Top Belts Brands in India – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last updated: October 17th, 2022

A belt is a clinching system, a flexible band or strap that goes around the waist and adjusted to suit a person’s waist while holding and supporting clothes. Asides from supporting and holding things in place, belts help to highlight and accentuate the waistline.

They are actually small accessories with large impact on impressions drawn from a complete outfit. By adding a perfect belt to an outfit, one can enhance a smart and confident look.

Belts are worn for both function and style. Typically, belts are made of leather materials but in recent times, the use of other materials such as elastic, polyurethane, velvet, etc., have turned out well. They in fact, come in different designs and forms to suit either formal and casual wears.

In India today, there are quite a number of brands that have built a significant level of brand trustworthiness. Brand trustworthiness is a business term that describes the level of confidence built by brands while assuring and delivering quality and reliable products.These brands contend to keep up with the dynamics of customers and customer satisfaction. They come up with numerous creative and fashionable belt designs and styles using standard materials.

Top Belts Brands in India 

1) Tommy Hilfiger

This is one of the most bought belt brands that have set a strong foot in the Indian market. This brand designs highly fashionable and trending belts for both men and women. Belts of this brand are made up of cowhide leather, buffalo split leather, and cotton, making the belt durable and long-lasting. These designs are of high quality and at the same time, affordable.

In line with Tommy Hilfiger’s high-quality standard comes this belt for men. Made from well-processed leather, it is fashionable and durable. It is a two-color belt with a metalhead.


  • Two colors of black and brown on each side
  • It has a metalhead
  • It comes in 3 sizes of small, large, and extra-large


  • It comes in neutral colors
  • It comes in 3 different sizes


  • The color choices are limited

2) Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction, a renowned brand of belt known and well appreciated for its durability and standard quality. Belts in this collection are of a wide range of simple and classy designs. They come in sizes apt for everyone. Kenneth Cole Reaction is a trusted and reliable brand for both males and females.

It is made from durable leather and has two colors of brown and black on each side. It has a reversible buckle head.


  • It has 2 colors
  • It has a reversible metal head
  • It comes in different colors


  • It has many different functions


  • It has a lot going on at once and it’s average at each.

3) Fossil

Fossil is counted among the top belt brands and has proven worthy in terms of its quality products. This brand has the most desired designs for both men and women even belts with floral designs.

Particularly, Fossil’s Joe belt is made of 100% leather-like every other leather product, if handled well, has a very long useful life. Notwithstanding, the belt brand also deals in belts of other materials such as elastic, polyurethane, cotton, etc., to suit every customers’ casual and semi-formal looks.

It is made from durable supple leather and has a gunmetal head. It is one color.


  • It is black
  • It comes in different sizes
  • It has a gunmetal head


  • It is durable


  • It comes in one color only

4) Woodland

Woodland is a popular brand for pure leather products. They guarantee highly durable products of sleek design and have numerous classy belt buckles for stylish men and women. Woodland belts are quite affordable.

The Woodland is made from soft genuine leather to be comfortable for use and last for a long time.


  • It is brown
  • It is easily adjustable
  • It is soft durable


  • It is easily adjustable and comfortable for use


  • There are no sizes or color options

5) Cross

Cross is a reputable and old brand that has never failed in serving its customers first class quality of every product. The brand gives out sophisticated belt designs of various shades. Belts of this brand are known to be strong and had to break.

Made from top grain leather, the cross has a 30mm strap. It has a top quality zinc alloy Buckle that comes in black.


  • It has a black standard zinc alloy Buckle
  • Its straps are black and 30mm


  • It comes in an attractive gift box which makes it ideal for gift giving


  • It comes only in black
  • It comes in only one size

6) Van Heusen

Van Heusen is known as an Indian brand. It is indeed the right definition of Class. It spells out elegance in every outfit of its buyers. They are dealer of belts for both men and women.

The patterned belt from Van Heusen is black and has a metal buckle.


  • The belt is black
  • Its strap is patterned


  • Its textured appearance adds style to your ensemble


  • There are no color choices

7) Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe is regarded as a premium and leading brand in Indian and is a quarter-century old. This particular brand has quality belts designed for both males and females. Louis Philippe is regarded as the purveyor of every distinct look

The Louis Phillippe belt for men is made from high-quality leather. It is black and has a metal buckle head.


  • It is black
  • It has a metal buckle head


  • It comes attached with a black wallet


  • There are reports that the strap cracks and the head comes off easily
  • It is easily destroyed by water

8) Titan

Titan is an established brand with exceptional quality products. Titan belts are majorly made of exquisite leather making them strong, durable and last long.

The dark brown textured leather belt is reminiscent of the top quality associated with Titan.


