Which Is Best Vacuum Cleaner: American Micronics Or Karcher?

Last updated: October 26th, 2022

How vital is a vacuum cleaner in your everyday life? Maybe a lot, but when this device first came to the market, there were barely any users. At that time, everyone is used to do the cleaning process through their hands and brooms. And the vacuum cleaner has become a device of the modern era. Still, many of the houses are cleaned manually with hands and brooms.


Typically, they are used to remove dirt and dust from the floor but can also be used to clean pet’s hair and other debris. One may realize that a vacuum cleaner can perform the essential cleaning function and maybe a versatile device for us. In this modern time with advanced technologies, the vacuum cleaner is available in various designs, sizes, functionality, etc. They are also more user-friendly, have extra features, and are more durable than the traditional one that was available before.

There is also a huge clash and competition in the market among the manufacturer for taking their brand to a prestigious stage, so many innovative new features are brought to us simultaneously. This made the brands built products more functional and more biased. However, they make products with many similarities but still have differences that give them different roles and purposes of use. So we are presenting a clear comparison of the vacuum cleaner by two innovative brands American Micronics and Karcher.

1) American Micronics AMI-VCC 1400WDx

AMERICAN MICRONIC INSTRUMENTS - Imported Vacuum Cleaner with Variable Speed Control, 100% Copper Motor 24 Kpa Suction Ami-Vcc-1400Wdx- 1400 Watts, Yellow and Gray

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This exclusive design vacuum cleaner is brought up by American Micronics. This is an innovative brand that is in development and will soon be none with other big brands. This Vacuum clear is designed by sleeker and modernized.

It has a super quality suction mechanism that not only sucks the tiny particle but the solid particle too that also with ease. This Vacuum has various attachable accessories and works on a power source of 220v. This also removes tough stains and other waste particles along with pet fur.

Salient Features 

  • This powerful Vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 1400W motor that can work on variable speed modes. This allows it to uptake solid and microparticles with the same ease.
  • Through this Vacuum cleaner, you can remove dust, dirt particles, and stains. These waste particles are collected in a washable, good quality dust bag.
  • It has a powerful motor of 1400 watts that runs at a power supply of 220 V. This provides the Vacuum enough power to meet the suction potential of the Vacuum cleaner.
  • This Vacuum cleaner is equipped with a high-efficiency filter (HEPA)to tackle allergen particles. This provides additional safety for us.
  • This Vacuum cleaner has a different nozzle attached to it, which is a telescopic one. This enables us to reach the tough corners with less stretching.

Things That Are Liked

  • The motor present in this Vacuum cleaner is very power full
  • This comes with a detachable and washable dust bag.
  • It comes with a superior motor that doesn’t overheat
  • This comes with a high-performance filter for reducing allergen
  • It is protected by an exclusive two years of the warranty period.

Things That Doesn’t Like 

  • There is just a single house with the Vacuum that cant reach roofs.

2) Karcher 3 WD

KARCHER Wd3 Eu Wet&Dry Vacuum Cleaner,1000 Watts Powerful Suction,17 L Capacity,Blower Function,Easy Filter Removal For Home&Garden Cleaning  (Yellow/Black),17 Liter,Cartridge

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This exclusive product is by Karcher. These are one of the innovative brands that manufacture various ranges of Vacuum cleaners. Karcher has great services and has skilled workers and employees. They together brought these futuristic and innovative vacuum cleaners. This has a powerful machine with a consumption of only 1000W of power.

From a super hard and impact-resistant plastic body to a newly designed nozzle enables it to give an impactful cleaning. By the use of this Vacuum cleaner, you not only can clean dirt from the floors, but you can clean other solid, microparticle, and finally the pet hairs from any surface with clear ease.

Salient Features 

  • It comes with a newly designed floor nozzle and also a detachable mechanism that allows changing the nozzle very easily while working on different surfaces.
  • This Vacuum cleaner also gives the functionality of a blower. Spaces that are impossible for Vacuuming can be blown with the blower. There is an easy swit⅞ching between these two modes.
  • There is a Built-in special kind of filter that enables the user to perform vacuuming in both wet and dry conditions without making any change in the filter that may interrupt the cleaning and waste your time.
  • This Vacuum cleaner has superior mobility and comes with a four-wheeled base with a 360-degree movement. This lets the user move the vacuum cleaner from one space to the other with ease.
  • The accessories that are available with this Vacuum cleaner also has a separate storage space to keep them safe and also for easy access in needs.

