What is a Vacuum Cleaner?

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

A Vacuum cleaner or commonly known as a Vacuum is a device that removes dust and other debris from your home. It does this by causing suction of air, thereby pulling all the light debris from your surrounding. Nowadays, vacuums are more common than you can imagine.

They are used in all parts of the world from big industries to small homes. Vacuums save you a lot of time in cleaning chores so it is no wonder that they have gotten so popular in recent times. In this post, you will get to read all there is to know about a vacuum cleaner.

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A bit of History

The vacuum cleaner was first developed and used in the 1860s, so it is much older than we initially thought. It was only recently the vacuums got popular because of the motorized design which was developed at the turn of the 20th century.

The motor vacuums do not require any manual work as it automatically picks up the debris from your surrounding using suction force. It was because of this technology the vacuums have gotten so popular in recent times.

Working of a Vacuum cleaner

There are many types of vacuum cleaners available but the inner working of all the types remains more or less the same. Vacuums have an electric motor in them along with a fan, filter, and dust-collector. When connected to the power and turned on, the electric motor rotates the fan to suck the air along with small debris from your surrounding.

This process works because it creates negative pressure in your surrounding to suck all the debris into the vacuum. There is also an exhaust vent in the vacuum to push out the air sucked into it. While the air is sucked into the vacuum, the filter present in the vacuum helps to filter out all the debris in the air to the dust collector.

This is the basic working of a vacuum but the type of filter user, motor, dust bag, and other features will vary depending upon the vacuum type.

You also get various attachments with the vacuum but all these attachments have narrow intake opening. The smaller size of the intake port makes the air move faster through the vacuum so much dust and debris are collected. This is how vacuums work at their core to make our surroundings clean and hygienic to live in.

Modern Configurations

There are a variety of configurations available in vacuums that differ in the technology used, design, and usage. In this post, let us see the important ones that are used widely.

Upright Vacuums

Upright vacuums use a motor-driven brush to create suction to remove the debris from your surrounding. They have bags to capture the dust filtered from the sucked air. These models are effective in cleaning dirt from rugs, carpets, and other similar items. Popular in the U.S. region, these vacuums provide powerful clean-up of your home with easy to use functionalities.

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums have a separate motor and dust-collecting unit to provide a powerful cleaning experience. They have a canister attached to a long hose to clean not only the carpeted areas but also the bare floor as well. These vacuums are generally expensive than others as they have modern technology with multiple functionalities.

Stick Vacuums

Like the name, stick vacuums have a slender, stick-like structure that can be easily fit into any narrow space. They do not have much power but because of their slender design, they are easy to operate and use.

Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are perfect for clean hard-to-reach areas like cars, bikes, etc. These vacuums can be easily held in our hands for cleaning tight places. They come in different forms with different price tags.

Automatic Vacuums

These vacuums are becoming popular now as they can be operated without any human input. As the name suggests, an automatic vacuum uses sensor and mapping technology to roam around your home and clean automatically.


Vacuums are a great boon for the modern, fast-moving world as they save a lot of time which can be spent usefully. Hope this post gives you good knowledge about the basics of a Vacuum cleaner.

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