Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan: Which is better?

Last updated: October 19th, 2022

There is always a tight fight between which is better between tower fans and the pedestal fans. It must be known to all that tower fans are usually tall and tower shaped. It is mainly stationed or put on the base on which it oscillates. It covers a lot of area or space. But on the other hand, the pedestal fans are also unique in feature. It can be put in any position and can also be adjusted as per the use or requirement. There are some basic differences that exist between the two. Let us try to explore some of them.

Comparison between the Tower and Pedestal Fans:

Tower Fan Vs Pedestal Fan

There is some basic difference that exists between the two and we should try to explore the main ones.

Difference in respect of space:

If you are living in a smaller space then it is always found that the tower fans are the best one as they can accommodate within the small space. But on the other side, the pedestal fans can be placed on larger space. They are very efficient in cooling rooms that are bigger in size. You can use them more conveniently.

Difference in respect of the use:

There is a great difference between the different types of uses of this type of fans. Both types of fans has come specific use. If you are looking for a fan that can help to cool the room then it is the pedestal fan that can serve the purpose. On the other side, if you want to purify the air of the room then it is the tower fan that is best in this case. They can function very efficiently in this case. It is with the help of ionizers and other things that air of the room can be purified and you can have a fresh feeling that is good for health.

Difference in respect of styles:

If you are very cautious and anxious about the styles then there is a great difference between the two. It is the tower fans that can help to enhance the beauty of the room to a great extent. They can also contribute to change the look of your boring room. On the other side, if look is not a concern then it is the pedestal fans that can be used in this case. They are much harder and durable in nature. They can work in a more efficient manner. The tower fans can beautify the rooms and also cool the rooms very easily.

Difference in respect of sound:

As we all know that the pedestal fans are always larger in size and they are responsible for creating good amount of noise. But on the other side, it is seen that most of the tower fans are compact in size and so the sound eliminated from it is much lower. You can easily place it any corner of the room and will not feel its presence. They are much more advanced and updated in all respects.

Difference in respect of designs:

There is also a great difference in case of designs. The towers fans are much more advanced and designer at the same time. If compared you will not various designs of pedestal fans. They are much limited in number. So, you have ample options to choose in respect of designs. However, in the present time modern man is very anxious about the look and so they always prefer to choose designer and beautiful fans for their house.

Difference in respect of cleaning:

If compared, it will be found that it takes very less time to clean a tower fan. The blades of the fan work from inside the fan. You can clean the blades by taking a simple brush. But it is a tiring job to clean a pedestal fan. It is better if you clean the blades of the pedestal fan with the help of soap water. That will work more conveniently. Even it also takes a long time to clean the blades of the pedestal fan. Once cleaned with soap solution it should be wiped with a dry cloth. The cleaning process is very lengthy at the same time.

Thus if compared there are several advantages and disadvantages that exists between the two. You should choose the one that suits your requirement and purpose.

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