What Are Three Compartments in A Washing Drawer?

Last updated: October 21st, 2022

In today’s era, washing machines come in a diverse variety and function in different activities like fabric softening, steam wash, prewash, and main washing. We all have noticed the compartments of the washing machine drawer and most of us are not aware of the usage of those compartments. Due to this, we all do the same sin that is adding the detergent directly in the washing machine drum. By adding the detergent directly we come out with the spoiled clothes in the long run.

The compartments in the washing machine drawer indirectly help us to protect our clothes from spoiling. With the help of these compartments, detergent and other washing products are mixed in an appropriate quantity with the clothes to protect them.

To protect your clothes you should have complete knowledge of the different compartments of that drawer which is in your washing machine. So in this article, we are going to tell you the complete detailed information about the usage of those compartments.

Three Compartments are:-

  • Prewash compartments
  • Main wash compartments
  • Fabric softener

Prewash Compartment

When you open the drawer you’ll see three compartments, one of them is the prewash compartment. (There is an indication which tells you about this). This compartment is for extremely feculent clothes or for those clothes that need to be washed again. This permits flushing the entire clothing before entering the wash choice. It is marked as either with 1 or I demonstrating a prewash compartment.

The pre-wash cycle is an unquestionable requirement for having a choice if your family manages a tonne of intensely dirty attire. If you have a big bunch of dirty clothes from sporting events, yard work, development occupations, and mud runs, the pre-wash will do wonders for eliminating the scents and soil, just as forestalling stains.

Main Wash Compartment

This compartment is the most used in the household as it is for solid detergent. The sum you add to the compartment relies upon the number of garments and how dirty they are. Generally, there is a level set apart inside the compartments that demonstrates the most extreme cleanser sum that you can add. You can likewise add some stain remover or blanch inside this compartment.

Fabric Softener Compartment

This compartment is not used by people as much as the other two compartments. It generally has a ‘bloom’ image on the top that demonstrates that any extra aromas or texture conditioners will go into this compartment.

Try to top it off as far as possible; otherwise, it will flood from the compartment. The degree of cleanser you use additionally relies on the number of garments for washing. You can likewise add a fluid cleanser into the cleansing agent segment.


  • What cleanser would be a good idea for me to use?

There are so many detergent and washing liquids you can use. Just make sure that the product is well recognized.

  • Imagine a scenario in which I put a fluid cleanser in the clothes washer drum then?

Certain individuals utilize fluid cleansers in the clothes washer drum alongside the garments during the wash cycle. Notwithstanding, it isn’t suggested as it can disintegrate the nature of your fragile articles of clothing.

The washing products utilized in cleansers are undependable for direct contact. Accordingly, be it fluid or powder cleanser, cleanser container drawers are a preferred arrangement over straightforwardly adding them to the drum.

  • What amount of washing powder would I be able to use in the drawers?

Preferably, the measure of cleanser to be utilized relies on a few elements like the number of garments in the clothes washer, how dirtied the garments are, the sort of water being hard or delicate, and so on

Preferably, you can take one scoop of cleanser for a standard wash and keep the distributor topped off as far as possible breaking point referenced in the compartments. The machine will utilize the cleanser dependent on the wash cycle and the number of garments. For the most part, one scoop is enough for a normal wash, however the harder the water, the more scoops you would require. 

Final Verdict

A clothes washer cabinet has 3 compartments, and every one of these compartments has its purpose. One compartment is the place where you put cleanser in when you need to do a ‘pre-wash’, another compartment is the place where you put your cleanser in when you’re doing a ‘principal wash’, and the littlest compartment is the place where you include a cleansing agent.

There are some cabinet varieties, similar to the design, and the marks of the cabinet can be unique.  However, clothes washer drawers work in much the same way.

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