  • It is patterned
  • It is dark brown
  • It has a metal buckle head


  • The buckle head has a touch of style


  • There are no color options

9) Levi’s

#top 1 Levi's Men's Brown Solid Belt
Levi's Men's Brown Solid Belt
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Levi’s, India’s popular and iconic brand. It is a dealer of belts crafted with expert care. One would say Levis is the most coveted brand in India as it effortlessly delivers unique belts that go well with khakis, chinos, shorts, etc.

The Levi’s leather belt is crafted from top-quality leather. It is durable and comfortable to use. It has a shiny metal head and a brown strap.


  • It is a brown belt
  • It has a shiny metal buckle head


  • It comes in different sizes


  • There are no color options

10) Hornbull

These branded belts have unique features in terms of their quality and longevity. Amazingly, these belts are sold at the best prices in India. They sell belts that are best for both casual and formal looks. The belts are crafted with good and quality materials.

Hornbill’s belt and wallet combo is the ideal gift choice. They are both made from durable leather. The brown belt has a strap of 35mm and a shiny buckle head.


  • It comes with a brown wallet in a gift box
  • They’re made from durable leather materials


  • It is the perfect gift idea for men


  • It has a limited color option

Buying Guide for Top Belts Brands in India

Apparently, finding the perfect belt or belt brand for outfits has turned out to be a very arduous but essential task considering that there are quite a number of adoring brands in India today.

That said, this puzzle could be tackled by carefully considering various influencing factors. That is, one should be very specific about what brand justifies the situation. There are numerous belt types and designers ranging from dress belts, causal leather, fabric/woven belts, jean belt, formal belt, wide belts. Most importantly, one needs to be aware of what types of belts suit a particular person, function, or outfit before buying.


Just like dresses and shirts, there are belts for formal and casual outfits. Specifically, casual wears offer many opportunities for mixing and matching. Casual belts are broader and bigger and could have any kind of buckle designs as long as it suits the overall outfits.

Also, casual belts don’t necessarily have to match the shoes unlike when putting together an outfit for a formal function. So, this is a major factor to consider when buying belts.


Affordability is of utmost importance. It is only wise to go for belts or belt brands that one is willing and able to buy. Most designer belts tend to be highly priced and so out of reach of buyers who are not well off. In most cases, products like this are referred to as luxury goods.

It is evident that most buyers are not aware of this and so find it hard acclaiming to the fact that because a brand product is highly priced does not justify its quality and makes it the best but that other brand products can, at the same, be fairly priced and also have relative quality. In short, there are highly recommended brand products that are also affordable.

Designer Belts

When buying designer belts, it is necessary to ensure that the designer product is genuine by looking out for exclusive details like the brand logo before making payment. Also, it is most advisable to buy from authorized dealers.

Types of belt

The type of belt to buy in this sense does not necessarily focus on the brands but also the materials used in putting the belt together. Leather belts are the oldest and in fact, the original style of these particular accessories.

But in recent times, Suede, elastic, woven, etc. have and are trending. So, a good decision will be to select out of the various types of belts, one that is most desired irrespective of the downsides of respective materials used. For example, reversible belts regarded as economical but tend to peel, fray and crease over time as a result of making use of low quality materials.

Styles of Belts and Buckle

In simple terms, style is expressing oneself, a unique form of arranging the appearance of a thing and just like every other accessory, belts come in countless number of styles. There are braided belt, jean belts, narrow belts, textured belts, metallic belts, beaded belts, chain belts, fringed belts, tie belt, etc.

Buckles could actually be regarded as the defining part of the belt. Taking a good look at the buckle answers the question in most cases. They speak the style out of the belt. They come in sterling steels or alloy of various shapes and sizes and they could be small, flat or even heavy.

Belt Size and Body Type

Buying a belt of the perfect size is a very crucial part of the deal. This factor is able to make or mar an entire outfit. Generally, it is important to have a few inches of leather to the left of the buckles once it is fastened. The idea here is that it is most appropriate to do away with belts that are extremely short or rather too long.

Another angle is that women, for instant, should be aware of the kinds of belt that will suit their body type. Women with thicker waists should go for elastic belts instead of leather belts.

Belt Colour

This is a very important part of the purchase. For the men, the general rule is to ensure that the shoes match with the belt. Women, on the other side, also have to make colour decisions. For example, women with thicker waists should avoid belts of bright colours.


Evidently, it is really an exhausting process having to make a choice out of varieties of branded belts in the world of fashion and style today but truth is, there is always that one perfectly appropriate belt or belt brand that is able to highlight an entire outfit and build confidence.

This guide is drawn to help buyers in making these decisions by considering specific factors that should align their choices while buying belts. Therefore, ensuring that there is customer satisfaction as well as value for money in the long run.

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