra features will be an ideal consideration. See if it supports 3D wash technology by creating dynamic showers. Some can also come with Smart Sense technology for adjusting the settings accordingly.


A washing machine with a warranty offers better security on the spare parts support. You will also have to see if the washing machine has a high motor warranty.

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