10 Easy Washing Machine Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Last updated: October 20th, 2022

The current world washing machines have made our lives much more relaxed than before. Collecting the laundry and putting it into the washing machine is all you have to do. The washing machine performs the rest of the tedious work. Can you recall the tumultuous work that your mother went through while doing laundry before the evolution of washing machines? We hope you do; if you can’t, do not forget to ask your mom about this. The time and effort that manual cloth washing requires can’t be described in words. Previously, doing laundry had a separate reservation in the everyday time table. Kudos, to all the scientists who brought these machines into existence.

Washing machines are not something that you can purchase or replace every coming year. You invest abundantly on your favorite washing machine to make it the one for a long haul. To make this possible, you have to maintain the washing machine in a good state by taking proper care of it. Lack of decent maintenance can also make you to spend an extra penny on the little repairs. Every electrical appliance demands time to time cleansing & attention to keep it functional. People are usually confused on how to maintain their washing machines in a new state.

Let us look at the top 10 tips and tricks to take care of a washing machine

Washing Machine Maintenance

1. Examine the hoses periodically

Washing machine hoses are the most fundamental part of it. Experts recommend checking the hoses frequently every alternate month by manual inspection. If you suspect an unspecified problem in the hose, make sure to get it inspected by a professional. To avoid inviting bothersome circumstances, always keep a check on the pipes. If you have recently moved to a new place, make sure to check the ill-fitting connections of the drain hose. Also, the hoses are susceptible to cracks; dampness is the most peculiar sign of cracks. Old washing machines tend to develop rust on their parts, which can obstruct their functioning. Small pieces of things like coins, ornaments, notes, and toys can choke the pipeline. Make sure to check if the hose is free from any blockage.

2. Use the right kind & proper amount of detergent

Using the right kind of detergent is necessary for your washing machine. How will you know about the most appropriate detergent that suits your laundry machine? There is always a way to everything. Check the detergent and soap section in the laundry machine’s manual. If you have lost it somewhere, don’t worry, many of them are readily available online. Use the detergent mentioned in your washing machine’s manual.

Another most frequently asked question is about the quantity of detergent. Most of the people think that adding more detergent would make the clothes cleaner. Let me assure you that this is a 100% myth!  If you see rusty stains on cloth, slimy washer surface, bad odor, and improper draining; it is a warning sign that you are overdoing the detergent.

3. Use the fabric conditioner only when required

Use the fabric conditioner only during the last rinse. Adding it with the help of dispenser is considered as a better option than manual mixing. Never mix the detergent with the conditioner, or else it can leave stains on the base of the washer.

4. Do not overload the washing machine

Overloading the washing machine can cause serious issues to the functioning of the washer. Overloading decreases the efficiency of the machine. Never-ever overload your washing device, even if you are running short on time. It also reduces the working efficiency, and your clothes will come out unclean. The best way to keep the washing machine efficiently working is to separate the clothes according to their size, weight, and color.

5. Regular cleaning of interior & exterior of the machine

Cleaning is something that every electrical appliance requires. Though, you have to be very precise about the cleaning methods. Lack of adequate cleaning has shown a down growth in the efficacy of washer. If you see yellowing, slimy growth, deposition of tar-like material, make sure to clean the machine thoroughly. Be careful while cleaning the interior of the device such as; the washer, dispenser, detergent tray, filter box, and shoes. A little damage to these parts can cause dysfunction of the entire washing machine. Also, clean the exterior of the laundry machine to give it a brand new look.

6. Always wash the light & heavy clothes separately

Make sure to divide the clothes according to their color and fabric. Light-colored and dark-colored fabrics should never be washed together. It can cause the poorly stained dark clothes to leave the stain on light-colored fabrics. Also, separate the heavyweight fabrics such as denims, drapes, rugs, and blankets from the lightweight fabric such as cotton, rayon, linen, and silk clothes.

7. The drum door & gasket also require cleaning

Purification of a washing machine does not only mean cleaning insignificantly. The washer drum is the most vital part of a laundry machine. It is the part which takes all the load of clothes. Clean it thoroughly, keeping all the contraindications in mind. The gasket accumulates lots of dirt and slimy substances inside it. Wipe it off with a clean damp cloth & maintain its hygiene.

8. Do not leave the laundry for too long

Leaving the wet laundry overnight or too long can harm both your machine as well as the clothes. It can develop moldy and slimy growth on the clothes if you practice this habit regularly. You eventually have to wash the clothes again, making the machine work for long hours. It will be more time consuming and will also impact your electricity bill. Leaving the laundry unattended is another practice that people do nowadays. It can deliver an unpleasant smell to the clothes. The washing machine also appears foul-smelling and unhygienic.

9. Leave the door open for a while after laundry

Leaving the door open is a healthy practice. It can help you and your washing machine in two ways. Firstly, it helps to eliminate and dry up the moisture present inside after laundry; it helps to get rid of the humid and damp smell. It will also stop the growth of unwanted molds and slimy algae growing inside the washer and gasket because of improper cleaning. Therefore, we recommend you to keep the lid or the door of the washing machine open till the moisture escapes out (for both front load & top load laundry machines).

10. Don’t be so harsh while operating the machine

Unlike any other electrical appliance, a washing machine also needs to be handle with care. If you are facing any difficulty in operating the laundry machine, try to read the manual or contact the service center. Never try to press the buttons too hard due to irritation. Slamming the lid of the washing machine is not the right way of stress bursting. Your washing machine yields a lot for you, wouldn’t it be polite for you to take proper responsibility for it?

Washing machines have proven as savior to many households. Taking care of your belongings is your responsibility. Thanks for reading!

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