Top 12 Saree Brands in India: Review & Buying Guide

Last updated: October 15th, 2022

Saree is one of the most popular traditional outfits in India. It is one of the most elegant looking attire of the country. Saree is famous in many states of India, including southern states and eastern states. The fabric of the saree may vary by a wide range. Along with the wide variety of fabric, the designs of the sarees may also vary by a wide range. Different sarees with different fabrics and designs are suitable for different occasions. A saree can be a good fit for any kind of occasions like an auspicious event, casual events, office parties or any other occasion.

Various markets out there are having a huge collection of various kinds of sarees having different fabrics and designs.

List of Best Saree Brands in India

1. Satya paul sarees

The satya paul is one of the most premium and most wide widely preferred saree brand. The designs of the sarees and the prints of the sarees are quite extraordinary and makes you stand out of the crowd. Most of the sarees from the collection of Satya paul saree brand is well crafted for the modern woman out there in India. You can get a wide variety of collection of various modern designed sarees with quality fabric.

2. Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is a luxury brand in India and it absolutely needs no introduction. It is also known as the Bollywood favourite brand. This brand often designs various sarees for the Bollywood divas out there. Manish Malhotra has his own brand and it has few selected stores in several metro cities in India where all his exclusive creations are displayed. These sarees are premium sarees and are little pricey, but it is a luxury brand in itself.

3. FabIndia

It is a very popular widely preferred brand in India and it is owned by Tata. Fab india is a majorly popular for the Indian Cotton clothing. Apart from its cottn range, it has various other sarees such as silk, cotton silk etc. An exclusive range of prints, weaves and patterns make the brand stand out in the crowd and sets it apart in the market. FabIndia is also known for design exclusive and elegant designed sarees in India which can be ideal any auspicious occasion like wedding, parties, etc.

4. Sabyasachi Sarees

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is another famous designed who has given a new definition to the world of fashion in Sarees. He has set an example in not only the India markets, but also in the global markets out there. His beautifully designed sarees not only displays his amazing sense of fashion, but also showcases his love for sarees. Sabyasachi is not just a name, but it is a brand in itself. His collection of sarees comprises of a beautiful mix of traditional India embroideries, fabrics and weaves. His sarees can be found on some of the premium stores out there in various Indian markets.

5. Kalaniketan sarees

Kalaniketan is an illustrious brand and this brand  had started to manufacture sarees form the year 1942. It is one of the most trusted brands in India regarding sarees. This is an exclusive brand of sarees in the Indian markets which proffers the patrons in various elegant drapes including and bridal wear and party wear. You can find a versatile collection of different fabrics of sarees in this brands, such as georgette, silk, net, crepe, etc. The sarees from these brand is available from various online and offline stores.

6. Deepam Saree:

Deepam is a very popular and trusted brand of saree and it is known for elegant and magnificent designs. This brand is mainly based in Bangaluru and it presents an exclusive range of rich silk sarees. The sarees designed by this brand can be a great fit for various special Indian occasions such as party, wedding, or any other events. The sarees from these brands are mostly available online.

7. Nalli sarees:

Nalli is an Indian brand of sarees and is widely famous for its exclusive collection of South-Indian Silk sarees. Though they are majorly famous for South Indian Sarees, but at present they have a vast collection from different places in India. The range of their collection inclues, Rajasthani Kota doria, various beautifully embroidered or weaved sarees, Lukhnavi saree, etc. The collection of sarees from this brand can cater to choices and needs and you may fall in love with its exclusive designs and prints.

8. Tarun Tahiliani:

Tarun Tahiliani is a one of a kind saree brand in India. This is often regarded as a jewel in the fashion industry as these sarees are designed by the famous and superbly talented Tarun Tahiliani. He is very famous designer of various famous ethnic wears. The bridal sarees designed by him has a different stand-out in the market. Apart from that, you can also get other sarees like chiffon, silk, etc. in the range of collection of this brand.

9.  Kalamandir:

Kalamandir is another massive saree brand in the whole of India, which continued to serve the Indian customers with the best service. They use all the quality materials to manufacture the best saree like chiffon, georgette, bandha, and kanjeevanram. The reputed saree brand is started in 2005. Apart from the saree, they sell many other products as well.

