Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing Machine Review

Last updated: October 18th, 2022

Are you tired of spending a huge amount of your money on a tailor for a dress that you have been planning to wear for the next party? If yes, then you are not aware of the fact that you can design and customize your clothing on your own from the comfort of your home. What if you can pour out all your creativity in your dress and amaze everyone around you? What, if you are the center of attraction at your next party?

Sounds like an illusion right? But it isn’t. It’s time to revolutionize your clothing style and give life to your creativity. Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Electric sewing machine will be the best choice, to begin with. This sewing machine will be your best companion from being a beginner to a professional.

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Sewing Machine

Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Electric Sewing Machine

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Singer Fashion Mate 3342 has excellent features that you could expect in a professional sewing machine. They are extremely compact and well equipped to give a professional touch in all your works. It is very easy to operate and you will come to know that this sewing machine will be your best choice if you want to level up your skill of stitching.

We have listed out some of the features and uses to make you understand that this machine will be your best option to aid you in your journey of stitching. 

Salient features of Singer Fashion Mate 3342 Review

If you are in the process of purchasing this sewing machine or if you already own this machine but are not sure about their uses, then the features of Singer Fashion Mate 3342 that we have listed down will help you explore the possibilities of professional stitching.

Thirty-two different stitches

The machine has 32 inbuilt designs that will allow you to have fun and explore with different styles. From stitching simple embroidery to highly creative quilts, this machine covers all the necessary designs that you will need to experiment with.

Needle threader

Many people don’t realize or take it granted the uses of a needle threader. Frequent changing of threads using the needle threader will make it much easier to work with the fabrics. It is very thrilling to know that a needle threader is provided in a very affordable model.

If you had thought how in the world could something help you pull the thread from the needle, then you should never miss checking this sewing machine. The little hook that comes to the eye of the needle from the backside to pull the thread into the hole.

Easy accessories

Easy accessories including buttonhole foot, all-purpose foot, button sewing foot, sew easy foot and zipper foot is provided with the machine. The all-purpose foot is that you will be using most of the time for customizing various stitches. The zipper foot can be attached either to the left or right side depending on which side of the zipper you are working with.

The buttonhole foot can be adjusted in terms of its height according to the number of buttonholes you require. Button sewing foot will lock your button to the fabric and it is also used for zig-zag stitches. The sew easy foot has a built-in seam guide that helps if you are looking to get a 5/8 seam allowance from the center of the needle to the edge. Five bobbins come with the machine with one already fixed in the machine itself.

They are the easiest bobbins to work with. They are made of class 15 plastic that is well suited for this machine than the metal ones. Horizontal and vertical spool are present to hold your thread at different angles depending on your preferred style.


Many sewing machines in the market are not very recommended for beginners. It has very basic features that can be used for fundamental embroideries and that will require replacement once you ace the art. Singer Fashion Mate 3342 is one of the best sewing machines that are best even if you are a beginner or a professional.

It is very easy to use with several accessories that will boost up your creativity than any other product. The machine is designed in a way so that you can easily tackle all the obstacles that you may face as a beginner.

Singer provides a detailed guide that is aided by tutorials to help you learn to design without any external guidance.


The fabrics accumulate at the bottom of the feet after every usage. With Singer Fashion Mate 3342, it becomes very easier to pull out the thread and clean the board.

The automatic ejection technology will easily prevent unnecessary tangling of fabrics to reduce the mess while working with it. The machine is relatively easier to maintain than other professional sewing machines that are available.

Automatic one-step buttonholes

The major use of a sewing machine daily is to stitch a buttonhole. With Singer Fashion Mate 3342, you will be able to stitch a perfect buttonhole in a single step. Without any hassle, you can do your first or next buttonhole in just a few seconds.

Warranty of the machine

 Singer is one of those brands that are loved by people all over the world. They are perfect in terms of customer service, replacement, and repairs. The machine comes with a warranty of two years so that you need not worry about the repairs and damages over time.

The brand also offers a demo to make sure that you are comfortable with the machine. This will help you select the right model according to your needs.

What We Like

  • Thirty-two built-in stitches
  • Easy operation 
  • Affordable
  • Perfect buttonhole in one step.
  • Multiple accessories.
  • Plastic grade 15 bobbins.
  • LED lighting.
  • The needle threader is present 
  • Two drop-in bobbins.
  • Adjustable stitch lengths.
  • Heavy machine with a lot of settings.
  • Online video tutorials and demos.
  • Smooth functioning.
  • Attractive design with hard metal cover.
  • Handles different kinds of fabrics.

What We Dislike

Singer Fashion Mate is a sewing machine that promises to work well with beginners. However, you will find a variety of options and features in the model that might be unused by a newbie.

It is recommended to select a model that has limited features if you are a beginner. Otherwise, it would be a waste of money to purchase such an advanced model when they don’t have any use. The sewing machine will be a perfect choice if you are planning to upgrade your old machine.

Wrapping Up

Singer Fashion Mate will be your best companion in your journey towards becoming a professional sewing expert. The singer is one of the brands where you can invest with your eyes closed. You will not believe the quality of the machine and the accessories unless you try them yourself. We recommend this product keeping in mind the customer satisfaction and reviews.

The brand ensures that it doesn’t compromise with the quality and cost. Make sure you buy this product without any shadow of a doubt. The features we liked in the product are listed above to guide you throughout the journey of buying the best sewing machine.

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