Top 10 Car Batteries in India – Review and Buying Guide

Last updated: October 22nd, 2022

We have and always will dread the moment when our car suddenly stops due to a dead battery. It really is a disaster. So choosing the right car battery that works for a long time without any problems is important. The car battery is the central power hub in our car. Make sure you replace your car battery before it dies because if it dies in the middle of nowhere, it can create problems for you.

The main function of the car battery as the name suggests is it stores electricity. The battery provides the necessary electricity to start your car and makes sure every single electrical component in your car has the required jolts of power to keep it running smoothly. This process keeps your car running smoothly and steadily without any failure. So it makes the battery an integral and important part of your car.

Best Car Batteries in India

You can change the car battery in case of battery failure or other mishaps. In this case, you need to choose a good car battery that will work for a long time. Since there are many battery brands available in the market, it can be a bit confusing to choose the right brand for your car.

In this article, we provide some of the best car battery brands that you can choose without hesitation with buying guides.

Top Car Battery Brands to buy in India

1) Exide

Exide Industries is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive storage batteries in the world. With manufacturing plants present in India and Sri Lanka, Exide industries have dealership networks in over 46 countries. Exide also possesses four lead-acid battery recycling facilities in the U.S, Spain, and Portugal.

So it is safe to say that you can never go wrong by choosing car batteries from Exide Industries. Exide offers a wide range of affordable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting car batteries for all types of automotive brands and models.

The Exide Matrix Mtred 45L 45AH is one of the popular car batteries from Exide. As the name suggests, it is a 45 AH capacity battery with 12 V battery voltage. It comes at a compact dimension with a weight measuring only at 14.5 kilograms.

This product is genuine with an advanced Ca-Ca system which makes it unique among other car batteries. It also has a superior charge acceptance system. The double-clad polyethylene and glass mat separation present in it enhances the life of the battery. So you won’t get affected by any problems for a long time.

You can buy this product from the authorized dealer to get a warranty for 66 months. Overall, this is one of the best batteries from Exide for your car.


  • Ca-Ca alloy system – This system present in the battery ensures no topping up is necessary during the entire service life of the battery.
  • Enhanced battery life – The double-clad polyethylene and glass mat separation present in this battery ensures it lasts for a long time.


  • Hight warranty period
  • Good quality car battery
  • High battery capacity


  • Priced a bit higher

2) Amaron

Amaron is the popular car battery brand by the Amara Raja Group. Based in Tirupati, Amara Raja Group is an India-based multinational company. It has a presence in the automotive battery business, packaged foods, and beverages, electronics product manufacturing, infrastructure sector, power system production, and fabrication of sheet metal products and fasteners.

But the car battery brand Amaron is the popular product manufactured by this company as they are known for this product. Amazon is the second-largest selling automotive battery brand in India after Exide.

The Amaron Go-BH 38B20R is a popular car battery product from Amaron. It is a factory-fresh battery that is wet shipped and ready to ship. This battery is equipped with many features such as high-heat tolerance, vibration resistance, and high reserve capacity. So Amaron Go will be perfect for Indian cars.

The high cranking power present in the battery helps to start your car even in extreme weather conditions. It is also resistant to corrosion due to the premium silver alloys present in the battery. The compact size with less weight of the battery makes it easy to lift or change the position. Overall, with all these features, the Amaron Go is one of the best car batteries to buy if you don’t want to choose the Exide car batteries.


  • High Cranking power – It helps to start the car in extreme conditions
  • Premium Silver alloy (Silven X) – It ensures the battery has high corrosion resistance


  • Long life
  • Maintenance-free
  • High warranty period
  • Compact size and weight

3) Tata Green

The Tata Green car battery is another reliable car battery for you to buy. This car battery is produced by the TATA AutoComp GY Batteries Pvt Ltd. This group is a joint venture between TATA AutoComp Systems and the GS Yuasa International (GYIN) group.

