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Last updated: October 18th, 2022

Our earth is around 4.5 billion years old, and in all these years, it has done nothing but evolves. It has brought out the beautiful nature, the landforms that we cherish and love seeing so much, and the beautiful water forms which enthrall us in every way possible. It has taken the earth this many years to come to the recent shape in which we live. In this recent era, we human beings are too much dependent on the natural resources of the earth.

Voltas Mega 70 Desert Cooler

Voltas Mega 70 Desert Air Cooler - 70 Litres, White and Gray

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Everything that comes naturally to us, which are offered to us, and even the ones which are deep within the bores of nature, are taken out and used by us. In other words, every other resource that the earth has in its clutches is used by us human beings. We use everything heartlessly and without any restriction to the point where we stand now, where the resources can easily get depleted. There are all kinds of pollution starting from air to water to the ever soil of the earth. Then again, how is this pollution caused? It is caused by the same reason explained above- the over usage of the earth’s resources and misutilization in that sense.

If you are contemplating that if buying an air cooler is even half as significant as an Air Conditioner and whether or not you should buy it- then let me tell you, it is the right choice! One of the reasons being that it is far more eco-friendly and not harmful to the environment in any way. The second reason is that it requires much lesser maintenance and the minimal ones in that case. Moreover, if you are a single person or a bachelor, why not buy something that is far more cost-effective and requires no attention from you all throughout the day.

Salient Features


This cooler has the dimensions of 65 x 96.5 x 51 centimeters, which is accurate given the amount of space that it cools, mostly owing to the fact that this is a desert cooler. This has a sleek and elegant design, which gives it a perfect look to go with the aesthetics of your room. This big size cooler will not seem just spacious in your room and will also look like a décor.


This is a desert cooler, which means that it has an average area coverage of 50 feet. This cooler is the ideal type of cooler for large size rooms and even halls. It delivers air up to 50 feet of distance, nothing more cost-effective than this!


The padding used in this cooler is the honeycombs. The honeycomb paddings are made of cellulose, which is thick and does not decay easily. The honeycomb paddings cost a little more than the normal ones, but they are far more effective because they require the least amount of maintenance.


The capacity of the tank of the cooler is an essential factor; this is because the amount of water that the cooler can hold determines the coolness that it can offer. The capacity of this cooler is 70 liters, which is more than the ideal one. There is a guarantee of fresh and cold air.


The weight of this cooler is an average of 22kg, which is neither too heavy nor too lightweight, keeping in mind the dimensions of the product, which is required for air circulation in larger rooms.

What We Like?

  • Attached trolley for easy movement.
  • Turbofans circulate air throughout big rooms.
  • Desert control can be used even outside.
  • Ten days replacement along with one year warranty.
  • The power consumption is medium and accurate.
  • Parental knob control is easier to control.

What We Dislike?

  • The plastic body may wear off with time.
  • The water needs to be changed manually.
  • There is no ice outlet or plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air Cooler 2

1) Can this cooler be used both inside and outside?

Desert coolers are known to be covering areas for about 50 feet and more, which is a much larger area than regular room sizes. They have turbofans, which circulates the air to a much larger area as compared to standard room size and ordinary coolers. Therefore, this cooler can be used both inside and outside the room.

2) Is honeycomb padding better or wood wool?

Wood wool paddings are made of synthetic fibers and look like grass. Wood wool is used more in ordinary air coolers, which are lower in costs, but this effectively requires more maintenance and care. They are also not the best in filtering the good air, whereas the honeycomb paddings are much more filtered paddings, less maintaining duties. Therefore, the honeycomb paddings are always the best choice.

3) How are turbofans different from ordinary fans in coolers?

Turbofans are powered by much more electricity and power than ordinary fans in coolers. They, therefore, carry much more power. The air circulation is done in a much faster way and more powerfully. Therefore, turbo-boosted fans are the best choice for air coolers.

4) Are there wheels available with this product?

There is an attached trolley with this product, which makes it easier and is much more portable. The trolley is a hardcover and won’t wear off easily even after repeated use.

5) Are desert coolers better than personal coolers?

These are two completely different types of coolers and are used for two other purposes. Personal coolers are used for small to medium rooms and are very efficient in their work. Desert coolers are used for bigger and larger rooms and are also efficient in their own way. The amount of electricity used in both cases is totally worth it.

Final Verdict

Air coolers are the best choice in the present day scenario as it does not pose any threat or danger to the environment. They are portable and used to be moved from time to time and from place to place. Moreover, the amount of electricity used is much lesser than that of air conditioners, and the cost is also profitable.

This product is brought to you by Voltas, which is a desert cooler that covers so much larger spaces even that it gives you satisfaction to the fullest. The design is made in such a way that it is more than presentable in your room. The material used for the body and the fans and also the padding is the most we could ask for. Therefore, there is no absolute reason to deny its reliability and going ahead and buying it. So, choose the one that works best for you and you are always good to go.

WRITTEN BY Karan Randhawa

Karan Randhawa is a blogger who specializes in product reviews. He has been blogging for over 5 years and has a vast amount of experience with a variety of products. He is always on the lookout for new and innovative products to review, and enjoys sharing his opinions with his readers.

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