What Type Of Dog Should You Adopt?

Last updated: October 13th, 2022


We humans have been living in this planet Earth for such a long time now. In these years of survival, we have mastered many skills and other creatures. Some have the ability to tame lions and tigers, some can make a huge elephant sit down, and some can even make bees their bodyguards! With our mastery over almost all other creatures besides us, we have somewhat discovered the secret to life.

In this world, humans have made many friends; out of them are many animals as well. And when it comes to the best among animal friends, you cannot name anyone better than dogs. Canines like dogs have proven themselves as man’s best friends so many times that finding one incident of them harming us would be really difficult. It is true that not all the dogs are same, but one can easily cope up with a dog if he wants. There are various breeds of dogs which have various behavior, manners, likings, disliking etc. But making a dog our friend is rather easy than going to a lion and asking for his friendship with a friendship band!

Now, with so many varieties of dogs existing, the question arises that what breed or what kind of a dog would be suitable for keeping in our homes. This question arises in the mind of almost everyone who has a plan of adopting or buying a dog. So let us prepare a small guide on what kind of a dog should you opt for.


The first question that comes in our mind when buying a dog is its breed. We often wonder that what breed should be preferred. This results in hours and hours of research. I am not saying that research is not required. It is important to research everything for your own satisfaction. But keep in mind that whatever looks good on paper is not good in real. Similarly, the characteristics of a breed of a dog can never determine its importance in your life and your house. The only thing that matters is the chemistry between both of you.


Pit bull is well known for its aggressive nature. But it is surprising that even certain Pit bulls are great companions of their owners. On the other hand, Golden Retrievers are known for their passive nature. But sometimes we have heard incidents about these retrievers going against their mates. The borderline is that breed never matters the most, the thing that matters is the relationship between you and your canine mate.


The main fear or concern that people have while looking for a dog is if their children would be safe with a dog in the house. This thinking prevents many people from going for a dog. But the thing is that dogs will be aggressive only when they are forced to be so. Some points to be kept in mind are –

  • Train your dog properly. The dog may be of any breed, may it be Labrador, or Retriever, or Chihuahua or even Pit bull, the only thing that should be done is its training. You should not wait for the dog to become adult for starting its training. Just like human children, dog puppies learn better when they are small.
  • If you are not of a trainer kind of person, then you should opt for an adult dog. And it should be well trained. Having a trained dog will be a good option for people who do not like to spend their time training their dogs. And puppies can be a bit dangerous as well for children!
  • Teach your children about the type of interaction they should have with the dogs. Mind that each dog has its own kind of interaction and hence you have to study well before teaching your children. I know it is important to train your dog, but teaching your children would be a plus point that you would not regret later.
  • You should prefer adopting a dog from Rescue organization rather than buying a new one. It is because the rescuers keep the rescued dogs in the foster homes and they very well know about the personality and behavior of each dog. So they can easily help you in selecting the right doggy!



We know that many of us keep dogs for safety. All they need from the dog is that it should be able to protect their house during their absence. The dog is mainly for the safety purposes. But facts show that most of these dogs are really aggressive in nature and bite and attack all strangers, including the guests of the family.

So, there is no point of buying a dog for safety purposes if you are putting the lives of other people in danger. You can go for breeds like Labrador or Grey hounds or Great Danes. Though they are large in size, they prefer living inside the houses but are handy for safety as well and need some outdoor exercises. Coming to exercises, whichever dog you bring requires some amount of exercise or outdoor activity. So, always take your dog out regularly for some enjoyment and potty-breaks!


Yeah you heard it right. Get a dog who can be your partner as well. Dogs can prove to be a real good travel partner. Be it trekking, or camping or simple jogging, your dog can be your mate in all these cases.


Breeds like Beagle, Border collie, Dalmatian, Pit bull, Australian Shepherd or even Labrador retriever can be good travel partners. Dogs usually like to play outdoors. They like regular walks or games too. So whenever you are out on a walk or trek, just take your dog with you and I bet you will have a jolly time with them! But some cautions should always be in your mind. Not all dogs can be marathon runners. Some can be good short distance runners while some can accompany you for marathons. Never push your dog beyond his limits. Always look for signs of fatigue and take extra water with you. And take care that your dog does not run long distances when he is a puppy. It is because this can cause serious joint injuries which can plague them for life.

WRITTEN BY Aman Sharma

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