TATA AutoComp Systems is one of the largest automotive battery manufacturers in India and its partner GS Yuasa International is one of the largest automotive battery manufacturers in Japan. They are a world leader in two-wheeler and four-wheeler batteries. So you will be getting one of the best car batteries the industry has to offer when you pick the Tata Green car batteries.

These batteries use state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest performance for all kinds of vehicles while being 90 percent recyclable.

The Tata Green Batteries 1419511267 series is one of the best available in the market by Tata Green. It comes with a vent plug which makes the battery easy to use. The container in which the battery is placed is Yuasa patented and it covers the battery and retains the design for a long time. The battery also has some additional features like corrosion-resistant grid design, high heat resistance, and hybrid technology for commercial taxi applications.

This TG series battery comes at a weight of 9.8 kg, so it is easy to carry and lift to move places. Finally, this product can be bought by replacing your old battery which reduces the price of the new battery. Designed for Indian roads, the Tata Green battery is one of the best picks for your car.


  • Yuasa patented battery container – It covers and retains the design for a long time.


  • Corrosion resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Exchangeable with old battery to reduce the price
  • Easy to use vent plugs


  • Compatible with  only limited car types

4) Okaya

#top 1 okaya wheelz car battry 35 ah
okaya wheelz car battry 35 ah
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OKAYA produces a wide range of batteries that are suitable for all kinds of applications. They have a very diverse product category which includes Tubular Battery, Inverter Battery, Solar Battery, SMF Battery, and E-Rickshaw Battery. Okaya is the sole manufacturer of Tubular batteries which is the best for power back up.

They produce eco-friendly, ISO certified, and completely recyclable batteries. So the wastage is minimized and the batteries live up to the responsibility towards the environment. The products are made of the best quality material with the latest technology. So you can buy the Okaya batteries without any second thoughts as Okaya has been a symbol of trust and quality for years.

The Okaya Wheelz car battery 35 ah is the best-selling car battery from Okaya which is available in the market. It has a good 35 amp with 12-volt capacity. Suitable for all kind of four-wheeler automotive, this battery from Okaya has also got easy start capability. With a two year warranty, this battery is one of the best in the market that you can choose for your car.


  • Two-year manufacturing warranty
  • Easy start capability
  • Suitable for all type of Automotives

5) Luminous

Luminous mainly manufactures inverters and car batteries. These batteries from Luminous are designed to meet the demands of power from all the electrical components in your car and can start your car with no effort. With seven manufacturing units and more than 28 sales offices in India, Luminous is one of the largest battery manufacturers in India for over 30 years.

Apart from inverters, and car batteries, Luminous Power Technologies also manufactures a range of innovative products in power backup, home electrical, residential solar power, and inverter batteries.

The automotive batteries from Luminous are powered with silver alloy technology. So it can offer better power, corrosion resistance, longer service life, and a hassle-free battery experience. The silver alloy technology also provides up to 30 % high cranking current.

The spider web grid structure in the battery is able to provide high durability even in extreme weather and temperature conditions. With low maintenance and spill-proof technology, this is one of the best batteries available in the market. You can buy it online from the official website or from the Amazon website.


  • Grid structure design – This structure provides high durability in extreme weather conditions.
  • Silver alloy technology – This technology can offer better power with high corrosion resistance that can live a long life.


  • High durability
  • High cranking current
  • Quality product

6) Amco

Amco battery limited is an automobile and commercial battery company based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. They are one of the leading automotive battery suppliers in India which comes under a part of the Amalgamation Group.

They also produce a wide range of other electrical components like inverter, Genset, and UPS batteries. Mainly known for the two-wheeler battery, Amco also has a good variety of selection in the four-wheeler battery. Initially founded in 1932 by a German national, Amco has come a long way in making some of the leading electrical components in India.

The Amco power star 32 ah battery is the best car battery available from Amco. Made for a four-wheeler, this battery comes at just 11 kilograms in weight. So it is compact and easy to carry. The 32 ah battery capacity is good for most types of automotive. The battery also comes with a 36-month warranty from the date of buying.  The Amco battery is one of the best you can pick out for your car.


