Wall Mount Fan Vs Ceiling Fans – Which is Better?

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

As most of the people know both wall mount and ceiling fan are traditional types of fans available on the market for a very long time. In the beginning, the features and functions offered by both ceiling fans and wall mount fans were limited, however, things are different today. The features offered by ceiling fans and wall fans are unmatchable and therefore, the price, as well as, the efficiency of the fans differ.

Wall mount fans

Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Double String Wall Fan

Wall fan is one of the oldest types of fans available on the world market today. A wall mount fan, unlike ceiling fans, comes with a provision that enables the user to mount the fan on the wall. Yes, on the wall, in any direction. However, the design of wall mount fan is entirely different from ceiling fans.

What is so special about wall mount fans?

A wall fan is different, different in the sense, different design, different features, different size, and different price. A wall fan is designed in such a way that a user can mount the fan on the wall so that the airflow directed towards the floor. However, Unlike ceiling fans a wall mount fan can come with features like

  1. Oscillation
  2. Different airflow angle
  3. Variable speed
  4. Space saving

What are the benefits offered by a wall mount fan?

When compared to a ceiling fan, table fan, and pedestal fan, the benefits offered by wall mount fan is different.

  1. A wall mount fan is constructed in such a way that it can be mounted on the wall, this in turn, saves a lot of ceiling and floor space.
  2. While ceiling fan is designed to be stationary and propel air in one direction, a wall mount fan can come with oscillation feature that can oscillate in left and right direction to spread air over a larger area.
  3. A wall mount fan can push air throughout a room in different directions, rather than just one direction.
  4. A wall mount fan comes fully assembled so that the user can mount the fan on the wall and use the product with ease.

Types and uses of wall mount fans

There are different types of wall mount fans available on the market today. Each type designed for a specific purpose.

  1. Wall mount fan designed for residential use – this type of wall mount fan is designed for indoor use, for your basement, gym, play room, dining room, playroom, etc.
  2. Designed for indoor grow areas and for greenhouses – this type of wall mount fan is designed to offer a significant amount of airflow and maximum air circulation for increasing the availability of fresh air in the room.
  3. Designed for sheds and garage – a wall mount fan is designed for garage and sheds come with a smaller size. The overall design of the fan is different from residential and greenhouse wall mount fans.

Ceiling fan

Usha Swift 600MM Ceiling Fan

No one is sure about a date when the first ceiling fan was introduced. Some experts have commented that it was introduced between the year 1860 and 1870. A ceiling fan is perhaps one of the oldest types of fans available on the market today.

What is the principle behind a ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan is different from all the other types if fans available on the market today. The electric motor incorporated into the fan is coupled to the blades that rotate the blades to propel air in one direction. The number of blades incorporated into the fan can vary, as the number of blades increases, the airflow also increases.

What are the advantages of a ceiling fan?

  1. When compared to wall mount fan a ceiling fan consumes very less energy
  2. Unlike other cooling devices like wall mount fan, pedestal fan, and other types of fans, a ceiling fan comes designed to make you feel cooler, even if the product does not reduce the room temperature.
  3. A ceiling fan can be a backup option while power shut down, as ceiling fans can worth on inverter or UPS.
  4. A ceiling fan is designed in such a way that it can warm up a room in winter season, as it can suck the warm air from the ceiling and propel it to the ground.
  5. Ceiling fans requires the least maintenance when compared to other products like pedestal fans, wall fans, air coolers, etc.
  6. Some ceiling fans come designed with lights and art works that increases the beauty of the product and make it suitable for modern room settings.

Which is better walk mount fan or a ceiling fan?

It is not that easy to mention which fan is better, there is a reason for such a statement. Both the fans, wall mount fan and ceiling fan, both have advantages and disadvantages, what I find as an advantage, some other customer might find it as a disadvantage. To know more here are the advantages of each product over the other. So this was little comparison between wall fan vs ceiling fan.

  1. A ceiling fan does not consume space like other types of fans, however, for people who have artworks, a ceiling fan is not a suitable option. For such people, a wall mount fan is the best option.
  2. If you need constant airflow over a large area, then a ceiling fan is the best option for you. On the other hand, a wall mount fan with oscillating head can provide the same airflow over large space, but the airflow is not constant, you will get the airflow to a certain direction only when the head socialite to the specific direction.
  3. If you have artworks on your ceiling then, installing a ceiling fan will not be a suitable option for you. Here you can consider purchasing a wall mount fan as it will not disrupt the aesthetics of the ceiling.
  4. If the height of your ceiling is too low, then the best option for you is the wall mount fan.

With all the facts mentioned above including the advantages and the benefits of one product over the another. Based on these factors select the best product accordingly.

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