Types of Refrigerators in India & How to Maintain a Refrigerator

Last updated: October 24th, 2022

Looking to replace your old refrigerator? Got a new job or a new house? whatever your reason might be …There are few things which should be kept in mind as there are different types of refrigerators in India which you can buy online.So without further adieu lets get into the types of refrigerators available in the market and how to maintain a refrigerator after you get one

Single door refrigerator

This type of refrigerator has a single door as the name suggests and has a direct cooling technology with a storage capacity of 100-250 liters which is sufficient for the family members with 2-3 members living together.
It is pocket friendly & doesn’t occupy  too much space.
This refrigerator is most suitable for bachelors, couples or individual.

Double Door Refrigerators

It has two door one for refrigerator and one for the freezer.These refrigerators comes with a capacity of 250-450 liters with frost free technology plus these fridges are bigger in size!

These refrigerators are expensive compared to single doors for (e.g) you will have to pay more if you want more food at the restaurant.

These refrigerators have features like automatic fans to circulate cool air & adjustable shelves which makes it a good choice for nuclear families consisting of two kids and a couple.

double door refrigerator

Triple Door Refrigerators

These refrigerators has three doors one for refrigerator one for storing vegetables and third one freezer.

These compartments are separated to avoid mixing of the odor.These refrigerators are perfect for the families who needs to welcome guests at a regular basis as triple door refrigerators have a storage capacity of whooping 300 to 550 liters.

triple door refrigerator

Side by Side

These refrigerators have plenty of storage space sufficient for a large Indian family.While you open one door the other half remains closed which conserves energy.

These types of refrigerators have facility like separate ice dispensing facility without having to open the doors of the refrigerator.

These refrigerators have also water dispenser facility which helps to fill the glass without opening the door of the refrigerator.

They also have cupboard like design which provides enough space which is good for Families with Luxurious lifestyles and good budget.

side by side refrigerator

Smart Refrigerators

These refrigerators are different compared to the normal ones as smart refrigerators have reverse design.Refrigerator section is on the upper side while freezer section is located at the bottom.

Due to the reverse design mechanism people do not have to bend every time they want to take out fruits, vegetables or fresh food items.

smart refrigerators

Now that you are aware of types of refrigerators available in the market lets get into how you can maintain a refrigerator after you get one home:

Your refrigerators require frequent cleaning & maintenance.It is important to keep your refrigerator in a good working condition so to avoid spoilage of your foods & vegetables.

Keeping your refrigerator in a good condition not only helps with preserving your food but also with serving fresh foods to your customers.

If want to know how to maintain a refrigerator follow the points given below:

Clean the refrigerator

This is no brainier isn’t it? Regardless the version and the style of the refrigerator you need to clean it from inside as-well as the outside.Cleaning he refrigerator from outside is very simple because all you need to do is sprinkle the solution and wipe it off with a soft cloth.

But cleaning the refrigerator from inside is bit of a hassle as the refrigerator needs to be turned off and you need to take out all the stored items.It is best to transfer the food to another refrigerator to avoid the spoilage.

Clean the fridge from inside using the solution and wiping the liquid off using a soft cloth.Let it dry before you place the foods inside.

cleaning the rffrigerator

Defrost Weekly

The ice in the freezer gets contaminated within few days so it should not be consumed or served to the customers if its older then a few days.It is better if you defrost the refrigerator for at least once a week and and fill the ice-trays with fresh water on the daily basis.
defrosting the fridge

Checking the gaskets on the doors

Your refrigerators door plays an important role in maintaining the cooling & temperature of the unit.

Keep checking the gaskets every week or few times every single month for any cuts because it can lead to leakage of cool air resulting into spoilage of food due to inadequate cooling.

Its recommended to replace the gaskets immediately so as to maintain the cool air.If your refrigerator has multiple door you should make it a routine to check all the entries.

checking gaskets

Check Air Filters

Often air filters gets clogged with dust from surrounding & due to the smoke from cooking pans and fryers.Thus its essential to clean the air filters to provide ventilation and to maintain the refrigerator working effectively.

You can you a vacuum cleaner or powerful air blower to clean the air filter & if there is a lot of grease on it you can use de-greaser solution for cleaning the filter.You would want to replace the air filter  with a new one if its too old.

clean air filters

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coil

Both evaporator and condensing coils are a vital part of the refrigerator unit.If the unit if placed near your kitchen area grease and smoke can cover the coils very quickly.If you want your refrigerator to work & perform best you need to clean both these coils.

The condenser of the refrigerator has the condenser coil and the evaporator is located near the ventilator fan.You can use stiff bristled brush to clean both of them.

In case grease gets deposited on the coil you can use DE-greasers which is easily available online .

If you find it tough you can always call the refrigerator technician to do this job for you.

clean evaporate & condenser coils

Drain pans & tubes

Drain pans & tubes helps to drain of the excess water from your refrigerator. They can attract dust from the surroundings which can clog them due to which its important to check them for any buildups for dust and clean them with a solution of vinegar & soap few times a month.
drain pans & tubes

Extensive Cleaning

If you want to keep your refrigerator free of debris & bacteria its recommended to do extensive cleaning every three months which s beyond the solution of soap and vinegar because a professional used special solutions to clean all the components of your refrigerator and then restore it for use.

Calling a professional when needed

It is very important for the owners to call a professional for the scheduled maintenance checkup.A professional would check all the components of your refrigerator and do the cleaning and repairing if needed.

If any of the refrigerators part is too old to perform at its best the technician will advice you to get it replaced.I recommend you to do professional checkup once in a year which should be sufficient.

proffesional refrigerator cleaner

Final Words

I hope the i have made it easier for you guys to get a refrigerator which suits you the best and always keep in mind that refrigerators are vital part of any food business which makes it essential to maintain it in a good condition all the times.Above maintenance tips can help you clean and maintain your refrigerator & performing a periodic checkup can help the business owners to keep their fridge in a working condition.

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