10. Kalanjali Sarees


Kalanjali Sarees comes in the top list of our saree brand and now it is one of the best-recognized brands in India. The saree brand begins from the city of Bangalore. Beyond saree, the brand is specialized in different types of wearable also. This brand also produces some wonderful wearable such as salwar suits and lehengas.

11. Gaurangi

Gaurang is the founder of the brand Gaurangi, which stands in the market because of the exclusive designs that they provide to the customer. The brand was started its journey from the city of Bangalore. Later on, the brand opened many stores in the other big cities like Delhi, Mumbai. By bringing many lucid designs, they created a deep correction with the customer.

12. Bombay Selections Private Ltd

After knowing the fact that, Sarees can make any women very beautiful. If you want to buy some good sarees then, we must be familiar with well-reputed saree brands as those brands can give us fashionable designs. As those brands rise our elegance to make us more elegant. The brand started its journey in the year of t 1993. Since then they have been manufacturing thousands of beautiful sarees for Indian women.

Types of Saree in India

Silk Saree:

This is a kind of fabric having a very glossy texture. You can wear these sarees in any special occasion as well as in various casual occasions. In silk sarees, there are many types of designs like thread work, sequinds works, stone works, etc. Silk sarees are normally very comfortable to wear as they are not at all heavy. Draping a silk saree might be a bit difficult at times, but it can be done perfectly using some safety pins and proper pleating.

Georgette sarees:

This is a light weight and a very comfortable saree. Georgette fabric is widely preferred by the youngsters out there. As this is a body hugging saree, it gives a nice, slim and elegant look to the person wearing it. With georgette fabric, one can flaunt the curves of the body in a sharp manner and can make one look lively and young. Georgette sarees generally comes with prints. The prints can be of different types like polka dots, floral prints, abstract prints, etc.

Cotton Sarees:

A saree made out of cotton fabrics are mostly preferred for casual wears by office going women out there and also by those who stay at home. When a cotton saree is new, the fabric might be a bit hard, and not very comfortable, but after one or two wash, the fabric becomes quite comfortable and easy to wear. Cotton sarees are mostly simple designed and not very clumsy. These are usually preferred as office wears, or in house wears.

Chiffon Sarees:

These are the sarees which comes with both the qualities- Comfortable, plus stylish. Chiffon sarees are also designed by various zari works and thread works. The richer the design, the more sophisticated the saree looks, and the more gorgeous occasions it fits. Apart from that, chiffon sarees are very easy to drape as they can be easily folded and tucked in. The sleek and neat look that the chiffon saree gives, is loved by all. Chiffon sarees can be worn in  special occasions as well as in casual events.

Net sarees:

These are the trending sarees having net fabric. These are basically transparent sarees and are generally by the various young ladies out there. Net sarees are so much in fashion these days and come with a wide variety of designs and styles. These sarees can have zari works, works or even plain with a wide border. Net sarees are generally worn in special occasions like party etc. These sarees, when styled with a matching fashionable blouse, can make one steal the look of the event.

What to keep in mind while buying a saree?

  1. Fabric: When you are going to buy a saree, the first thing that you should keep in mind is what the fabric of the saree is. The fabric of the saree should be chosen according to what suits you the best as well as on which occasion it is going to be worn. For example, a slim person will look slimmer in a saree having a body hugging fabric. In the similar way a bulky person will look bulkier in a saree having a thick fabric.
  2. Border: border plays a very important role when it comes to choosing a saree. Border is the main decorative piece of saree. A beautiful border can beautify a saree and can give it a gorgeous look. The border is the one which is mostly matched up with the blouse.
  3. Prints: when you are going to buy a printed saree, you must take care of the fact that the prints and the colour of the prints suits you and the saree itself. Big polka dots, small floral prints, etc. are the trending designs of now. The prints have a big role to play in the looks of people. The combination of colour and the sizes of the prints play a vital role in enhancing the features of the person wearing it.
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