Usha or Singer Sewing Machine Which is Best?

Last updated: October 15th, 2022

Stitching has always been considered as a fascinating desire and a productive pastime remedy that can be practiced pleasantly. Be it a designer or someone with a hobby of stitching, owning a good set of sewing machines can make them feel over the top of mountains.

The ground rule of having a great sewing machine should be its ability to perform several functions with ease and at the comfort of your home. From working on your dream outfit to making several DIY Pieces for your kids, everything can be achieved without wasting your valuable time and money.

Moreover, with time, you can acquire several tricks that might help in developing your interest progressively in the world of stitching. We believe these reasons were enough to clear your thoughts about having a good quality sewing machine.

Choosing the Right Option for You

Sometimes newbies with no knowledge about the sewing machine, end up buying any ordinary sewing machine that doesn’t serve their purpose. People struggle a lot while selecting their dream machine, and in that context, recognition of the best brand among Usha and Singer becomes difficult.

Defining them explicitly, Both the brands Usha and Singer are prominent brands that are known to manufacture several household products for our daily use. All of their products come with the latest technologies and with fully packed features. To understand this context, let’s consider the top-end variant from each brand and discuss their features in detail that are Usha dream stitch and Singer 1304.

1) Usha Janome Dream Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Dream Zig-Zag Electric Sewing Machine

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Usha International is a trustworthy brand that has been known to deliver quality products with the latest innovations and great features. Since time immemorial, their products have aced a large portion of market shares. After its successful launch, it has marked its place in several households. This innovative concept has heavy and positive customer feedback.

  • Both beginners and intermediates can consider this product as a boon for their dream work. Any hard masterpiece can be achieved with their Japanese technology.
  • This product is known to have seven built-in stitching options. It has made functions like zip fixing, zig zag stitching, rolled hemming, and lace fixing easy with its 14 different applications. Anyone can use this magic stitching machine and make their stitching game strong.
  • With its automatic stitch adjuster, every design can be possible regardless of the actual material of the fabric. Anyone can easily use the stitch according to their desired height and comfort. Auto tripping bobbin system, auto needle threading, and drop feed for embroidery are its cool features.

Salient Features

  • The automatic tripping system allows the user to have a seamless experience. It reduces the pressure and maintains an even pressure throughout the length of the thread
  • Its compact size is the main plus point in owning this machine. Its small size ensures the storage of this device. This can be easily packed and stored in your cupboard after use. This machine has an easy to use interface and simple ergonomic design
  • Dream stitch is equipped with a free arm that allows you to easily stitch complicated problems like quilts. For more ease in changing between modes of stitching, they have provided an easy rotary knob
  • Lastly, a builtin light is installed in this machine. It provides an enormous advantage to the user is completely dim light conditions. Moreover, they have packed essential accessories for a perfect stitching experience

What We Liked:

  • Its compact structure
  • Builtin light for sewing
  • Free arm and buttonhole stitching
  • Easily changeable foot part
  • Easy bobbin winding concerning other machines
  • Handlebar for easy caring

What We Disliked:

  • Always requires a constant power source for running

2) Singer Promise 1304 Sewing Machine

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If you are new to the world of stitching and want to explore your creativity, this might be the option for you. The singer is also a reputed brand, and their sewing machines are known for providing comfort and quality products. For having a compact shape and lightweight, the device can be easily stored anywhere or helps in its easy carrying.

This machine has a high sewing speed of 1800spm that allows you to finish your desired work with less time. With its great built external body, it can easily run for several years without any harm. It has a power consumption of 80w and also works effectively in power saving mode.

  • For a comfortable stitching experience, they have attached a storage drawer that can accommodate several accessories and helps you with hard to reach places. Zipper foot, button sewing foot, all-purpose foot, seam ripper, lint brush, and dust cover are its essential accessories.
  • Meanwhile, they have kept the ideas of the requirement of needles of different shapes. So, they have packed a set of different sizes of needles.

Salient Features

  • This powerful beast comes with eight built-in stitches that include one automatic stitch and one decorative stitch. Its auto 4 step buttonhole is another great feature. The presence of a bobbin winder helps in easy release of thread while maintaining a constant tension and keeping the thread intact
  • The presence of LED light within the machine helps the user to work even in low light or closed room conditions
  • This machine comes with a user manual that helps in easy understanding of the device. Along with all the features, they have mentioned some of the useful sewing tricks that can help in learning
  • Lastly, this product comes with two years of warranty, so that you can use the product without any problem

What We Liked:

  • Equipped with eight built-in stitches
  • Also has a reverse knob
  • Presence of inbuilt thread cutting device
  • Auto bobbin winder
  • Great built with efficiency

What We Disliked:

  • Have to use high-quality thread

Common Checklist While Buying a Sewing Machine


One must go with the machine that offers all the essential features. Mostly, straight stitching and backstitching are some features that are required for a satisfactory sewing experience. Your machine must have these two features. Some other features like piping, hem foot, and zig-zag sewing, are not that essential for every domestic use.

Purpose of use

One must understand the need and use of the product. They should be very clear about the use. If they are for domestic use, then the size and shape don’t matter to that extent. But for industrial use, they must be packed with features and should be lightweight. But, make sure to look for a sewing machine. that can actually provide you with versatility.


The budget plays an integral role while selecting any sewing machine. After all, you won’t be breaking your bank just to get a sewing machine. That being said, for the majority of the beginner, a simple machine can play the role perfectly. If you are ready to spend some extra amount on a sewing machine, then advanced options are also available.

The amount that they offer is reasonable with the new generation sewing machines.


Before buying the machine, make sure you check the warranty period. Durability depends upon your budget, the higher you pay higher the quality you get. So make sure you spend good amount on a good quality machine if you are planning to use the machine on daily basis.

Final verdict

If you are willing to perform some high and advanced level projects, then you must go with the machine that offers almost all features. Both machines offer almost the same features and specifications. According to the user experience and feedback, the Usha dream stitch is slightly having more price but delivers a great experience and comfort.

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