A gift to myself – the Money Plant

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

For the past few days it was raining incessantly. Result was we being bogged down by influenza,  getting home locked due to water logging on roads. Balcony was over crowded with wet clothes. A pile of clothes waiting in the laundry bag to get washed. But alas! The Sun has not been seen for long now. My maid also could not come. On top, my daughter was writing her first ever exams. I had to take a break from blogging also as my daughter needed my maximum attention, but I was feeling a bit low. Of course the only refreshment I could arrange for myself was a blissful cup of tea. Amidst all these, memories of my childhood home were gushing through. I remembered the money plant my mother had bought from the market. She placed that in our drawing room. Maa informed that bringing one to the home shall bring ‘money’ to our home

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I asked my husband that we should get one. He’s a great gardener. He had some 100 varieties of roses apart from other hundreds of plants. But our home is a modern day bliss – ‘an apartment’! So where should we keep that money plant, he asked? I told him that I already found a place for it. I handed him a note and asked me to get one from the nursery


Luckily he returned back with the money plant. It’s green and beautiful. But it is small and exactly that is how I was expecting it to be. I shall water it and watch it grow. The pot in which it’s planted is small. But I did not change it. I took it in my arms, said “hello” and placed it near my kitchen window on the kitchen counter top.

Caring for your Money plant:

Money plants need indirect sunlight. Too much exposure to sunlight can cause it’s leaves to turn yellow and eventually it may die. It needs watering daily in small quantities. Though if you miss watering it on occasions like you are travelling,  it can still survive. And if you think of providing fertiliser then apply one that’s nitrate based. Money plants are climbers. You can use poles to give it support. The interesting part of this plant is that it’s hydroponic. Meaning, cut a branch from the node at an angle of 45 ° with 3 – 4 nodes. Place it in a glass bottle or beaker full of water. 2 – 3 nodes should be above water. It can survive on the minerals found in water for many days and grow beautifully. My aim is to try out the hydroponic growth of the money plant. Once I am able to do it successfully, I shall share it with you. To mention, money plants are common in Asia, the scientific name to it is scindapsus aureus

Money plant and Vastu shastra:

Money plant is believed to be a charm for a house. It brings prosperity and wealth to our home. As per Vastu, it should be placed in the South East corner of the house which is the place for Lord Ganesha. Also one must take care of the fact that the plant is not stolen. It robs of wealth. Also pruning should be avoided as cutting the plant and giving it to others means you are loosing your money to someone.  The yellow or dried leaves should be plucked off. The money plant should be kept in a lush green, thriving condition. It should not be kept outside the house.

Benefits of having a money plant at home:

  • As per fengshui, money plants bring wealth and prosperity to the owners of the home
  • As per environmental science, it’s believed to purify the air inside our home
  • It removes toxins from various cleaning agents used at home regularly
  • It is advisable to keep money plants near your television sets, radio and communication equipments. It absorbs the radiation and cleanses the air so that we can inhale pure and fresh air
  • The heart shaped leaves which look like notes are definitely an enhancement to the beauty of your indoors!

My experience with the ‘money plant’:

Kitchen is the place where I spend most of my day. Be it cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner, preparing snacks and tea, I am in the kitchen for a long period of the day. Also, ours is an open kitchen and there is placed our dinning table. So we have our meals, talk to each other over a cup of tea there itself. So since I got the money plant in our home, it’s giving me a kind of refreshment. The first thing in the morning I do is water my plants. And as I proceed with my chores be it cutting vegetables on kitchen counter top, cleaning utensils, boiling milk, stirring the laddle to cook the curry, even when I am passing through my hall to the other room, I take a glance of my newly found love and my heart starts rejoicing. I love it as the new leaves appear each day. It makes me sing and dance again. I love nurturing it now and ever since I brought it home, I am cheerful again…….and coincidentally the next day, the Sun gleefully started shinning with all its might!

So you can say, it’s one of the best gift I asked for myself and in future I plan to get one more for my daughter’s room. So that when she studies a glance at the Green can  bring refreshment to my daughter too! And yes, all happiness was procured at the cost of a 20 rupee note 😊

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