Things To Consider While Buying a Refrigerator in India

Last updated: October 14th, 2022

Before buying any electronic gadget we must look into its important uses. Moreover, different companies have set themselves on the venture to release these gadgets with different features. But being a buyer, one must realize the features that he or she is looking for.

Refrigerators, nowadays do more than what they were primarily invented for. Hence, if one is looking for a suitable and efficient refrigerator, then they must have an idea about the main features. So to help you make an informed purchase, here we have given some important things you should consider when buying a refrigerator in India:

  • Capacity

The first thing to consider before you buy a fridge is the capacity that is going to fulfil your needs. For this, if you are living alone, then a small refrigerator of 40 liters – 100 liters would do the job. On the other hand, keeping the “family size” in mind, for a couple, refrigerators of 150-250 litres can be suitable.

A refrigerator of 250 to 500-litres can be considered ideal for a larger family of 4-5 people. Lastly, for families that have about 6-8 members, a refrigerator of 550 to 850 litres can be considered enough. Greater the number of family members, the more the items to be adjusted in the fridge. Hence, considering the family size is an important step, especially in India.


Space is also a big factor that matters. Not only the space that your refrigerator is going to occupy but also the space that is available at your house matters equally. Always remember that even though your refrigerator fits into the space that you have allotted for it, but you still need to make some more space at the refrigerator’s front, so that its door can open.

Moreover, sometimes we also have to consider the size of the fridge keeping in mind the space available in your building’s elevator or the staircase. As obviously while shifting the newly bought refrigerator into your house, you first have to take it either through the building’s staircase or elevator. However, if the size of the refrigerator is too big then it might call a little mess.


When it comes to the internal features in a fridge, we must consider that refrigerators either come with the direct cooling feature or the defrost feature. The Direct Cooling feature works with natural convection, which means it does not perform cooling with external help. This feature can be very pocket-friendly and less power-consuming.

But it does perform uneven cooling, which leads to the formation of ice in different compartments of the fridge. As a result, users will have to defrost the ice once a year.

On the other hand, the Frost-Free feature provides even cooling all through the compartments, keeping the items fresh in the fridge. It performs evenly with the help of electric fans. This feature does not let ice form anywhere in the refrigerator compartments. However, it is quite expensive and consumes more electricity when compared with Direct Cooling.

Types of Refrigerator


  • Single Door: Having enough space to offer for a small family, single door refrigerators are 150-200 litres. They are quite affordable.
  • Double Door: Double door fridges correspondingly come with two doors. One door is placed above for freezing purposes while the other is placed below for regular use. They consume less electricity and are frost-free.
  • Triple Door: This type of fridge is 250 to 350 liters and is quite tall and slim when compared to other types of refrigerators. Frost-free and consuming less electricity, the first compartment is for freezing, the second for regular use while the third one is for keeping the fruits and vegetable crisp.

Energy Ratings

Energy ratings or EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) refers to the electricity that the refrigerator is using. Thus, the higher the rating, the lower the energy consumption will be. For example, buyers can save up to Rs. 800 per year on 2 stars rated refrigerators.

Similarly, on 5 stars rated refrigerator, the buyer will get to save around Rs.1800 per year. Moreover, when looking for a nice rated EER refrigerator, buyers must always root for either blue or green marks on the refrigerators.


Maintaining the temperature inside the fridge is what compressors are used for. There are two types of compressors: General and Inverter. General compressors run at high speed but once they reach a constant speed, there is no loss in the temperature. While the inverter compressor adjusts itself depending on the required cooling amount.


Thus, before choosing a refrigerator, buyers must enlist all the suitable features that are suitable for their needs. By considering the following factors, one can have what they are looking for. We will be delighted if this article proves beneficial to you.


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