Merritt Sewing Machine Review – Should you buy it?

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

The Singer is known for providing good-quality sewing machines and the Singer Merritt Tailor Master is one of their popular models. This is an old-fashioned, sewing machine that features a traditional look. So if you are thinking to buy it, then this article will provide you with all the important information.

Merritt Sewing Machine Review

From its main features to the major pros and cons, we have included everything about this sewing machine. So make sure to read it till the end. 

Singer Merritt Tailor Master

Singer Merritt Tailor Master Foot Basic Sewing Machine, Small, Black

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This sewing machine from Singer has received great appreciation for its durable build and frame. It can take the outstanding load and can last for years. It comes with some accessories like the box, cover, table, etc.

Some people like to use the footpad, some prefer the hand control. The good thing is that this machine supports both, so you can easily use it as per your needs. Here are some other features that you should know. 

Salient Features Of Singer Merritt Master Sewing Machine

Reverse Stitch Control

Whether you are a professional or beginner in sewing, everyone makes mistakes. And it can be frustrating to fix those improper stitches if you have don’t experience them. This machine comes with a reverse stitch control mechanism, which helps you rectify any stitching errors without any hassle. 

Built-In Thread Cutter

As you know, sewing and stitching work involves a lot of cutting. However, most people use scissors but it’s not efficient if you are a professional or have bulk work. This machine is equipped with a thread cutter, which eliminates the need for scissors. Simply take the thread to the cutter and you are good to go. 

Lever Stich Regulator

It comes with a lever-type stitch regulator, which makes it convenient for beginners to use this machine. The lever provides you full control over the machine as the handle features an ergonomic design. This machine also has an automatic tripping spring bobbin, which reduces the manual work and makes things automated.

Accessories Box

With this sewing machine, you will get an accessories box where you can keep all of your sewing tools and resources. Before starting your sewing projects, you can organize all of your items and store them in this box. This will save your time and make the sewing process smoother as you won’t have to waste time finding something. 

Tough Body Construction

One great thing about this sewing machine is that it is made of high-quality plastic and strong metals, which makes it long-lasting. The sturdy build ensures good control and slows down the regular wear and tear. Apart from this, this machine doesn’t depend on electricity, which means you can use it anytime.

Unlike the modern automatic machines, you don’t need any technical skills, which makes it appropriate for everyone. 

What We Like

  • This sewing machine is available at an economical price, so anyone can purchase and use it without breaking their bank
  • It is a durable machine. So once you purchase it, you can use it for a long time
  • This machine features an elegant look, which will improve the appearance of your room
  • It provides decent performance and you can sew most of the fabrics
  • It comes with a thread cutter, so you won’t need a scissor while using it
  • No electricity is required to use this machine

What We Dislike

  • As compared to the other modern sewing machines, this model is heavy. So if you decide to move it, you will need extra help
  • This machine features metal construction, so if you won’t oil it regularly, it might lose its power and efficiency
  • It’s bigger than the modern sewing machines, which makes it unsuitable for people who have space issues

Wrapping Up

This sewing machine from Singer has been popular among people for a long time. It’s a great unit for people who don’t have experience with automatic sewing machines.  The traditional design of this machine looks elegant and with proper care, it can stay with you for a long time.

Though it requires good maintenance, this machine provides great performance. We have given all the important information above, so research properly and make an informed decision. Hope this article will clear your doubts and provide you with some valuable information. 

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