Luminous Dhoom 1200mm 70 Watt High Speed Ceiling Fan

Last updated: October 16th, 2022

Even when India is a hot country, many people still do not choose to live with Air Conditioners fit in their rooms. This is because people in India mostly think that Air Conditioners are quite unhealthy for us. Other than that, ACs are also known to create a huge spike in the monthly electricity bill. Who wants that, right? In such situations, people always select ceiling fans for different rooms of their house. They are very easy to use, and you can always get an electrician to fit them. This way, you also do not have to take the matter into your hands. 

Luminous Dhoom 70-Watt Ceiling Fan

Luminous Dhoom 1200mm High-Speed Ceiling Fan For Home and Office (2 Year Warranty, White)

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Unlike Air conditioners, ceiling fans do not work on high power consumption. Instead, you will find that their wattage is lower than most of the appliances that you use regularly. Ceiling fans have truly proved to be a big and generous blessing to India. These fans are also used in other South Asian countries apart from India. We also do not think that their market will go down because they can be used in all seasons as their speed can also be controlled easily and quickly with the speed regulator that gets fit besides the switch of the ceiling fan. 

Today we are exclusively going to discuss the Luminous Dhoom 70-Watt High-Speed ceiling fan for you. Luminous became our choice because from the design to the build of the ceiling fans that they manufacture, we are huge fans of everything. Pun intended! Almost all of their fans are also known quite well in the country for optimum air delivery. We have lined the specifications, features, and other details of the Dhoom 70-Watt fan. Our discussion will surely help you know all the minute details of the products. Let us begin –  

If you have ever heard about Luminous, you probably know how amazing their electrical appliances are. In India, Luminous is mostly famous for its inverters and bulbs. However, you should also know that they are known quite well for their ceiling fans as well. As they enhance their marketing strategies over the years, these fans made by them have reached a lot of Indian rooms. If you visit hotels, often you are going to find their ceiling fans there as well. Mostly, their appliances are famous for their quality and long lifespan. So, if you have ever tried their inverters, you will be well aware of this fact. We believe that you should give a try to their ceiling fans too.

As mentioned earlier, we are today going to discuss their Dhoom 70-Watt ceiling fan. To be honest, 70 Watts of power consumption is quite high for a ceiling fan. However, if you get aware of the smooth functioning of this fan, you won’t find the wattage worrisome at all. With an overall white-colored design, this fan also comes with an easy-to-claim warranty of two years. You will enjoy the optimum delivery of natural air at all times once you invest in this ceiling fan. The high air delivery of this ceiling fan is one of the reasons why we picked it up for our discussion. This delivery is quite high and is rated at 220 CMM. All in all, this is an exceptionally well-functioning ceiling fan.  

Other than that, this ceiling fan also operates at a low noise at all times. After all, who likes those creaky noises while wishing to have a sound sleep at night. With fans that start making noise when turned on, most people get annoyed a lot. With this fan, you won’t have to face that all. It has a 380 RPM motor, which is durable enough to make the fun stably run even at high speed. Don’t worry; you won’t hear any unwanted noise from the fan when it is turned on its high speed as well. Like many other qualitative ceiling fans, you will get a long term warranty of two years on this ceiling fan as well. Moreover, you will find the price of the Dhoom Ceiling Fan to be affordable as well.


  • The white design of this fan will suit a lot of homes. 
  • If you do not like the ceiling fan in the white version, you can also choose ivory and brown colors.
  • The design of this ceiling fan is simple yet highly elegant. 
  • Its price is such that it can be afforded by everyone in the country. 
  • You can also order this ceiling fan online if you cannot get it at a store near you.


  • The power consumption of the Dhoom ceiling fan is quite higher when compared with the others.


  • The design of this ceiling fan is non-corrosive, as its body is made using aluminum.
  • The copper winding in the motor of this fan is of the electrolytic grade.
  • Even at high speed, the motor is capable of dissipating heat quite well.
  • You will get an installation guide and a warranty card in the deal for easy installation and longevity of the fan.


  • This ceiling fan can work between a voltage range of 220-240 Volts. 
  • With wider blades, air breeze in the room is spread in all directions and corners of the room.
  • Its motor has an RPM of 380, which is quite high.
  • With copper windings in the motor, it comes to have a longer life.
  • The weight of this ceiling fan is 5 kg, while its dimensions are – 53.5 X 23 X 31.8 cm.


With dust repelling design, this ceiling fan will not require a lot of cleaning. Additionally, you will also not have to spend extra money on its maintenance. Most people choose this ceiling fan because its operation is completely noise-free. Even at high speed, the fan works without making creaky sounds. The installation of the fan is easy, but if you have problems, you can get it done by reading the manual that you will get with the parts of the fan. We know that most of you trust Luminous for their inverters. We encourage you to try this ceiling fan by them as well.

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