Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Reviews : Pros and Cons (2024)

Last updated: October 14th, 2022

The Nordictrack commercial 1750 has gradually increased its significance among runners over the years. It has become the strongest selections for all those runners out there. The reasonable and worthy price along with some unique features has made it more outstanding for the people. The Nordictrack commercial 1750 makes virtual trainers possible to train people and also enables users with a wide range of workout options. Working out globally, being at home, and without any complication is what the treadmill does. Let’s throw some light on the reviews of Nordictrack commercial 1750; it’s features, pros, and cons.


· Features:

1. Compatible speakers: One major feature of the treadmill is the display and Bluetooth compatible speakers which makes it more obvious why people love to use it. An enjoyable session of work out with music and symphony is more than satisfying for anyone who has a busy schedule but is health and fitness conscious.

2. The IFIT Coach app: Trainers from all over the world can now train the users through this the app which is inbuilt in the machine. Hence, claiming to get trained by trainers from all over the world would not be wrong.

3. Incline range: The treadmill has an incline range from -3 to +15 which helps the users to build muscles, falling in love with work out and achieving those long-term fitness goals.

These were just some of the reasons why Noradictract commercial 1750 must be given a try. Every product has two different aspects. If there are good features and pros, there have to be some cons too. Let’s look at the different pros and cons of the machine.


1. Touchscreen: The treadmill has a touchscreen of 10” HD which makes the videos clear and concise.

2. Inclination: The power incline has a range from -3 to +15

3. Audio: The treadmill is music-friendly and does not create a cacophony.

4. Work out apps: There are about 50 workout apps that make unlimited work out feasible. All these apps are different from one another and the uniqueness of these apps makes a person fall in love with working out.

5. Running surface: The treadmill has a large running surface of about 22”×60”. This makes it more comfortable for the users.

These were the pros of Nordictrack commercial 1750.


1. Customer service: One of the fundamental sham about this machine is that the manufacturer’s support is very less. The customer service is weak and hence it creates a sense of discomfort among the users. The machine needs to used handled with care and a slight inconvenience may not be affordable.

2. Heavy: Even if the machine has a capacity to bear weight up to 350lbs, the treadmill itself is very heavy and not portable. The locating-dislocating process of the machine on a frequent basis is not possible due to the heavyweight.

Conclusion: The Nordictrack commercial 1750 has several benefits and reasons for giving it a try. Features like IFIT Coach and above 45 built-in apps makes people love this machine a little more and hence, it is highly recommended. Traveling to different places for a perfect trainer can be pretty much avoided when you have a treadmill which does the work virtually just by being home. The reviews on the Nordictrack commercial 1750; pros and cons (2020) we’re mentioned in the article above. The results have been satisfying for many people. It would be really good if you read and be aware of the pros and cons and then make a decision on buying the device.

Thank you for reading.

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