Travel Essentials: 12 Things Every Traveler Should Pack

Last updated: October 15th, 2022


In this modern era, our life is all about work and responsibilities. All we care about is our work and work only. In this hustle, we forget to make our mind relaxed and tension free. So, what is the basic thing needed to give our mind some peace and our body some relaxation? Yes, a holiday.

And holidays mean trips. The trip could be to anywhere and at anytime. It can be a simple trip with family, or can be a trek or anything else. And, when we have a trip in our mind, we also think about what all we need to take on our trip, right? In other words, it is termed as Packing!

There are various things we can take with ourselves on our trip, but here are some basic things that we should have in our bag while we are on a trip –

1. Mobile phone accessories

It will not be wrong to say that mobile phones have become a really essential companion of humans, and we cannot travel anywhere without them. Be it calling, or photography or anything else, we are inclined towards our mobile phone the most.

But our mobile phones also need some backup to keep supporting us. And when we are on a trip, may it be trekking or any regular trip, the accessories are really necessary. First and foremost is the power bank, because we cannot charge our phones anytime or anywhere without the power bank. So a power bank with some good backup is mandatory. Other components like ear buds, cell phone holders etc can be considered as well!

2. Water Bottles

It is really necessary to be hydrated whenever you are on a trip. Imagine that you are travelling somewhere and suddenly you feel dizzy because of dehydration, then your trip will be ruined completely.

So always try to carry a water bottle in your back pack whenever you are on a trip. This will help you in keeping your body hydrated and you will not find yourself looking for some water to drink! But when you are on a trek, you will surely not want to carry heavy stuffs. So, instead of any silicone bottle, you can consider carrying collapsible water bottles or water bags as well.


3. Cleaning stuffs like napkins, towels etc.

Keeping yourself clean and disease-free is a must when you are on a trip. You will not want to waste your money buying napkins and towels everywhere you go, right?

Always carry some napkins or towels in your back pack when you have plans of travelling. They will not take too much space or will increase your load! But having those with you will help you in cleanliness, and will prevent you from over-expenditure. You can also consider having hand sanitizers and mouth fresheners when you are on a business trip and have to attend meetings and all that stuffs! You will not want to face your clients with a foul smelling breath, right?

4. First Aid Kit

With us discussing about cleanliness and body hydration, we can not leave behind our safety.

Safety is number one priority, right? But when luck is not with you, you will hurt yourself however careful you are. And in those emergency cases, you cannot roam around looking for some medication facilities or hospitals. In those emergencies, having a first aid kit in your back pack will be a boon for you. You will not be dependant anymore and can medicate yourself whenever or wherever necessary. Even when the wounds are big, you can take care of yourself until help arrives!


5. Expandable Bags

Bags are the first thing that you will have with you while you are on a trip. All you essential items and stuffs will be in your back pack. SO a bag on the shoulders is a must while travelling.

But, every bag has its own limit. You cannot carry more things than the bag you have permits. Now, what will you do when you need to keep some stuff but you do not have even a little space in your back pack? Here the expandable or foldable bags will be handy. You can fold up some bags and keep them in your primary back pack. And when necessary, the bags will be able to store those things which will not have place in your primary back pack. And these will take really less space too!

6. Multi-charger

There are times when you have to travel to some other foreign countries on a business trip or a regular trip. In those cases, how will you charge your cell phone? Because it is not necessary that the type of charger you use is used in that country too, right? Now you are in a really bad situation.

Your savior in those situations would be a multiple cell phone charger. These are those charging bricks which have almost every type of charging pin used in various countries. In this way, you will not have to buy a new charging brick and can easily charge your cell phone!


7. Clothing

It has been said right that the clothes you wear determine your personality. Your garments and dressing determine your status to a large extent. So when you are on a trip, you should check your clothing in prior.

Based on the duration of your trip, you can determine the amount and types of clothing you need to carry. If you are on a short trip like trekking or camping, you should carry minimal clothing like trousers, T-shirts, gloves and all that stuff. If you are on a business trip where you need to attend meetings and parties, you will need to carry some awesome and formal clothing. And on a regular family trip, you can take your jeans, shirts etc. But always try to carry some minimal clothing.

8. Pillow and sleeping bags

There is no surety about where you will have to sleep when you are on a trip. So always try to have a light weight sleeping bag and a travelling pillow in your back pack to make sure that you will not have to go through sleepless nights during your trip!

9. Raincoat and Umbrella

Rainfall does not come with any prior notice, and it is possible that you may be in a rainy area during your trip. Try to take with you a raincoat or an umbrella just in case you have to battle the showers!


10. Multipurpose shoes

When you are all dressed up, you have to look down to the shoes you are wearing as well. And to be frank, the multipurpose shoes will be the best ones. If you suddenly have plans of trekking during your regular trip, you will not have to waste your time looking for the right shoes anymore.

11. Passport and Xerox

Always try to have some photocopies of your passport whenever you are travelling to some foreign countries. Even if your passport gets lost, you will have your spare photocopies which will be of help! But always try to keep your passports and cards in a safe spot inside your bag.

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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