Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti

Last updated: October 17th, 2022

Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti is our current favorite for breakfasts. Ever since I joined the corporate wagon after a short child care break, time crunch has become a real issue in my family. I really appreciate those 2 years when I would be making elaborate meals thrice a day and that would become our focal point in life.. with time, circumstances change and we have to adapt ourselves…. Now a days, as I have hired a cook, kitchen visits are shorter for sure.. but Sundays are usually an off day for her as I make it a point to cook on that day something special out of love for my family…. after all, cooking is my passion and a way to express my love for my family 😀

On Saturdays as Mimsy leaves for her hobby classes, I prefer serving her a tasty hot home made wholesome breakfast that’s super quickly made without any hassles. Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti usually serves the purpose. Usually, gola rotis are made out of maida and egg, but I prefer to make them with Makai and gehu ki atta and egg. Flavouring being added by my pizza mix and a little of dried parsley leaves. That’s the twist I gave to this gola roti and just try the recipe out and do let me know in comments section, what you feel about the receipe…. Waiting for your inputs😊

Time required to make Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti: 10 minutes

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Ingredients for Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti

  • refined oil/ghee/butter
  • Corn flour or Makai ki atta- 1 cup
  • wheat flour – 1 cup
  • 2 tsp – pizza mix (oregano, chilli flakes)
  • 2 tsp dried thyme leaves
  • Salt to taste
  • 3 eggs

Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti – The method:

  • In a mixing bowl, break 3 whole eggs. Beat it up
  • Add corn atta, wheat atta, salt and mix well such that lumps don’t form
  • Add dried herbs and mix well
  • Add water to make a thin batter, which is a little runny
  • Heat oil in a pan, pour a batch of the batter and spread it across the pan
  • Let it cook on medium – high flame till the bottom part of the roti gets cooked
  • Slowly scrap it from sides of the pan till the middle and flip it over
  • Let it cook on medium flame until the roti turns golden brown on both sides

And there you go…. Mixed Herbs Corn Pan Cake | Makai gola roti is ready to be served…. You can serve it with salads, hung curd or pickle….

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