Usha Janome 450e Review – Should You Buy It?

Last updated: October 21st, 2022

The 450e from Usha Janome is one of the most popular automatic stitching machines in India. Though it is on the expensive side for most users, it does come with some pretty unique features. First of all, you can simply obtain a design pattern from the web and can replicate that particular design with the help of digitizer software. Additionally, there are 160 built-in designs and around 6 pre-built fonts for you to work with. 

Buy Usha 450e

We also loved the small monitor that lets you edit the designs and add the finishing touches. The table on the stitching machine is fairly large and can support large pieces of clothes as well. The Usha Janome brand adds a lot of value as well. The product is best suited for professionals, not for beginners. Read on to find out our full review of the product.

Salient Features Of Usha Janome 450e

Built-in Designs

With over 160 different preloaded designs and patterns, this machine does not limit your creativity. Also, there are 6 different fonts to choose from. With such a vast array of choices to choose from, you can create any print you need.

Speed Control

Not all sewing machines come with speed control. However, speed adjustment is such a crucial factor because it makes the entire process of stitching and embroidery much easier. This machine comes with several speed adjustments, so you can adjust the settings as per your needs. 

5-inch LCD screen

The small LCD screen helps greatly in making any minor adjustments while stitching. It speeds up the navigation and makes choosing the stitch much easier.

One hand needle threader

It comes with a one-handle needle threader, which is much easier to use than a regular needle threader.

Automatic Thread Cutter

An automatic thread cutter is given, which means you don’t have to do any sort of cutting. Every cutting operation is done by the machine, which helps you make creative designs without any hassle. 

Embroidery size of 7.9 *11”

The size is fairly big to allow you to do large projects. So if you want a sewing machine for professional use, then this would be a great option. 

Janome Digitizer

This is software that lets you do functions like edit, rotate, flip, and personalize the design if needed. You can use custom designs and print them in your projects. 

USB Ports

The USB ports allow you to transfer the design to the sewing machine with the help of a USB.

Flexible Stitch Traveling

This feature allows you to jump from one part of the stitch design to another in small increments.

Auto Return Post Thread Break

The machine pauses when it senses that the thread has broken. Only, when the thread is fixed will it resume stitching

What We Like

  • Variable speed control
  • Embroidery size
  • Wide table
  • Different pre-built designs
  • Bobbin thread sensor
  • Automatic-cutting
  • Digitizer software

What We Dislike

  • The price might be too much for normal customers. Especially, since there are other alternatives at a much lower price point.


We hope that you might have benefited from this review of the 450e from Usha Janome. While this sewing machine boasts of plenty of impressive features, the price tag might keep it beyond the reach of many. So if you have a good budget and want a premium sewing machine with amazing features, this one will never disappoint. 

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