How to Remove Black Mold from Washing Machine Rubber Seal?

Last updated: October 23rd, 2022

Washing Machines comes with a rubber seal at the door to keep the machine air-tight and water-tight. This rubber seal keeps the moisture inside the machine but the constant exposure to the moisture causes mold to form on it. If left untreated, this mold gives out a horrible smell from the washing machines and the clothes that you clean with it. Black mold is common with the front-loading washing machine, which has a watertight and airtight seal. The mold feeds on the moisture and the detergent residue kept in this machine to give it a foul smell and look.

If your washing machine has mold present in the rubber seal and you want to get rid of it, then keep reading this post as we explain different methods to remove the black mold and prevent it from reappearing.

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Removing Black Mold From Washing Machine

To remove the mold effectively, you have to use a cleaner. The cleaner can either be homemade or bought from a store. Homemade cleaners are easy to prepare and we list some methods to create your own cleaner for removing mold.

Creating your own cleaner

You can mix hydrogen peroxide with water and lemon juice to create an effective homemade mold cleaner. Hydrogen peroxide and lemon have properties to fight against mold effectively. If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide with you, then you can use white vinegar instead. Vinegar is a great alternative to hydrogen peroxide in combating mold. Bleach also does the trick in removing mold if you mix it in water and use it.

Using the cleaner

After preparing your own mold cleaner or a commercial clear, you can start using it on the mold. Make sure that you wear rubber gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from the dirt and mold of the washing machine. Then, add the cleaner to a spray bottle, so you can use the cleaner efficiently on the rubber seal.

After spraying the cleaner over the mold area, you can start rubbing it. You can use a cloth or towel to rub the mold out of the seal. In places where the mold concentration is high, apply the cleaner solution and leave it for few minutes. Then, use an old toothbrush and rub it hard to remove the tough-to-remove molds.

After using the cleaner

Once you have completely removed the mold from the rubber seal, you have to purify the drum and hose present in the washing machine as there may be some mold residue left. You can run a cycle on your machine with the hottest setting of water with the mold cleaner to remove any small amount of mold present with your machine. After the cycle, your washing machine will now be completely free of mold.

If the smell still persists, repeat the clean cycle again with the mold cleaner or some other stronger additives. Finally, you can call the professional to clean out the mold if the smell persists even after cleaning it again. Sometimes, the mold may be present at the back of the drum, which is really difficult to clean. So you should call a professional to clear out the smell caused by the mold.

Cleaning the Dispenser

While cleaning the mold from your washing machine, make sure that you clean the dispenser too.  Remove the dispenser and scrub it well using a cloth or towel. You can use the mold cleaner too while cleaning the dispenser to get effective cleaning. Clean the dispenser as much as you can without causing any issue with your washing machine.

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Preventing the growth of mold in your Washing machine

However you clean your washing machine, the mold will come back sooner or later if you don’t regularly clean your machine. You should also follow some additional steps in preventing mold growth along with regular cleaning as listed below.

  • After using your washing machine, make sure that you leave the door open for as long as possible. It will give the moisture time to escape the machine so mold growth wouldn’t be possible. Leaving the door open allows the washing machine to dry in a perfect way.
  • Another important thing that you can follow to prevent mold growth is to remove the clothes from the machine as soon as possible. After completing the cleaning cycle, you should remove the clothes quickly. It will help to prevent the unwanted odor and bad smell that arises from your machine. It will also help to remove the moisture quickly.
  • Make sure that you use the right detergent type for the right washer. If you have a high-efficiency washer, then use high-efficiency detergent. If you use non-high efficiency detergent on a high-efficiency washer, then it will promote mold growth. So make sure that you use the right type to inhibit mold growth.
  • Avoid using the fabric softener while cleaning clothes with your washing machine. Fabric softeners promote mold growth in the rubber seal, so avoid using it.
  • Use only the recommended amount of detergent with your washing machine. If you use more than the recommended amount, then it will definitely leave a detergent residue. Detergent residue is an important factor for mold growth.
  • Clean the washing machine, dispenser, and gasket regularly. You can clean them using a towel once a week to completely eliminate the growth of mold.
  • To reduce the moisture, you can use a dehumidifier. It removes the moisture from the inside of your washing machine to inhibit the growth of the mold. You can set up a dehumidifier in the washing machine room.


Keeping every equipments in our home clean is significant to improve the hygienic and it includes the washing machine too. The washing machine washes our cloth and keeps it clean, so it is important to keep it clean and rif of black mold. The growth of black molds in the rubber seal of the door opening is common with the washing machine that affects the cleaning quality. We hope this post helps in removing and preventing the growth of black mold from your washing machine.




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