Which Cooler is Best: Blower or Fan?

Last updated: October 14th, 2022

During the scorching heat of summer, we all search for relief from the heat and look for an appliance that helps us to get relief. While making a decision about the best cooling devices for the home, several pieces of information must be known. You might be looking for good airflow to keep your home space cool and airy. Then you will surely want an air blower or a fan. But, you might be in a dilemma about which one is better. In this article, you’ll be provided with a lot of information which will definitely help you out in making the right decision.

Which is Better: Fans vs. Blowers?

Research suggests that an air blower imparts stronger airflow compared to a fan. Air blowers are useful for drying works as well as for workshops. On the other hand, fans are inexpensive to use and are suitable for cooling a broad area. This small piece of information is not enough to clarify the dilemma and help you out in making the right decision.

1) Cooling

On a hot summer day, when you came home from the scorching heat and sweating at an increasing rate, then the only thing you need to relax is a fan. The fan becomes the hero at the hour of need. Fans have a broad area cooling system which covers the whole body. Nowadays, remote control features are available in fans, which makes it easily operatable. Thus, in terms of wide-area cooling, fans are always preferred over blowers.

2) Working

Fans are user- friendly, cheap, and efficient at imparting simple overflow in large areas by grabbing the surrounding air and thrusting it forward. On the other hand, air blowers provide powerful and direct airflow towards a particular location. They grab the air from the top or side and trap the air into their cages. Then, by the use of fast-spinning blades, the air is accelerated upwards and shot out in a powerful and focused flow. So, make sure your criteria, and choose the one appropriate for you.

3) Parching

Air blowers are effective at drying things. Their powerful airflow moves around the wet object and makes the drying of the object faster. Whereas, fan carries out the drying process at a slower rate as it does not gives a powerful airflow like an air blower. So, if you are searching for an appliance that will help you drying wet objects at a fast rate, then you should definitely go for an air blower instead of a fan.

4) For Bedroom or Living Room

Which is best for the Living room and Drawing Room? This is probably the most common question being asked by customers. Well, air blowers provide great relief in living areas and a hot kitchen, but, in case of living or office place, a strong, powerful fan is required, because a fan covers up the whole place and hence it is always preferable to keep yourself cool, then just keeping a small place cool. So, if you choose a fan, it will serve as an all-purpose product both for your hot kitchen, living room, and workplace.

5) Efficiency

Fans and air blowers differ in their working process. Fans work through a spinning rotor along with blades attached. It grabs the air and thrusts it forward. So, it provides direct yet efficient air. Whereas blowers pull the air inside, then spin around the centrifuge and shoots out the air in a direction, and thus, the direction of the air changes. But, the modern variety of air blowers offer more efficiency along with luxury and comfort than compared to fans.

6) Airflow Type

Airflow of an air-cooler is measured in CFM (Cubic feet per minute). The airflow created by fans is low in pressure but large in volume. On the other hand, Blowers produce airflow with high pressure from the cooling system, with high airspeed and high air throw. Therefore, fan coolers are beneficial for cooling the entire room, whereas blower type coolers are ideal for cooling a specific area.

7) Design

Compared to several old models of the fan, blowers come up with compact designs, and so, they can be accommodated in small places too. Newly launched blowers in recent days have excellent features such as automated louver movement, remote-controlled Liquid Crystal Display as well as an alarm for an empty tank. These features were not available in older models. So, if you are a design freak person, it’s better to opt for the recent days’ blower.

8) Barbeque and Firepits

We know that a flame or a fire requires oxygen to keep burning. That’s why we say, “Blow on a fire.” So, air blowers are better for fire pits as well as barbeques. Air blowers provide a stronger force of air that is more direct than compared to a fan. An air blower helps you to start your barbeque and makes the process easier.

9) Workshop

Air blowers are mainly used for workshops. Blowers are fantastic at cleaning and keeping workplaces in a proper way. Air blowers, with their powerful direct air, cover up the whole workplace. So, if you are looking for an airy, comfortable workplace, then obviously go for an air blower.

The Bottom Line

Both fans and blowers are used for the circulation of air as well as for air supply. But, they differ a lot in the technical aspect. The major difference between the two is the process of air circulation of both of them. A fan is an electrical appliance that circulates the air around a large area whereas, an air blower is a mechanical device that circulates the air towards a specific point or location.

Generally, both of the appliances are used in many electrical devices such as evaporative coolers, air conditioners, microwaves, and many more. Both of them create air by a considerable amount of pressure. Blowers also help in moving a huge amount of gas at a specific pressure, whereas fans move gases at lesser pressure. Though both of the products are similar, yet there exist several minute differences between the two. In this blog, we have tried to cover up a compact comparison between the two. In a sweat sucked hot environment, when you get confused about which one is the best cooler: Fan type or air blower, this article will definitely be a great help for you.

WRITTEN BY Karan Randhawa

Karan Randhawa is a blogger who specializes in product reviews. He has been blogging for over 5 years and has a vast amount of experience with a variety of products. He is always on the lookout for new and innovative products to review, and enjoys sharing his opinions with his readers.

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