  • 36 months of manufacturing warranty
  • Compact size and shape
  • Long life

7) PowerZone

#top 1 Power Zone 40B20L Car Battery.
Power Zone 40B20L Car Battery.
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Amara Raja Batteries Limited is a leading manufacturer of automotive batteries in India. We have already seen the Amaron battery brand from Amara Raja on the list. The PowerZone is the other battery brand from Amara Raja, which is distributed through pan-India sales and service retail network.

Mainly known for lead-acid batteries for industrial and automotive purposes, the Amara Raja is the preferred supplier of batteries to major telecom service providers, telecom equipment manufacturers, UPS sector, Indian railways, and oil & gas companies.

The PowerZone battery mainly caters to the rural and semi-urban India’s captive power needs through its retail outlets. The PowerZone 80 ah capacity battery has a reliable performance with good durability. It also packs features such as non-foldable design, non-stain resistance among others.

With a 12 v power capacity, it supplies the power required to get your car going without any trouble. There is no assembly required with this battery. So you are getting a reliable car battery by choosing the PowerZone.


  • Non-stain resistant
  • Non-foldable design
  • Reliable performance
  • No assembly required


  • Priced is a bit high

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) How does excessive heat damages affect the battery?

Too much heat gives rise to high resistance. The high resistance will keep on weakening the car battery’s ability to release charge. The water in electrolytes present in the battery can also dry up due to excessive heat. 

2) Is adding acid a good idea?

No, normal circumstances of a battery that works never require acid.

3) Can automobile batteries be recycled?

The answer is a simple yes. Brands like Exide car battery and Amaron battery provide the battery body made up of recyclable materials. 

4) If yes, then where can I recycle my old car batteries?

You can return the old batteries to the original retailer or anyone that manufactures batteries. 

5) What does the electrolyte consist of?

The electrolyte components are sulphuric acid with water. The concentration of both depends on the charge of the battery. If the battery has less charge, it will have a lesser amount of sulphuric acid. 

6) Is there a way to jump-start car batteries?

You can learn ways to jump-start a car or any vehicle to go ahead with this step. 

7) What makes a battery go flat?

The primary causes that make a battery go flat – 

  • If your battery is undercharged
  • Not making sure if you have left the lights on
  • Driving a short distance several times
  • If the battery gets too old

8) How can I make a car battery last longer?

  • Check for any corrosion and dirt on the battery. If you find any, clean it immediately.
  • Keep topping up the electrolytes with distilled water. 
  • Keep checking for the voltage of the batteries. Use a voltmeter. If the voltmeter records a reading between 12.7v – 12.8v, your car battery is charged completely. 
  • Keep charging the batteries within three months with authentic battery chargers. 

Buying Guide for car battery

If you are new to the automotive world and are wondering how to buy a car battery. Here are some things to look out for in the car battery.

Battery Size and Shape

Car batteries come in various sizes and shapes. So you should choose the one that fits perfectly in the battery tray of your car. You can check the manual of the car or consult with a mechanic to find the size of the battery that fits in your car.


There are two types of maintenance available in the car battery type. The low maintenance batteries are unsealed with caps so you can add distilled water when required. The maintenance-free type is sealed and has no need for replacement as the liquid electrolyte present can run throughout the battery life. Try to buy a maintenance-free battery for your car as it will offer a hassle-free experience.


It is recommended to buy a battery that has a longer warranty period and free replacement period. With this, you can get free repair of your car battery in case of any problems.

Power Requirement

It is the energy to start a car at different temperatures. CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) is the energy to start a car at 0-degree Fahrenheit while CA (Cranking Amps) is the energy to start a car at 32-degree Fahrenheit. Batteries with higher CCA are recommended to buy.


The battery is an important part of any automobiles. So it is wise to choose a battery after a complete study of your car and different battery manufacturers. We hope our review of different brands and buying guide help you in getting the best car battery.

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