Usha Bloom Daffodil Anti Dust Ceiling Fan Review & Buying Guide

Last updated: October 25th, 2022

Ceiling fans are one of the most used appliances in India, as you can find an average of three fans in every home. Apart from being affordable than air conditioners, ceiling fans are easy to use and maintain. Also, many people in India use ceiling fans instead of using air conditioners because they are stunning and add a delicate look to each room. If you compare the power consumption of ceiling fans with air conditioners, then you can notice a big difference in them. It is another reason why people choose using ceiling fans in a hot country like India instead of air conditioners. 

Usha Bloom Daffodil Anti Dust Ceiling Fan

Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye Dust Ceiling Fan 1250mm, Sparkle White

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Apart from all the above reasons, ceiling fans are comfortable to use and offer an unmatched feeling. When you come from outside being tired, ceiling fans are what dry your sweat and make you feel pleasant. Ceiling fans are also easy to install and troubleshoot if any problem arises. This is why ceiling fans are highly preferred by an Indian household. Another benefit of using ceiling fans is they help you décor your home interior. When guests come to your home, ceiling fans can make an impression. Therefore, you can choose a ceiling fan from a top brand as local brands can’t provide the same quality and productivity. 

In India, numerous companies produce ceiling fans to meet the demand of the market. Also, the features, specifications, and benefits of their products are not the same. However, in this article, we are going to discuss Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye anti dust ceiling fan. This ceiling fan comes with a range of features that leave the user with elegance. Its stylish appearance is ideal for improving the lifestyle of the Indian people. We are talking about this fan because of its anti-dust feature. Moreover, this ceiling fan is a combination of quality, stylish design, power, and durability. 

Usha is a common name in India for high-quality home and kitchen appliances. Also, most people might have some appliances from this brand in their home. So the quality and support of this brand are not unknown to people in the country. Therefore, we have picked this ceiling fan for our discussion. With a delicate look, this ceiling fan from Usha can match the décor of any home. Because of a good name in the market and matchless performance, the Usha ceiling fan is a premium appliance to use in homes, offices, hotels, etc. So if you are looking for the best ceiling fan for your home, then you can try it. 

One of the most beautiful things about this ceiling fan is it has a dual-color design that looks stunning and is ideal for modern homes. Those who are looking for good-looking ceiling fans can enjoy using this fan. The ceiling fan comes with a goodbye dust surface that eliminates your efforts for cleaning this fan. Mostly, people get fed up when it is time to clean their ceiling fans. But this ceiling fan brings convenience for them by including dust-resistant surface. The fact behind this feature is the Novel Silane Paint Technology that is designed by the PPG Asian Paints. This fan is coated with Novel Silane Paint Technology to offer resistance to dust, stain, moisture, scratch, and oil. Because of this feature, this ceiling fan can be a part of any modern home and enhance its look. 

Coming to the blades of this fan, they have a unique design to offer maximum air compared with other ceiling fans in the market. Also, this fan provides maximum cooling by improving the wind blow. The air delivery of this fan is 240 CMM, which is ideal for many homes. The ceiling fan comes with a 100% copper motor that provides smooth performance and ensures you get the right benefits of this fan. The powerful motor satisfies the users and helps expand the lifespan of the appliance. This ceiling fan comes with the trusted quality of the Usha brand and performs appropriately even at a low voltage. It offers a speed of 380 RPM and consumes 85 watts of power. Usha provides two years of manufacturer warranty on this ceiling fan that makes the user confident about this product. 


  • The Usha ceiling fan is available in four engaging colors that allow users to choose their preferred color easily. 
  • The canopy and trims of this fan come with an electroplated finish for an improved look. 
  • The copper motor delivers powerful performance for a better experience. 
  • This ceiling fan offers resistance to dust, oil, moisture, and stains. 
  • The fan is specially designed to provide appropriate performance at low voltage as well. 


  • According to some user reviews, the fan creates noise. 


  • This dust-free ceiling fan comes with a dual-color design for an elegance look. 
  • The ceiling fan uses 100% copper motor for powerful performance and high durability.
  • This fan is coated with Novel Silane Paint Technology to prevent it from getting affected by dust, oil, scratch, moisture, and stain. 
  • It delivers 240 CMM of air to provide maximum comfort. 
  • The blades of this fan are shaped uniquely to improve the force of the wind. 


  • This ceiling fan has a sweep size of 1250 mm. 
  • The motor of this fan offers a speed of 1250 RPM. 
  • The motor comes with a copper winding for long-lasting performance. 
  • The fan includes top & bottom canopy, blades, motor, down rod, and shackle assembly.  
  • This ceiling fan weighs 6.37 kg and consumes 85 watts of power. 


The Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye dust ceiling fan is one of the top-rated fans in India, and most people use it for its uniqueness. It contains all the important features that you can look for in a ceiling fan. Moreover, the design of this fan is appealing and can match the décor of any modern home. Also, the Usha brand is one of the leading appliance brands in India that ensures customer satisfaction in every aspect. So, you can opt for this fan to enjoy its benefits. With improved comfort, durability, and efficiency, this ceiling fan can let you enjoy impressive wind every day.   

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