What We Liked 

  • It is provided with a variety of nozzles that can be attached to the hose directly with a simple click.
  • It comes with a motor that consumes only 1000W of power
  • It has a huge capacity of 17-liter waste storage
  • It has a multipurpose cartridges filter for dry and wet cleaning.
  • It comes with exclusive onboard accessories storage capability.

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not have a HEPA filter for high cleaning

Standard Buying Guide for a Vacuum Cleaner 


Features Availability 

In this era of enhancing technology, the competition among the companies is increasing at a daily rate. They are continuously adding new features to their latest models. All the companies are updating their products, which are used to perform various types of functions.

So, we always suggest the buyers go for the latest products in the market. This enables you to have an ideal product that is suits your home condition or environment and gives you the longest duty cycle.


This is always a typical matter that always bothers the buyers. While buying any product at first, you need to enlist all the features required by you. Sometimes many people judge products by their price range. Instead of that, we would suggest you go for the user’s reviews on that product and the product’s company.

There are many people who desire to buy their ideal device within their budget, and this is necessary for everyone. But you should not pay more than your budget for a product with unnecessary added features. So buying a product with only the necessary features can manage your budget by cutting useless expenses and can also fulfill all your needs.

Size and Design 

In the market, there are various models of different sizes of vacuum cleaner are available. Different vacuum cleaners are for different purposes and have a certain way of cleaning. Some of them are sleek and light-weighted, which makes it easy to be carried around in hand.

Some of them are huge; some are disc-shaped, flat, bulky, or canister type. There are also stick-type vacuum cleaners available in the market, and that became very famous nowadays. These vacuum cleaners can easily fit into the corners and also does not bother you in storing it.

Types of Filter Present

Every vacuum cleaner has a filter or filters which can purify the air in the house and traps the dust particles, then stores those dust particles inside a dust storage container and releases the purified clean air out of it.

There may be a variety of filters equipped by them, some have thin and simple filters that work for either dry or wet Vacuuming, or some have both wet and dry filtering abilities with an advanced filter that purifies allergens.

Dustbags availability 

A vacuum cleaner either may have an in-built dust bag or may have chambered spaces. Both of these have the same principle of storing dirt and dust particles. Usually, the small and sleek vacuum cleaners which have to manage spaces lack this dust bag.

But these dust bags are available in the canister type of vacuum cleaners as it is difficult to dispose of the dust by picking up such a heavy and bulky machine by our hands. So, these bags make your cleaning experience easier and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) Can robot vacuum cleaners replace the normal vacuum cleaners?

There was a various test that has shown that it is impossible for robotic Vacuum Cleaner to compete the normal canisters and other manuals Vacuum cleaner, concerning power. But they cannot work well enough to be kept by us at our house. But there are other benefits that can never be done manually, like scheduling cleaning programs and controlling the vacuum cleaner through the remote or smartphone. That saves you a lot of time.

2) Does the suction potential be dependent on the wattage of a Vacuum cleaner?

No, the wattage is associated with the power that the Vacuum cleaner will consume to run the motor. But the suction power depends upon various factors like the shape and size of the hose. And are measured through the airflow in the Vacuum. The more the flow of air, the more is the suction power of that vacuum cleaner. Some vacuum cleaner with low wattage can provide more suction than the vacuum cleaner with more wattage than them.

3) Are Bagless Vacuum cleaners are better?

Answer: There is a vacuum cleaner that has bagged for storing dust, and some are available with a plastic container that has to be detached from the body. Both have their own pros and cons. So depending on the use, you can judge one. Generally, bag types have an extra expense in changing the bags on a regular basis that is not required in container one. But the bag gives contact less deposer for the people that have dust allergies.

4) After how much time I need to change the Vacuum Bag?

This totally depends on the usage of the vacuum cleaner and the type of particles we are cleaning, like if we have pet’s hair in our rooms, or the dirtbag capacity of the vacuum cleaner, etc. People using Miele vacuum cleaners are found to change the dirt vacuum bag every two months.

Peoples with Sonoclean Vacuum cleaner usually change within a short period of time. Whereas people with SEBO and Electrolux change their filter bags every two to three months. Though these days, the latest models of vacuum cleaners are equipped with indicators for notifying the filled state of the vacuum dirtbag.

Final Verdict 

From this article, you may be cleared about both vacuum cleaners. Both are one better than the other and have their cons and pros that are already mentioned in this article. We have given a clear cut comparison. And also the detailed information on both the products. Both the products are from well-famed companies and have good services.

After going through our article thoroughly, you will find the perfect suited vacuum cleaner for your home. We are also given the buying link, so no, we need to search it. Hopefully, this article will be helpful to you.

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