Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Launched – Check Review & Specs

Last updated: October 21st, 2022

With the advancement of technology, the vacuum cleaner industry has produced many types of products to ease the cleaning process. The Mi Vacuum-Mop P is an advanced vacuum cleaner designed by Xiaomi. Everyone knows Xiaomi as a manufacturer of smartphones, but the brand is also popular for manufacturing products for home, lifestyle, and personal care. 

The vacuum cleaner uses a laser detecting system to clean your home effectively. This vacuum cleaner is guided by a set of sensors to continue the cleaning process without touching any object around the house. Whether you want to vacuum clean or mop the floor, this vacuum cleaner is capable of doing both the tasks effectively. Here are the features of this vacuum cleaner. 

Features of Mi Vacuum Cleaner

LDS Laser navigation system

This vacuum cleaner comes with the LDS laser navigation system to mop the floor properly. This navigation system uses an upgraded SLAM algorithm for real-time navigation. Because of the LDS laser navigation system, this vacuum cleaner can offer high accuracy. Wherever you place this product, it can scan the floor accurately and clean that quickly. The LDS laser navigation system makes this product productive and guides it in the right direction while cleaning the floor. 

12 sets of high-precision sensors

The Mi Vacuum-Mop P vacuum cleaner includes 12 sets of high-precision sensors to avoid any fall from the staircase and hit to any object. The anti-drop and anti-collision sensors help the product to navigate through the floor without any hassle. Because of these sensors, this vacuum cleaner navigates accurately. It can cross the obstacles of up to 2cm comfortably. This vacuum cleaner can sense the surrounding environment effectively. 

Powerful performance

This vacuum cleaner comes with a powerful brushless motor to offer powerful performance. It has a powerful 2100Pa suction for cleaning the dust and dirt quickly. Because of the powerful motor, this vacuum cleaner can clean the floor effectively. It includes a 3200mAh battery to power the motor for high-quality performance. 

Smart app control system

The Mi Vacuum-Mop P vacuum cleaner can be connected with the Mi mobile app for controlling. Once it is connected to the Mi app, you can guide the vacuum cleaner on the floor, make scheduling for cleaning work, and control the vacuum cleaner from a distance remotely. Because of this feature, anyone can control this vacuum cleaner effectively

Electronically controlled water tank

This vacuum cleaner comes with a smart electronic water tank for effective water supply. The water tank has three gears of water supply modes for proper water supply. With a water-clogging prevention mechanism, this water tank is ideal for offering better water flow.  You can select the water supply mode according to the type of floor you are going to clean. Also, it includes an electronically controlled pump to offer the perfect pressure for mopping. 

Professional cleaning path design

The vacuum cleaner includes a perfectly planned cleaning path for both sweeping and vacuuming operations. The cleaning path is designed especially for Indian homes. If you buy this product, then you can leave it on any floor and get relaxed. It will be guided on the floor automatically and can clean the floor properly. Another special thing about this vacuum cleaner is it provides a manual mopping performance to clean the stains on the floor effectively.

Powerful Processing capability

This vacuum cleaner comes with a quad-core Cortex-A7 processor and dual-core Mali 400 GPU to offer powerful performance. Because of this powerful processor and GPU, it can process the data and information quickly for quick performance. Also, it has a SLAM algorithm system to create real-time maps for cleaning the floor.   

Specifications of Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Battery Capacity: 3200mAh

Weight: 3.6kg

Run time: 60 to 130 minutes

Suction Capacity: 2100Pa

Dust box capacity: 550ml

Scanning Range: 8m

Processor: Quad-core Cortex-A7 processor

GPU: Dual-core Mali 400 GPU 

Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz

Rated power: 33W


The Mi Vacuum-Mop P vacuum cleaner is the latest innovation by Xiaomi. With many unique features, this vacuum cleaner takes the home cleaning work to the next level. With a modern design, this vacuum cleaner is capable of offering great performance. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for both sweeping and moping operation. You can use this vacuum cleaner in sweeping as well as mopping mode according to your requirements. Because of the smart app control feature, you can control the robot easily. On the mobile app, you can schedule the cleaning time and prepare a real-time mapping for this vacuum cleaner. Also, you can plan spot cleaning and zoned cleaning on the mobile app. 

It comes with the LDS laser navigation system to guide the machine on the floor properly. Because of this navigation system, this vacuum cleaner can offer high accuracy on any floor. It can sense the surrounding environment and clean the floor effectively. The vacuum cleaner comes with a pre-designed sweeping and mopping path for proper navigation in the Indian houses. This vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning the stains successfully. The Mi Vacuum-Mop P comes with 12 sets of high-precision sensors to guide the machine in the right direction. The anti-collision and anti-drop sensors prevent the collision and fall of the robot. With a powerful battery and motor, this vacuum cleaner is capable of providing the best performance. Because of the quad-core processor, it can work faster.   

If you love to use the latest electronics products, you can go for this vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning any floor conveniently. Those who are busy in their professional life and don’t have to clean their home should use this product. This vacuum cleaner can ease the cleaning process of any home.                 


The Mi Vacuum-Mop P is a high-quality robot vacuum cleaner designed by Xiaomi. Its modern design is ideal for Indian houses. With many smart features, this vacuum cleaner can clean the floors, just like manual cleaning. Its laser navigation system, smart app control, powerful processor, sensor sets, etc. make this vacuum cleaner an incredible innovation in the market. If you feel it can fulfill your needs, then you should go for this vacuum cleaner.   

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