Vestige Product Price List Dec 2023

Last updated: October 13th, 2022

Vestige became a household name in India as a lifestyle and wellness company. This direct selling company is among the top growing companies in India with its wide consumer base. Vestige has become popular due to its wide range of products in different categories. Moreover, this brand has ensured its customers get quality products without spending a lot.

The best part of Vestige is its affordable price list. Most Vestige products are affordable and come in premium grade marks.

Interested to become a part of the Vestige family? Here is the detailed Vestige Product Price List for you-

Vestige Health Supplements

Vestige offers all-natural and herbal and organic health supplements for people of all ages. So, now you can boost your immunity and get a healthier and better life with a vestige. Here is a price list of Vestige Health Supplements

Product Name Price(INR)
Vestige Prime Metamind Tablets 1285
Vestige Prime Sea Buckthorn capsules 1000
Vestige Prime Combiotics Capsules 525
Vestige Prime Krill Oil Capsules 1435
Vescare Insta Relief Cream 150

Vestige Personal Care product Price List

Vestige is among the top brands for personal care in India. This brand offers special products that are suitable for Indian skin and encourage a healthy personal hygiene habits. Consumers can choose from hair care products, hygiene products, skincare products, and intimate products to keep their life healthy and better.

If you want to buy any of these products, you can check the Vestige Product Price list here-

Product Category Product Name Price(INR)
Hair Care Assure Hair Spa 405
Assure Daily Care Shampoo 190
Assure Deep Cleanse Shampoo 190
Assure Hair Oil 195
Assure Hair Conditioner 245
Assure Moisture Rich Shampoo 190
Skin care Assure BB Cream 380
Assure Night Care Gel Crème 315
Assure Tanclear Face Pack 265
Assure Purifying Cleanser+Toner 315
Assure Daily Moisturizer 290
Assure Anti-Aging Night Cream 255
Assure BB Cream SPF 30+ 400
Assure Shaving Cream 120
Assure Exfoliating Face Scrub 295
Assure Instant Glow Face Pack 170
Assure Complete Fairness Cream 200
Assure Sun Defense SPF 30+ 265
Assure Clarifying Face Wash 170
Assure Facial Massage Cream 250
Product Category Product Name Price(INR)
Body Care Assure Creamy Cleansing bar 73
Assure Germ Protection Soap 66
Assure Force Fresh Body Talc 65
Assure Enchant Body Talc 65
Assure soap 52
Assure Complexion Bar 80
Assure Hand Cleansing gel 67
Assure Hand Cleaning Gel 500 ml 302
Assure Cocoa & Peach Body Butter 520
Assure Blossom Perfume Spray(Pocket Size) 100
Assure Captive Perfume Spray 100
Assure Aloe Cucumber Aqua gel 315
Assure Charisma Perfume Spray 100
Assure Hand Wash 145
Assure Hand & Body Lotion 225
Assure body Polish 360
Assure Arctic Perfume Spray 325
Assure Rapture 190
Assure Foot Cream 165
Assure Body Wash 300
Assure Active 190
Assure Aura Perfume Spray 325
Assure Pulse Perfume Spray 325

Vestige Oral Care Products

Vestige has changed the Oral care sector with its modern and scientific products. The brand offers organic, cruelty-free and FDA-approved oral care items that help you to keep smiling minus any worries or health issues!

If you want to include these amazing items in your oral care routine, here is the vestige product price list-

Product Name Price(INR)
Denture Gano Toothpaste 175
Dentassure Mouthwash 205
Dentassure Whitening Toothpaste 150
Dentassure Multi-Action Toothbrush 244
Dentassure Toothpaste 75

Vestige Health food price list

Vestige has also introduced multiple lines of health foods like Enerva, Litehouse, Zeta and Invigo that offers you energy, keeps you fit and maintains your health in a better way. Here is their price list

Product Line Product Name Price(INR)
Zeta Zeta Tea 160
Zeta Premium Spice Tea 285
Zeta Gano Coffee Max 2 in 1 675
Zeta Special Tea Bags 235
Zeta Coffee 185
Invigo Invigo Fresh Up Drink 235
Invigo Nutritional Protein Powder(500g) 1320
Invigo Nutritional Protein powder(200g) 590
Enerva Enerva Protein Snack Bar 65
Enerva Energy Snack Bar 60
Enerva Hi-Nutrition Breakfast Cereal 350
Enerva Choco-Flaxseed Bar 60
Litehouse Lite House Rice Bran oil 2 l 540
Lite House Olive Pomace Oil 760

Vestige Agri Product price list

Besides the wide range of wellness and lifestyle products, Vestige is also a well known agri product company. This company produces natural fertilizers, moss, crop protection substances for the Indian agricultural sector. Here is the latest price list of these items-

Product Name Price(INR)
Vestige Agri Nanotek 750
Vestige Agri Protek (250g) 760
Vestige Agri 82 535
Vestige Agri 82 3X100 381
Vestige Agri 82(5l) 4300
Agri Aquagel 1850
Agri Protek(500g) 1475
Vestige Agri Moss 100 ml 380
Agri-Humic Granules 700
Agri Nanotek 500g 1475
Agri Gold 100g 600
Agri Humic 500ml 595
Agri Moss 500ml 1750

So there was the price list of Vestige products. For more articles like this, keep visiting our blog.

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