Treadmill In A Cold Garage

Last updated: October 24th, 2022

Treadmills, an important part of our gym equipment not only strengthen our body but also help in boosting our stamina. You can just jog down in your home at any time any place rather than jogging outside and wondering about the weather. But storing them in a cold garage? Might not be in the best of interest.

Cons of storing treadmill in a cold garage:

Research shows that storing a treadmill in a cold garage may mutilate a lot of its parts like screen, LCD, and belts. Extreme weather conditions can cause a lot of vandalization and damage to the treadmill. A garage is also not considered as a hygienic place or a clean one to store a treadmill because most of us consider a garage a storehouse. Isn’t it? So, it will have more dirt and less of cleanliness around which will make even the treadmill dirty and you have to clean it up every day before starting your workouts.

A bad idea!

In countries where it rains a lot or snows, the weather becomes more humid and moisture develops all over. During, this time the garage is the most affected place with moisture and humidity as the ventilation points present there are zero or minimal. So, it makes 100% chances of damaging the treadmill all over, after all, it’s just a machine and can get affected by water and moisture easily. You can cover your treadmill to prevent it from water.

Houses, where there are new-born babies are never a good place to keep treadmills. There is a 100% chance of an accident happening there as the babies are not aware of what a treadmill is.

Keeping aside these points there are a few pros too, let’s look at them:

A treadmill is a huge machine, though now it’s available as a foldable option yet there are a lot of treadmills that cannot be folded. One good thing about keeping your treadmill at your garage would be that you will have enough space at your home and all the noises of the treadmill would be limited to your garage only.

One suggestion to this would be set up a heater in your garage, clean it up and make that garage what should we say “Treadmill worthy”. Making your garage as your gym is not necessary but it’s becoming a trend nowadays. In this way, you can exercise at a pace and won’t feel much cold. Also, this will give you the same feeling as you are in your home. Making the temperature equal is good for the treadmill as well as for us. That’s why a heater is necessary.

Having a treadmill in your own house will provide you the outside view of greenery or scenery which you may not find in your old, rusty garage. Also, when you have a foldable treadmill, you can switch places and jog at any corner of the house where ever you require. Due to this reason, many people shift from their garage to their homes as they find it quite boring to stay in one place and jog. Otherwise, the silent ones enjoy their peace in the garage too.

While many people say, that setting up a treadmill in a garage is not a big deal to them and they found it effective and efficient both, some strongly disagree and state facts about the dirt, dust, and temperature in the garage. I would say, if you can maintain your garage a good gym then surely, go for it. But if not, your treadmill should remain in your house safe and secured.

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

Aman Sharma is a content writer who specializes in creating compelling, informative content. His writing style is engaging and easy to read, making it perfect for online readers. Aman is also an expert in social media marketing and knows how to use social media to promote your content.

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