Table Fan Uses, Advantages and Disadvantages

Last updated: October 14th, 2022

Once the summer emerges people look for the best quality table fans that can help them out of the scorching heat and sweats. There are many types of table fans available in the market but you should go for the one that can benefit you largely. It is presumed that the table fans are more efficient than the ceiling fans. This is because they are fast and portable in nature. This is not the case with the ceiling fans. They are fixed in one point and you cannot pull it from one place to another.

Glimpse of the vital uses of Table Fans:

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In this part we will come to know about the top uses of a table fan. They are very interesting. If you get a clear idea about the important uses of table fans, that will much better and profitable in all respect.

  • The portable nature of the table fan is the best one. It enables the user to remove the fan from one place to another very conveniently.
  • The high speed of the fan is more attractive. If you analyze both of them it will be found that the table fans are faster than the ceiling fans. The blades move in a much faster way.
  • They can be even moved to a distant location with the help of an extension cord. This helps more and more user to use such fans.
  • The modern and updated version of table fans comes with remote control and this helps to adjust the speed of the fan to a great extent. It can be easily adjusted as per the wish of the operator. No need to move and adjust the speed of the fan.

Know the best advantages of using table fans:

In the following lines we will come to know about the best advantages of using a table fan.

  • The most vital thing that must be mentioned in this context is that you can rotate the fan according to your wish. It can be easily rotated. There are some blades of the fan that can rotate about 180 degree.
  • You can even get wide variety of shapes and sizes of table fans. Most of the sizes are very convenient for the use.
  • Most of the table fans come with a low range. This makes the whole thing affordable before the common man.
  • Another important part of using a table fan is that they are very eco friendly in nature. They do not contribute anything for global warming and this is the best thing about this fan.

Main disadvantages of using a table fan:

In comparison to the advantages the table fans also come with number of disadvantages.

  • In most of the cases, it is seen that as the fan rotates or moves in a high speed so there is a good chance of accident. If you somehow place your fingers on the moving fan then there can be some fatal accidents. The kids should be kept away far from this fan.
  • Sometimes it is also seen that these types of fan also consumes good amount of electricity and this is the biggest disadvantage of using a table fan.
  • Even the cleaning process may sometimes appear to be a tough process. The user has to take special care while cleaning the blades. It can also be a time consuming and laborious job. Thus it is also counted as one of the main disadvantage of using a table fan.
  • Sometimes the chords of the table may lie of the floor and it may cause accidents. It becomes a tough matter to adjust the whole thing.

Apart from the advantages and disadvantages table fans has proved to be a beneficial item in every house. The rate of purchase of such fans has increased to a considerable extent in the present time. There are many in the market and you can choose the one that suits your budget and requirement. If you once start using the table fans you will feel to use it. Rather you will get habituated to it. Just try the best one that is found in the market.

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