Things to Keep in Mind Before You Purchase a Washing Machine

Last updated: October 22nd, 2022

Washing machines are an essential piece of appliance that every home should have. Using a washing machine saves you a lot of time and energy in cleaning clothes that you can spend elsewhere. You can just put your used clothes in the machine and let it do the job that you would normally do with your hand.

Because of its usefulness, many homes are now buying washing machines. But if you are new to buying a washing machine, then you might be overwhelmed with the options that are present in the market. There are some factors that you should look for when buying a washing machine. Here, we list the things that you should look for in detail before buying a washing machine.

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Type of the Washing Machine

Washing machines are generally classified into two types; top-loader and front-loader washing machine.

Top Loading Washing Machine

The top-loading washing machine has a vertically-aligned drum, where you need to load the clothes at the top. These machines cost less than the front-loading machines but require a continuous supply of water to function. They are very good for people with back pain as you can easily load and unload the clothes at the top.

Front Loading Washing Machine

A front-loading washing machine has a drum aligned horizontally to load and unload clothes at the front. Unlike a top-loading machine, front-loading machines are highly energy and water-efficient. They also wash better than the top-loading machines. So it is no surprise that front-loading washing machines cost higher than top-loading machines.

Front-loader versus top-loader: Which washing machine you should choose - Reviewed Laundry

Fully-automatic vs Semi-automatic machines

You will also see machines with different functional capabilities. One of the important differences that you will see is the automatic functioning capability. A fully-automatic machine works mostly without your input. It can automatically control the water flow, rinsing, washing, and draining the clothes. You just have to load and unload the clothes.

A semi-automatic machine requires some manual work like selecting the timer, wash speed, and draining the clothes. It also costs less than the fully-automatic as it has less functional capabilities. But try to get a fully-automatic washing machine if you can afford it as it makes your cleaning chore much convenient.


The capacity of a washing machine is another important factor that you should consider before buying it. Capacity is measured in kilograms and it determines the number of clothes the washing machine can handle in one load. Generally, a washing machine capacity ranges from 6 to 10 kilograms. If you are a bachelor or newlywed couple, then you can look for a machine with 6-7 kgs of capacity. For families with 4 members, a 7-8 kg capacity of the washing machine will be fine. For a big family with more than 5 members, a machine with above 9 kilograms will be sufficient.

Drum Material

The material of the drum that actually washes the clothes plays an important role in the durability of the machine. A washing machine with stainless steel drum material will last longer than a machine with plastic material. Stainless steel drum also has a higher spin speed than a plastic one, so you get faster drying with it. Plastic drum material is also durable and rustproof, but they don’t have the longevity like the steel ones. But the plastic drums are commonly found in the budget washing machines while the stainless steel ones are present in the premium segments.

RPM (Rotations Per Minute)

RPM is the rotation count of the machine calculated per minute. A machine with a higher spin count will dry the clothes faster than a machine with a lower count. If you have the budget and want to save time, then choose a machine with a higher spin count.

Energy Saving Rating

Every electronic appliance has its own energy rating that varies from 1 to 5 stars. You should definitely get a machine with higher stars even if the upfront cost is high. A machine with high energy efficiency will save you money in the long run and make it much valuable than a machine with a lower rating.

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Other Features

Quick Wash

A machine with a quick wash feature will wash your clothes quickly anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. It is a useful feature to have if you follow a busy schedule. But this feature is mostly present in the fully-automatic washing machine and in the higher price segments. If you can afford it, then look for this feature in the washing machine.

Temperature Control

A washing machine with temperature control will enable you to clean your clothes with both hot and cold water. Cleaning with cold water will save energy as there is no need to heat up the water. If you have soiled clothes, then you can use the hot water wash to clean them efficiently. Temperature control is really a useful feature to have in the washing machine that you buy.

Delay start

This feature lets you schedule the cleaning time, so the clothes can soak in water for some time in the washing machine. It is useful to clean the clothes effectively and also saves you some time.

Steam Wash

Steam wash in a washing machine uses the water steam to clean your clothes thoroughly. Cleaning with hot steam removes even the toughest of stains. But this feature is found only in the pricier washing machines. If you can afford it, then definitely look for this feature.

Warranty and After-Sales service

Warranty is an important factor to look for when buying any electrical appliances and a washing machine is no different. You should get a good warranty period with the purchase of your washing machine. If you buy a washing machine from a reputed brand, then you will get a good warranty period.

As the warranty period, after-sales service is also important when buying a washing machine. You should look for free installation, better service, etc with the purchase of your washing machine.


The above-listed are important things to keep in mind when buying a washing machine. We hope that this post helps you in getting a good washing machine for your use.

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