Washing Machine VS Washer Dryer Comparison – Read Before Buying

Last updated: October 23rd, 2022

Your old washing machine has gone off the charts, and you now require a new one to complete all the laundry chores. But, what should you buy? A washing machine or a washer-dryer? Many buyers often ask about the differences between these two machines to determine which one is the best for them.

Need some guidance? Here is detailed information on the washing machine and washer and dryer and their differences to help you decide while buying. So, read on to know in detail!

What is a Washing machine?

A washing machine is a complete machine that can wash, rinse and dry cloth seamlessly. This single machine can complete all the laundry chores for you. You can go for a fully automatic or semi-automatic machine as per your preference.

Fully automatic washing machine
Fully automatic washing machine
Semi automatic washing machine
Semi automatic washing machine

Pros of Washing Machine

Different varieties available

Washing machines come in two varieties- semi-automatic and fully automatic. The semi-automatic machines usually have a washing tub and a dry tube attached to form a single machine and require manual intervention.

On the other hand, fully automatic machines are more intelligent and can often complete laundry tasks at once. In general, a semi-automatic washing machine is cheaper. A buyer can choose one as per their personal preference and budget.

Powerful cleaning

The washing machines are equally powerful for cleaning and drying clothes. These machines remove the stains and clean your clothes while drying them completely.

Crisp dry clothes

One of the best advantages of buying a washing machine is getting crisp clothes after each cycle. The clothes are completely dried, and you will not need to hang them outside to dry them.

Varied capacity and size

Washing machines come in different sizes. Hence, whether you have a large family or a small family, you will always find a machine that suits you. On top of that, washing machines also are great for large laundry batches.

Less prone to breaking down

Washing machines are quite durable and do not break down easily. Hence, you have fewer risks and can use a machine for your ears without much issue.

Requires less maintenance

Washing machines are maintenance-friendly appliances. Only one or two annual servicing can be enough to keep the machine going for years.

Cons of Washing Machine

Takes up a lot of space

Washing machines tend to be larger and come in different sizes and capacities. Hence, these machines often occupy a lot of space. This can be a problem for those who have a space crunch in their home.

You will have to dry the clothes separately

Most washing machines have separate cleaning and drying cycles. Hence, you will have to go for a separate drying cycle after washing the clothes. It may require some more time to get crisp clothes.

What is a Washer-Dryer?

A washer dryer is a special washing machine with an in-built dryer. This tumble dryer makes the drying task faster. In short, this is a special machine that washes and dries in a single cycle. Most washer and dryer combo machines come with a specially spin-trying tib that can rinse the water from clothes quicker and removes the wetness from the clothes. But, you will not get completely dry clothes. Hence, you may need to hang the clothes for a few hours to dry them completely.

But there is also another variant. You buy a washer machine and a tumble dryer machine separately. Most people do not prefer to do this now and usually get a machine called a washer cum dryer.

Pros of Washer Dryer

Saves space

Washer and dryer machines usually save a lot of space. It is a single machine made for two different works and does not have separate compartments. Hence, you can easily fit the machine in a small space.

Faster cleaning cycles

The best part of buying a washer and dryer is their faster cleaning cycle. These machines wash and dry the clothes in one go. On top of that, they also require less time to do the whole laundry. Hence, you get cleaned and dried clothes faster than ever.

You can also use the machine only for washing or drying

The modern washer and dryer come with an interesting facility. You can use the machine for only washing or drying clothes in a single cycle. Hence, there is no need to use the dryer every time. On the flip side, you can also use the machine to only dry clothes once in a while.

Cons of Washer Dryer

Capacity is small

The main issue with a washer and dryer is their small capacity. These machines come with a small tumble tub. So, you may need to use multiple cycles to clean more clothes.

Is not able to completely dry clothes

Washer dryers cannot completely dry clothes. They remove the moisture from the washed clothes, and you will have to hang the clothes on your balcony or backyard to dry them naturally. It often becomes a daunting task for those who do laundry, often in big piles.

The machines take a lot of time to dry the clothes

The washer-dryer machine comes with a small tub. Hence, they often require more time to dry the clothes. Even f these machines wash clothes faster, they will take hours to dry clothes completely. So, the best way is to dry clothes in smaller batches.

More prone to damage and breaking

Washer dryers and fragile electronic items may get easily damaged due to power cuts and faults. Hence, you need to be careful while using these machines and may also have to install a stabilizer to save it from power cut related images.

Maintenance is costly

Washer dryers require high maintenance. Since these machines have expensive parts, you may need to shell out something extra for repair. On top of that, these machines also require timely servicing to prevent any damage.

Washing machine vs. washer dryer – Differences


One of the main differences between a washer and dryer and a washing machine is the space these two appliances take. A washing machine may come with two different compartments for cleaning and washing, but a washer-dryer combo has only a single machine for both works. Hence, washing machines often take up more space than a washer cum dryer.

But, if you buy separate machines, this will take up more space than a washing machine. Some people even stack a washer and the dryer on top of the other. But, that can be a hassle for many people.

If you have less space at home, always go for a washer cum dryer. If there is no space crunch, you can buy a washing machine.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption matters a lot when you think about regular laundry. You will wash clothes regularly and require a machine that cleans while keeping the electricity bills at a minimum.

A washer-dryer machine uses less energy than a washing machine. Since most washer-dryer models use condenser drying technology, they use less electricity.

But, the gap has come down drastically with new technologies. You can also buy energy-saving washing machines that will cost only a few bucks extra in the long run.

The cycle speed

There is also a difference in the washing cycle speed for both machines. A washer-dryer is faster than a washing machine. Since they use condenser technology, the crying becomes faster. On the other hand, with a washing machine, you may need to go for a separate cycle to dry the washed clothes.

If you are in a hurry and need to go for quicker laundry sessions, you may go for washer and dryer combos. Otherwise, washing machines will be great.

The drying capacity and time

Even though their cycle is faster, washer-dryers cannot completely dry the clothes. You will have to hang them a little to get them crisp and dry. On the flip side, a washing machine offers you completely dry clothes.

So, if you want to get completely dry clothes, get a washing machine. It may require a few more minutes, but the work will be done. Otherwise, a washer-dryer will be sufficient.

Besides that, washer dryers also have smaller capacities. Hence, you may need to go for multiple cleaning cycles if you have a heaped laundry basket.

Price tag

The budget is often a sensitive issue for buyers. A washing machine is cheaper than a washer and dryer combo. Since most washer and dryer machines are fully automatic, their price ranges are high.

But, modern technology has helped manufacturers reduce the price gap between these two variants. Hence, you will have to spend only 10-20% more of your budget to get a washer-dryer.

Final verdict

You have already read about the pros and cons of both washing machines and whee cum dryer machines. Each of these has its own merits and demerits. As a responsible buyer, you first need to identify your family’s requirements. After that, you can choose the machine based on your requirements and personal preference.

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