7 Worthwhile Uses of Mixer Grinder – Must Read Before Buying

Last updated: October 24th, 2022

A mixer grinder is a versatile tool that allows you to multitask in your kitchen. In the era of emerging hand blenders and mixers, mixer grinders are one of those that always assure easy operation and maintenance. With a mixer grinder, you can whip creams, make sauces, juices, or even grind hard substances like spices and grains.

It is useless to purchase a mixer without knowing the ways it can be used. We have listed out seven essential ways a mixer can be used to get its maximum benefits. To have a detailed understanding of the precautions and safety measures you must take while using the device, check out our guide on how to use a mixer grinder in the right way.

Best Mixer Grinders

Uses of Mixer Grinder

1- Masala and spices

Garam masala, pepper, cinnamon powder, cumin powder, are those essential ingredients without which your cooking isn’t fulfilled. You can grind spices of your wish to bring out that hidden chef in you. When varieties of spices and masala can be made on your own, why to spend on expensive readymade packets?

With homemade spices and herbs, the nutritional value is preserved providing traditional touch to your meals.

However, by utilizing a mixer, you will save more time compared to the traditional method of using motor and pestle. There are unique blades in the mixer jar that grinds dry substances into a fine powder.

2- Dosa and Idly Batter

Dosa and idly, being a traditional South Indian dish has enticed many around the country. Preparing batter has become very simple these days. Who doesn’t like having different options for your breakfast? With mixer grinders, you can make batters for pancakes, cookies, vadas, and even rice cakes.

With the aid of the right blades and speed, you can prepare batter without lumps in just a few minutes. This is one of those features that make mixer grinders stand unique compared to hand blenders.

3- Purees and sauces

Dishes like samosa, French fries, and pakodas are nothing without sauces. With good mixer grinders, mouth-watering sauces, and dips can be made in your home. If you love tomato sauces, Italian dips, or schezwan sauces then you should consider buying a mixer to satisfy your cravings anytime.

Making your favorite sauces at your home will save you lots of money than the store brought packages.

Delicious purees are also an important ingredient to aid your cooking. A mixer can save your time to a major extent to prepare your favorite dish. A blender also performs these operations but only to some extent.

4- Sweets 

None of your meals seem complete without enjoying sweet. Your favorite desserts can be made effortlessly at your home without any hassle. Some traditional sweets that require, grinding and mixing can be easily made by good quality mixers. Kaju katli, ladoos, halwa are some varieties that no one can resist to have a bite.

Mixer grinders also let you prepare powdered or icing sugar for frosting and milkshakes. This is extremely easy and can save you lots of money.



Chutneys and snacks are great friends. Mayonnaise is one of the most loved dressing by people all over the world. Isn’t it exciting to know that you can make them by yourself in just a few minutes?

Whether it is pudina or coriander chutney, you can make everything using a mixer grinder. Mixers of some good brands offer separate compartments for grinding chutneys that can be very useful to save time.

However, when ingredients are present in smaller amounts, it becomes difficult sometimes to grind them thoroughly.

6-  Juices and smoothies.

Every diet or fitness plan will require consuming a glass of juice or smoothies every day. With these highly efficient mixers, you can make them in just a few seconds. You can achieve your fitness goal without any obstacle. Smoothies with your favorite fruits, nuts, and toppings can be made anytime.

7- Coconut milk and gravy

Coconut milk is very essential when preparing dals, kichadi, and gravies. You can easily extract milk from the coconut by grinding a few pieces of them.

Gravies like paneer butter masala, channa masala, requires grinding of all the ingredients to bring out the perfect consistency. With the good quality mixer grinders, you will be able to make any restaurant styled foods at your home. The blades of the mixers are sharp enough to cleave hard substances and make a smooth paste.

How to use your mixer grinder

As you have seen the seven essential uses of a mixer, have a look at the detailed guide on how to use a mixer grinder in the right way.

1- Location

Before using a mixer, decide the spot where the device is going to be kept on. Make sure that the area is not wet. Choose a place that has an electric socket close to the mixer. There shouldn’t be any obstacle between the mixer and the electricity board.

2- Jars and blades

Most of the mixers come with a variety of jars that have different blades designed for specific purposes.

For Example, Sharp blades are kept for grinding spices and dry substances. Soft blades are used to make purees, juice, and smoothies.

Make sure you pick the right blade before you start operating. It is advised to refer to the manual that comes with the product to have detailed knowledge about the blades and their uses.

3-  Quantity 

The quantity of ingredients you grind also has an impact on the speed and efficiency of the motor. When the amount is more than the specified level, it might lead to spilling of contents outside. 

The major disadvantage of a mixer grinder is that you can’t grind very small amounts of content. That will lead to a loss of efficiency of the motor and you will not get satisfactory results.

Always have a check on the capacity of the mixer you purchase.

4- Cleaning 

It is very important to clean the jar after every use. There are some ways through which you can clean them thoroughly.

  • Lemon– lemon with a pinch of baking soda can make wonders to your jar. It will scraps out even the slightest debris that is left in your jar.
  • Liquid detergent– A normal detergent can wipe out all the residues with just one wash. Dilute the detergent with water and cleanse the jar once in a while to guarantee clean blades.
  • Speed control- Most of the mixers come with a speed control knob or dials. This will help you to adjust the motor speed according to your preferences.
    It is recommended to start at the lowest speed. Hold the lid of the jar with your hand to prevent spilling or spraying of contents from the jar. You can slowly upgrade to higher speeds as per your needs.

5- Precautions 

To use an appliance that requires electricity to function, it is advised to take safety measures beforehand. The jars must be completely dried before using to prevent electrical shocks. make sure that your hand is also dry while holding the jar.

The base of the motor where the jar is fixed must not come in contact with water. Avoid frequent cleaning of the jar with soaps or detergent because it might deteriorate the quality of the blades.

With so many advantages of using a mixer grinder, you should consider buying one if you want your cooking to be fun and easy. However, there are some major drawbacks of mixer grinders that must also be considered before choosing one.

Advantages of a mixer grinder:

  •  Using a mixer grinder saves a lot of your time as it makes your job easier.
  •  It allows multitasking. You can perform multiple tasks when you are using a mixer. With this device, it easier for you to prepare a variety of dishes in very little time.
  •  Using a mixer grinder is extremely easy. Maintenance is also not a big deal when it comes to a high-quality mixer.
  • It serves as a multi-purpose device that can perform operations of a hand blender or food processor.

Disadvantages of a mixer grinder

  • The appliance is not portable. You can’t carry them with you while you travel.
  •  It produces noise while functioning. The motor sound is too high that it becomes difficult to operate when people are around.


With versatile uses of a mixer grinder, they are the perfect choice for Indian food styles.  Make sure you learn the right way to operate a mixer to get the maximum benefits. The device has both advantages and disadvantages that require intense research to select the best brand that will satisfy your needs.

Precautions and safety measures must be taken very seriously before using an electrical appliance. The durability of the device is largely determined by how well you use it. Cleansing and maintenance are some of the essential factors you should follow periodically to ensure higher efficiency.

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