Advantages and Disadvantages of Mixer Grinders

Last updated: October 24th, 2022

Mixer grinders are one of the oldest electric appliances that were created to make work easier. Earlier, people depended on mortar and pestle, grinding stone to make purees and masala. These conventional methods consume a lot of time. When the mixer grinder was invented, it revolutionized the way of cooking.

The features and varieties increased in number over years. This electrical kitchen device saved a lot of time and made cooking user-friendly for everyone. Mixer grinders satisfy multiple needs that it became difficult to find a home without them. However, many other appliances like blenders, mixers, juicers are emerging in the market to compete with the mixer grinders. These new devices succeed in a few ways but fail in others. Do check uses of mixer grinder.

Top Mixer Grinders

If you are about to set up a kitchen and are looking for appliances that will make your cooking very easier, you should know the advantages and disadvantages of mixer grinders that are loved all over the world. At the end of the article,  you will have detailed knowledge about their pros and cons, so that you will be able to choose between a mixer grinder and other appliances that are new to the market.

Advantages of Mixer Grinders

Mixer grinders are proven to help people in their cooking in several ways. Some of them are listed below.

1- Easy to Clean

Every kitchen appliance requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. However, the ease of cleaning is also a very important factor to be considered. You can do all the maintenance and cleaning by yourself without any external help. Just a few drops of soap water will be enough to scrape out all the food particles away. You can clean them once after each usage.

You will be able to clean them effortlessly when you do it immediately after usage. Sometimes, the food particles get hardened and stick between the blades when left uncleaned for long which might require additional effort to remove them.

2- Multipurpose

When you purchase an electric mixer grinder, it’s time to forget worrying about juicing, crushing, grinding, and kneading. You must have wondered seeing television ads that show mixer grinders to be the solution to all problems that come in your way while cooking.

Well, that’s true to a major extent. The multipurpose appliance comes with different kinds of jars and blades for various purposes. This versatile device can be used to make a variety of foods in just a few minutes. From making a smoothie, preparing the batter, making chutneys and sauces, a mixer grinder can be used effortlessly.

3- Saves Time

Using a mixer grinder saves a lot of your time. With the latest features and models, your mixer will be equipped to prepare a variety of foods in a few minutes that you were longing to eat. With these devices, you will be able to minimize your cooking time by about 2 times. 

Research shows that storing foods in refrigerators might cause serious digestive problems because of the bacteria that accumulate over time. With a mixer grinder, you can prepare fresh dishes instantly without any hassle. Manual conventional grinding techniques require a lot of physical effort and time to prepare even a chutney.

The revolutionizing mixer grinder will serve you in various ways to make cooking a lot easier and exciting than ever before.

4- Various Speeds

Electric mixers come with variable speed control in form of knobs or buttons. With these speed control features, you will be able to adjust the speed of revolution according to the recipes you want. It is advised to start the device from the lowest speed and increase it whenever needed.

Higher speeds will reduce the time of work and will also save a lot of electricity. However, it is recommended to hold the lid of the jar with one hand and operate the device with another hand. This will prevent the leakage of contents from the jar.

5- Easy to Operate

The process of grinding and chopping with the help of a mixer grinder is very easy. They are user-friendly to be handled without any complications. You will just have to find a place for your mixer near a plug point and make sure that there are no obstacles between the cable and the device.

Next, out in the ingredients into the jar and close the lid. Then all you have to do is to want for the mixer to showcase its skills. In just a matter of seconds, your desired recipe will be obtained.

6- Affordable

Mixer grinders are very affordable these days. However, it depends on the variants and brands you choose. With so many benefits provided by them, it is completely reasonable to spend a few bucks on it. It lasts very long. Many brands provide a warranty of up to 2 years that minimizes the expenses of damage and repairs.

They act as a blender, grinder, juicer, mincer, and many more. It is found that a mixer grinder is very accessible than all the devices when purchased separately. They are very easy to use and saves a lot of space in your kitchen. It adds an elegant look to your kitchen that will make anyone fall in love with its design and uses.

7- Minimum Wastage

Do you know that about 30% of food is wasted every day in the world? With poverty rates increasing every year, it will not be fair to waste food. Mixer grinders contribute to minimizing food wastage. All the contents you put in the jar are thoroughly mixed to ensure that there is zero wastage. You can easily extract the contents of the jar with a spoon or your hand.

Disadvantages of Mixer Grinders

As we have seen all the advantages of using a mixer grinder, it is also important to see some of their disadvantages to get a clear idea of the appliance.

1- Excess Noise Production 

Excess noise production is one of the greatest drawbacks of using a mixer grinder. It becomes embarrassing to use them when guests are around. When the machine is on, it would probably become impossible to hear other sounds. Whether it is a doorbell or when someone talks to you, nothing will be heard. However, they produce abnormally higher sounds when there are faults in the motor. In that case, you should contact the experts.

2- Sharp Blades

If you have just purchased a mixer grinder, you will notice the sharpness of the blades. It is helpful to complete the tasks very quickly with precision. However, it might hurt when you put your hands into the jar while cleaning or extracting the contents.

While cleaning, instead of using your bare hands you can use a scrub. It is recommended to use a spoon while taking out the contents from the jar. Slight negligence will lead to severe cuts and bleeding. Make sure you handle them carefully especially in the first few months of your purchase.


With the versatile uses that a mixer grinder provides, it easily overtakes the disadvantages. With the progress of technology and machines, it has become very easier to perform any chores. Though mixer grinders have been invented a few decades back, they still hold a decent place in the hearts of people.

If you are planning to purchase a new mixer grinder for your kitchen, then choosing the best one would be possible only when you know their advantages and disadvantages. If you are a person who travels a lot, then a mixer grinder is probably not of your type. It is not travel -friendly. You will have to be dependent on the plug points and cables. In that case, you can look for other devices that run with batteries.

The mixer grinders have reduced the obstacles of cooking and have made it more fun and easier. Everyone including kids can cook effortlessly these days. 

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