Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine Review

Last updated: October 27th, 2022

When it comes to shopping for the best quality sewing machine, Usha is the name that strikes everyone’s mind. This machine will offer you amazing quality and help you in getting your hands on the best quality products. This is a product that offers customers 100% customer satisfaction along with full value for money.

This machine has been there for a long time and now the addition of the advanced features is going to make the users enjoy using it to the core.

Usha Bandha Composite Sewing Machine

Usha Bandhan Straight Stitch Composite Sewing Machine (Black)

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Let us get to know about the sewing machine from Usha in a bit more detail. It has all the features that a beginner would love to enjoy. It has a strong body with an excellent quality presser foot along with the best quality needle area. The bobbin and the looks complement each other. The sturdy design will make you fall in love with the machine. 

Salient Features of Usha Bandhan Sewing Machine Review

Now that you know about the machine in detail, let us get to read about the features and know all that it has to offer to the customers. 


One of the best things about this machine is that it comes from a leading brand in the industry. It offers customers what they need. It understands the crucial points and then keeps a perfect blend of quality with design and offers the best at a budget-friendly price. 


Another feature that is loved by the users is the price. This high-quality machine is not only priced at a basic level but also offers massive discounts and gifts on the purchase. This is an ISI marked sewing machine and offers excellent performance to the ones who love to stay connected to the vintage looks. 

Sleek Design Revisited

USHA is known for the handy machines and for the ones who love to rotate the wheel with their hands and keep a check on each and every feature, this one is going to be the best part of the machine. All you need to do is to take it out from the cover and get going. 


Another added feature of the sewing machine is that it comes with an extended warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer. This product looks great. It has been there since the starting of the brand and hence keeps the users connected to the vintage way of stitching the clothes and designing the best. 

Household Friendly

This sewing machine comes with a tag of being friendly for household works. No matter if you want to place a lace on the dress of your daughter or are planning to apply a new figure on the curtains, this one is going to be the best option. 

The Motions of the Needle

The best thing about the sewing machine is the motion of the needle. You can easily adjust them according to your preference. The screw presser adjustment is also one of those that your grandmother might have done. 

Ease of Use

This is a easy to use machine that one can easily operate without any hassles. All you need to do is to set it up on a table and get going to enjoy it without any damage or hindrance. This machine has to be placed on a table or a high surface so that you can easily enjoy your work.

The Best Compact Tool

This compact tool has a number of options and also respond to all your need for sewing. It can be used for little ones to scale repair work or new garments to be stitched. Hand-cutting may add more personal touch, but in bigger terms without a machine, you can’t do projects. 

Usha Bandhan Furnishing, you can do everything and more. This composite sewing machine stitches straight. Displayed in this attractive donation case is a perfect gift for you too. Somebody who enjoys traditional machine sewing, this unit is going to be their best companion. 

Comes With a Case

The next feature that the users love about this sewing machine is that it comes with a cover case of aluminum. It keeps the unit at its place and keeps the machine in the best form. This machine will not prove to be a headache for you. It will stay inside the cover and you can easily store it at a place.

The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that there has to be ample space so that the entire unit can be placed easily. 

A Proper Thread Stand

The next feature that is offered by the machine is the stand for the thread. All you need to do is to place your reel over the machine and let it move properly. This machine is not going to hamper the way you stitch.

No matter it might lack some of the modern features, but this vintage unit is going to be your best companion for a long time. Just oil it up on regular basis and it will offer you the best lifelong support. 

No Stuck Up Clothes

You might have seen your grandmother or your mother struggling with the clothes that get stuck in the machine while they are operating it. With this one at your service, all you need to do is to slide the cloth and get going. The needle and the bobbin area make sure that the cloth does not get stuck inside.

This machine is designed to handle a range of heavy tasks in an easy manner. If you are planning to design clothes for your little one or are looking for a machine that can offer you the best support for curtains and sofa covers, then this one is the ultimate option. 

What We Like

  • Vintage looks untouched 
  • Excellent quality
  • The best finish
  • Strong spine
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • 100% customer satisfaction and full value for money. 

What We Dislike

  • It is a vintage sewing machine, which means you won’t get advanced features like an LCD screen, automated threading, etc.  It is also a bit bulky and heavy, so if you have space issues, then it might not suitable for you. 

Wrapping Up

This was a quick review guide for the vintage Usha Bandhan machine. No matter if you are a beginner or are looking out for a sewing machine that can prove to be the best gifting option, this one is always there at your service. With the elegant looks and excellent design, this strong core machine is going to offer you the best performance so that you do not get bored of trying your hands on new designs. 

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